Thursday, January 2, 2020

A New Calendar For The New Year

January 2, 2020

Good morning.  It's a little after five a.m. and I've been up for a while.  I watch ME TV at night or during the wee hours.  All our favorite old programs are re-run.  Right now, I'm watching Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford.  The last program on was Barnaby Jones.    This is TV treasure at its best. 

Some days my brain just isn't cooking on all four burners.  Yesterday I forgot to post my new Calendar.  So here is the cover and the page for January.

Yesterday turned out to be another lazy day for Pogo and me. I did put in one load of wash, but that's all.  I even started to crochet on the red and black afghan but then I just wasn't in the mood for that either.  Today will be a better day with more energy.  I can feel it. 

I took some hamburg out of the freezer this morning so that I can make some meat sauce later this afternoon.  I think I'm in the mood for some spaghetti.  Actually, I'm always in the mood for pasta.  It's probably my favorite food.  You can make it in so many different ways that it is always a delicious dish.

Today I'm going to post one more video from the New Year's Eve show.  This was such a funny performance.  Here is Jazzy and De Moody having a bit of fun.  I hope you enjoy it. 

I have a pile of junk mail from the days between Christmas and now, so today I think I'll go through it and dispose of it.  Nothing like starting the new year off fresh.  The only resolution I'm making for this year is to try to do something every day.  Whether big or small, if I can do this it will be good. 

On New Year's Eve day, I talked with my friend Mary Ann in Wisconsin, and she helped me to learn something new and very helpful that day.  I had not been able to find where all the email went when I deleted it.  I read the book and went on-line, but their instructions were not helpful.  They kept referring to a trash folder that I did not have in my email. 

With my friend's help, we poked around and found why I could not find the deleted emails.  They were in a folder marked Deleted Items.  You had to scroll way down to find this folder as it was not in alphabetical order with the other folders.  I learned something new that day and it felt good. 

So far I've only decided on one photo for the new blog book, so that's going to be my first project for today.  To finish making and ordering my new book.  After that, we'll see. 

Dragnet is on ME TV now and I'm going to watch it.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Dee Jaynes said...

This is one of my favorite performances from the show- it was so much fun to watch and I’m glad they picked that particular gentleman to be a part of it- he had been enjoying the show all night so it was great they picked him to be a part of it .

Steve Reed said...

ME TV sounds like my kind of channel! I love all those old shows. And I agree about pasta -- it's always a pleaser!

smiekeltje said...

I am glad all went well on your evening out and you had great fun!
Oh, it is best to make no resolutions for the year. nest we will let it go as it goes.
But I like yours: to do every day something.
And well, I started today too with perhaps a small thing but I feel good about it.
It was a little financial thing that had to be done earlier, I think. But I did it today, so hoorray!
Hopefully you haven.t too bad weather and not too cold.
Here it is still several degrees above zero and it will stay that way the coming days. I can digg that!
ou have a lovely day and days ahead,

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Edna, those old shows on ME TV are great, but I just can't stand all the commercial breaks, many more than when the shows were originally broadcast! Your New Years start sounded relaxing and ours was too. We watched a couple of Midsomer Mysteries (British who-dun-it). Your Christmas card arrived and is now posted on the apt wall with our cards. Thank you!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm always learning something new! Glad you found your old emails. The book sounds like a good project! Hope you have a beautiful day my friend. Happy new year!

Beth Reed said...

Edna, so glad that you are doing something. It matters not if it is big or small, just so we keep on doing something right?
I did not make any new year resolutions. I think that I will just let the year play out.
I have been trying to take care of a big thing. Patsy did not receive her Christmas present from me but the funds were taken out and paid to somebody. Karyn is going to come over this evening and help me with it as she is the one that ordered it for me as I was having problems getting the order to go thru.

I am glad that you are enjoying your tv programs. I am watching Netflix Ancient Aliens but as soon as I finish it I am going to go over to Amazon Prime and watch a program. I have Pluto TV on my phone and tablet but I am like your blog reader Beatrice, the commercials are just so many but it is how they pay for the free air time that they can offer these programs for free.
Going to blog now so I will talk to you later. Loved the video... Beth