Thursday, January 23, 2020

Phone Scams

January 23, 2020

Good morning.  It looks like the icy cold weather has stopped for a little while.  It's 29F degrees and sunny, and we might even see forty degrees later today.  Woo Hoo!  We may actually see forty degrees for the next few days.  I can handle that.

Someone mentioned that I'm industrious.  Actually, I'm not.  But I do try to crochet a lot because of the arthritis.  When my hands are idle, they begin to hurt.  The crocheting helps to keep my hands working.  Plus it's a good feeling to see pretty things grow out of a few skeins of yarn. 

Today I thought I'd share Audrey's new project.   A friend of hers asked if Audrey could make this for her.  I can't wait to see this beauty when it is finished.  Here's a photo of the stuffed pegasus/unicorn along with the colors of yarn she will be using.

I think I got duped!  Last evening, I got a phone call asking for a donation for a project of a local police department.  I said I'd give them a check and they said they would pick it up today.  So I gave them my address.  This was sheer stupidity on my part. 

This morning I tried looking this up on Google, and I couldn't find it.  So I called that particular police department and found out that it was a scam.  I tore up the check.  If they do show up, I'll call our town police.  I'm only sharing this because I'm hoping none of my readers will get caught in a scam like this.  Do not give out your address to a stranger. 

On that note, I think I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good advice, Edna, on never giving your location to anyone who calls and you don’t know. Whenever I have been asked for my phone number, it’s happened when doing a store return, I always ask why as it wasn’t needed when the item was bought? If the question persists, I just make up a fake number. The unicorn includes my favorite color, purple.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That is such good advice! We can't trust anyone asking for money....that's for sure! Love that crochet design! How cute!

Mary Ann Roesler said...

All of these calls with the Police Dept. selling trash bags etc. and Fire dept calls are ALL SCAMS. Never give money to someone who calls you. Do your local charities. Gene had a relative who lost over $400,000.00 dollars.

Kathy said...

We get the Police and Firemen scam here all the time. I made the mistake of giving to them a few times until I found out it wasn't true. Now every three months they call and want a donation. I always say no. But they are persistent and don't give up. They called just the other day and I said I was on my way to the hospital. The guy had the nerve to say I didn't sound sick and just give him my address to send the return envelope to so I could send them the money.

I'm glad no one showed up and I think you will be safe. But you learned a lesson and thanks for sharing with us too to remind us to not give out our address.

Theresa said...

I hope the scammer doesn't show up at your door. I get calls all the time and it is frustrating:( Happy you tore the check up. That is one beautiful creation and I can't wait to see it when Audrey finishes it. I know it will be gorgeous! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

smiekeltje said...

Good called to the police station! Be careful if anyone shows up, don;t let them in or leave them waiting with an open door!
If they show up it would be good to try to make a photo, otherwise ju you will have to get the check or whatever, close the door and at once call the police. Don;t bother to go back to that person at the door!
We do have to be so careful with giving our phonenumbers or adresses and lots of other things, because there are some really tricky people trying to make money of good people.
Lovely that the temperatures are somewhat better. Here today it still is greyish and not very warm, but it will change next week.
Today I promised myself to do very little(so I only did go out for a few grocerie shopping things and now I will have a really quiet day, yeah!
Big hug to you.

Steve Reed said...

I never thought of crocheting to keep your hands nimble -- that makes sense. Thank goodness you did some research after the phone call! At least you hadn't given them any money yet.

Beth Reed said...

That is scary Edna but these scams are the worse. A while back I said in my blog that a man I had been talking with may come and look at my blog and I welcomed him. The same day that I posted that blog he sent me a message asking if I could get him some iPhone cards and music cards. I said no right off the bat but he persisted.
This was when I was in and out of the hospital with my blood sugar. Just like your friend that posted she was on the way to the hospital I told him I was really ill and would not be out "Shopping" and he kept on saying that surely I could just make a stop to pick up the cards.
I deleted and blocked him and wish that I had some real information to use to file charges but they use fake ID's and fake names. This one really did have me fooled because his English was really good and he seemed to be really nice. Haha all he was about was a scam and so I totally understand how you could be trying to help and it come across as a scam.
I use to give to the police and fire departments every year when I was able to donate but I just wrote a check and carried it to the department. They would always give me a receipt with the amount with a date and the name of who I handed the check to. It is such a shame that the scammers are out there and really we have no way to prove our cases and the scammers be prosecuted.

I am going to try and work on my blog. I was interrupted the other day and never was able to go finish it so I will do that today.
I will call you later this evening. Laurie and David borrowed my phone as theirs is not working properly and they had some errands to run so I will call when they get back. Big Hugs xxx Stay warm my friend and I am happy that my little guy loves to cuddle under the orange comforter... xxxx