Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A Great Day For Grocery Shopping

January 15, 2020

Good morning.  The sun is shining and the temperature is 42F degrees.  Woo Hoo!  It may even get two degrees warmer.  This is great because I'm going grocery shopping with dwarf Mike.  We're going to Market Basket.  They have really great meats and I enjoy shopping there.

Last night I put a few more rows on the red and black afghan.  There's just another thirty rows to go and it will be finished.  Then I will take a photo of it to share.  After that I think I only have three  or four more afghans to go for the family.  I think.  I've created a rather large family, and I've been crocheting these afghans for years. 

The package that came yesterday was the carry case that I had ordered for my new little laptop.  My goodness, it is so nice.  My little laptop and all its accessories fit inside it, and it has a shoulder strap to make carrying easier.  (The little handles fold nicely into pockets.)  It comes in a few different colors.  Mine is black.  I'm going to enjoy this bag. 

Pogo and I slept rather late this morning.  And, I must say, it felt good.  Well, actually, sleep always seems to feel good.  Or maybe it just seems more so when one gets old.  Speaking of getting old, my beautiful little Pogo will be fourteen years old in April.  And his hair is getting really thin.  It's almost a shame to cut it, but it does need to be trimmed soon.  He looks like a tiny lion nowadays.  But he's my little lion and I love him.

I finally decided whether to take my walker or Pogo's stroller when we go to Florida.  We'll be taking Pogo's stroller.  It serves as both a walker for me and a ride for Pogo.  Now that that is settled, it's time to make an appointment for Pogo's checkup and travel health letter. 

Today's old photo is one of the last ones I have of Kerri, me and Deanne together.  I thought I had lost this photo.  Thank goodness I didn't lose it.

Now I think I'd better do my blog reading and get ready to go shopping.  Mike gets home from work shortly after noon.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Annsterw said...

Such a cutie that Pogo is!!! Have a fantastic day Miss Edna!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That new case looks wonderful, Miss Edna. I have been looking for a new one as well when we travel and would appreciate if you could share any info on the make/model and also what device you will be storing in it so I can get some idea of the size. Thanks in advance. We are due for some wintry weather in the next few days, unfortunately.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Pogo is getting excited now knowing he will have lots of fun 'rides' when he gets here! I love the little case your found for your computer too. You are going to have such a good trip. I hope the weather is nice! Sweet hugs!

smiekeltje said...

Warmer weather definately helps to feel more energetic. Already a bit of sunshine(even when it is colder) helps a lot!
The colors of the Amaryllis sound fantastic!
I love the little case for your laptop. It will be handy for you during your travel.
I think you are rather right when saying that we grew up in times we had to be very vreative and learns things by just doing it. And yeah, we learned math without calculator(or almost) and we learned to write and type and much more. Kids nowadays learn things in a different way and also asome other things, which isn;t bad, of course not, but sometimes I find they lack some abilities we still have.
Exciting that you already booked your flight, and I think it is a good decision to take Pogo's stroller, it will serve you both and you will have to carry around a bit less stuff!
Have a lovely day!