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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tis Wicked Windy Today

October 17, 2019

Good morning.  A rain and wind storm crept in during the night.  Half of my parking area is a huge puddle and the rest of the yard is covered with leaves.  The sun is shining and doing it's best to calm the winds, while the temperature sits at 50F degrees.  And that is our high for the day. 

Yesterday, my friend Ellen came by for a visit, and she brought me a tall cup of iced coffee.  Mmm, mmm, mmm!  We had a grand time getting caught up on all our personal news and gossip.  Deanne stopped by before work and spent  a little time with us.  It was so nice, and I hope to do this again soon. 

Today I'm hoping to gather enough energy to at least fill up a Good Will bag.  If I can accomplish that, I'll be happy.  My days of energetic accomplishments have dwindled down to just a few, every now and then.  So I try to make them as productive as possible. 

I also chatted with my friend Beth for a while yesterday.  She said that she might be able to go home soon.  That would really be nice.  This has been quite a year for health problems for both of us.  It's time for us to be healthy now.  That Florida vacation isn't very far  off, and we're both looking forward to it.

Here is something that I took out of one of my magazines.  It's so pretty that I thought I'd like to share it here.  I love cardinals.  No, I did not buy this, but I do think it is quite lovely.


Yesterday, I finally finished potting a few new plants.  Next, I'll put them out in the house with the other house plants to see if they can make it through the winter.  After that, I'll move them outside during the good weather. 

A few days ago, I took this photo of a furry caterpillar.  I'm not sure what type of winter weather it stands for but I thought it was rather pretty. 

That's about all my news for today.  Now I think I'll refresh my cup of coffee and do a bit of blog reading before getting started on that Good Will bag.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Annsterw said...

We had that same storm last night - the windows in my hotel were shaking - very scary!

Terra said...

That is a pretty caterpillar. When I grew up in Wisconsin I loved to see the cardinals in winter, red males against the white snow.

Angelicastar said...

I've been very sleep this morning after I left my lab appointment. I needed that sleep. It's rather cool outside but inside I am using my ceiling fans to circulate some cool air. I know all the heat is not over with but I am going to enjoy the cool weather.

It's been raining as of yesterday. Today is cloudy with the cool temps and hopefully we might get some more rain. I love your fall colors of the trees. We are still in the green stage. I hope you and Pogo will enjoy the cool weather and have a healthy day.

Laurel Wood said...

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your visit with your friend and how nice to enjoy a cup of iced coffee together. I wish you and Pogo a good evening. xo

smiekeltje said...

Great you had that nice visit. It kind of breaks the days and gives you somehow a bit of extra push.
Oh, I hope Beth soon will be on the mend again. (give her a well-wish hug from me if you speak , will you?)And yes, this year was too filled of health problems I think. Enough of it now! And of other problems. Let's try to end the year in quiet and nice moments, would be fantastic, isn;t it?
Here we have also quite some wind today and on and off rainshowers.
Well, we miht not like it, but it is the time of year.
Loved that photo of the witch in accident LOL!
Have a lovely day and weekend, and you and Pogo stay safe okay?

Theresa said...

It's chilly here but warms up during the day! What a nice day to have visits and chats. I hope today is a good one for you dear friend, HUGS!