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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Do Love These Gemstones

September 16, 2009

Good morning! Tootsie and I have already been to the hospital and back. The new chemo treatment is in capsule form, and there was no way I was going to be able to get Miss Tootsie to swallow it. So we let the technician at the hospital do it for us. It only took her five minutes - she thought she would just pop it into a pill pocket and Tootsie would happily chew it all up. Wrong!!!

It took several tries and no pill pocket to actually get the capsule swallowed. My little doggie is no fool. Pill pockets just don't do it. Next time, maybe we will just wrap the capsule in roast beef. I should have thought of that this morning. Duh!!

Let me tell you about my new vitamins from "Vitafusion." They are gummy vitamins for adults, and I get them at Cosco. I got one bottle of each: Multi Vites, Power C, Calcium, Vitamin D and Energy B12. I have problems swallowing pills, so these are perfect for me. And yummy too!! If you want to read up about them, go to:

Last night I finished the QP for "Fire Opal." This is a really gorgeous stone. I bought some loose stones a few years ago, and made myself a beautiful ring. It was marquis shaped and I set it in 14k gold. For colors, the Fire Opal runs from a deep red to a bright yellow to a fiery orange. My kind of colors. Want a peek?

I am really enjoying making this set of QP's. Not because they are easier, because sometimes I spend hours on just one QP. I play with different elements, styles, brushes, etc, until I find what makes me happy. I think I like them better than kits because they are already finished. Just insert your photos, add some words and maybe a couple of doodads, and you're done.
Next one I am working on is for "Garnets." Now Garnets come in many beautiful colors, so I have to decide which ones to feature on the QP. Did you know that they not only come in a deep beautiful red, they come in pink, rose, yellow, orange, green, and even a color change stone?
If you love gemstones, you should try to attend a Gem & Mineral tradeshow. They usually have several days when they are open to the general public. Once inside, you just walk up and down aisles that have all sorts of beautiful gems and jewelry on display and for sale. For a gem lover, it's like being a child let loose in a candy store. No matter how many times I went to a gem and mineral tradeshow, I was always in awe of the beauty of the gemstones.
Now that I have you drooling, it's time for me to get busy and do a little bit of house work stuff. Ugh!!! After that, I can play some more. Y'all have a fantastic day now.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowy said...

Lol- you are already making gem stone qps for next month- looking great !
Just sent you an e-mail as well.
Hugs Snowy