Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Pet Peeves

January 29, 2020

Good morning.  For some reason, I was wide awake at 4:30 this morning, so I got up and made breakfast for Pogo and myself.  Except coffee.  I had water instead.  After breakfast, we both went back to sleep until just a little while ago. 

I have a question to ask everyone.  Do you ever notice tiny details when you are watching a movie or a program on TV?  My brother could always spot the details that were wrong.  I never really looked for them.  Except for when a person is driving an automobile or some type of vehicle. 

Watch the driver as he/she is talking with a passenger in the vehicle.  How many times does the driver look somewhere other than the road?  How long does the driver keep looking elsewhere?  Even if the driver is law enforcement.  They always tend to be looking at the passenger while they talk to them, and not looking at the road. 

This is now a pet peeve of mine.  I get nervous and keep waiting for the accident to happen.  Obviously, it does not happen.  But in real life it would most definitely happen.  And it would be a doozy of an accident.  Now if I noticed this bad driving habit right away, doesn't it make you wonder how many of our young drivers notice it too?

Another thing I notice is how when law enforcement goes into someone's home to arrest them, they never lock the door to the premises when they leave.  Lots of times, they never even shut the door.  The door is just left open for anyone to go in.  I find this lack of regard for another person's property very disdainful.  And no, I'm not going to rant about it.

On a happier note, how about another old photo?  This one is my two eldest, Audrey age 3 and Kerri age 1.  My folks were babysitting this day and took the photo. 

I used to love dressing them in matching outfits even though their personalities were so different.  As toddlers, Audrey loved to dress up and did not like to get dirty.  Kerri was happiest wearing overalls and exploring everything around her.  This photo has always been a favorite of mine. 

On a very serious note, folks when you see an animal in need of help, please help it.  When you want to get a new pet, please visit your local shelters.  And don't be put off by scars and age.  All our animals deserve and need love.  Some have know horrors we can't even imagine, yet they will be loyal to you and love you all the rest of their days. 

Now I'm off to watch "In The Heat Of The Night."  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Annsterw said...

I am so with you on this Edna! I think that is my pet peeve! People are going and spending $1000's on dogs that are pure bred and there are so many pets that need homes!!!! What they don't realize is that pure bred dogs live half the life of other dogs because of their inbreeding!! It is crazy to pay 100X more for a dog that lives less when there is a beautiful shelter pet that needs love!!! Hugs

Lynn Marie said...

And TV/movie phone conversations just end, sometimes with no goodbye at all. Hang up, the end. There's never an ending dialogue like in real life: Ok, have to let you go now, ok, bye, yup bye me too, gotta run, ok have a good day, you too, ok, bye now, bye-bye, see you tomorrow, ok, bye, love you, love you too, ok bye, ok bye . . . hang up, finally the end.

smiekeltje said...

Oh those years when we were sooo young! Yes, we were dressed as much as possible to the trend those days, short skirts, hotpants, later on blazers and blouses with enormous shoulders, remember?
But it was fun!
Read your bit about the printers, and see, it is a puzzle which printer is best for us.
Details in films, sometimes I see them and sometimes not. I think Jan is better in that. But you are right about e.g. the drivers. Gosh, I always wonder why there isn;t happening an accident(well, because it is a film hahaha), but when it was for real????
And I am with you for the pets. Shelters have so many wonderful pets waiting for a good and loving home. And they mostly give it back to you 3 times as much.

I wasn't very energetic this week till now, I must admit. I did the necessary and that was it. Oh well, there is a next week, isn't there LOL?
Have a lovely day!

Mary Ann Roesler said...

Gene loves to watch for "mistakes" in movies. One of his favorites is in a John Wayne war movie. While they are landing on the beach a styrofoam cup is still on the beach craft!. Enjoy! Mary Ann