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Friday, October 4, 2019

I Got My Flu Shot. Did You?

October 4, 2019

Good morning.  The sun is peeking in and out and the temperature is at 59F degrees.  One more degree and we should hit our high for today.  Our overnight temps are rally dipping down into the cold zone.   Tonight we should reach down into the upper thirties.  Brrrr!

Well, yesterday the mail brought me two more packages of things that I had ordered from catalogues.  One item was a really pretty housecoat and surprise, surprise, it fit me!  I don't usually order clothing from catalogues because their sizes aren't usually the same as our store sizes.  So this was a really nice surprise. 

 Deanne came by and took me to do a few errands yesterday.  First stop was the bank so now I can pay some more bills.  Then it was on to WalMart to get my flu shot and some groceries.  The pharmacist told me to use my arm a lot during the day because it was going to be a bit sore.  She was absolutely right!  It stopped hurting sometime during the wee hours of the night.

While we were there, we found some wonderful bargains and I was able to cross another name off my shopping gift list.  Little by little, I'm getting there.  Today I'm hoping to get that gift wrapped and packaged and ready for mailing. 

It's time for me to start getting serious about my new Christmas card too.  I have most of the photos ready for my new calendar, but I haven't spent any time working on the card.  In another month, I should be getting ready to order both of these items from the printer.  Aye yi yi, I'm running out of year!

Every now and then, I run across this item on the web and I mean to go online and order it.  Well, this week I'm going to get me one.  If you have a pet at home, this is a must have.  I checked on Amazon, and these start at $6.79.  You get the tag to keep on your key chain, and a card to keep in your wallet.  You can also find these on Ebay starting at $1.49.

Boo Hoo, I just brought in the mail and there are no packages there.  I was hoping that more of my orders would be here by now.  Oh well, all in good time. 

In answer to whether I had the pizza or the pasta the night, I chose the pasta.  Last night, I enjoyed a spinach pizza.  I was good, I only ate two thirds of it and saved the last piece for today's lunch.  I did good this time and did not drop my pizza on the floor.  Yea!!!!!

Before I go, here's another image that I borrowed from the web.  It's such a wonderful idea and it saves the lives of so many of our wildlife.

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Theresa said...

I love getting packages in the mail:) I have ordered a couple of FALL Tea towels and they will be here next week. I am jealous of your cooler temps but the heat is about to break here. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Angelicastar said...

Today is Saturday and all of my out of town company have left for a day visit with my other sister across town. I am worn out but happy to have them around. They won't be back to my house until Sunday morning and they will then be on their way back to Louisiana. Me and my excited fur babies are back alone and resting. They got excited to have company and have someone else to spoil them. We've enjoyed ourselves because we seldom have company. This is why I hadn't been commenting on your blog. I said you might start thinking I am sick again but this time it was company over and my time for the internet was off limit. I was so busy cooking and talking. Hope to come over again on Sunday. Have a very blessed day.

Beth Reed said...

I love the idea of how the Netherlands have built those bridges. That is really awesome and it will surly save a lot of wildlife.

We have been so very busy here and with all of the noise going on I have had a headache for days lol. It is normal for some families but I am sure that your right. I think that I need to go with Karyn. We both are pretty quiet and like the peace. I don't mind it some of the time but I am having to go outside to make phone calls It is just too hot to keep doing that.

I am laying down now. Talk to you soon. xxx

Steve Reed said...

I know that disappointing feeling of expecting something in the mail and having it not arrive. (I suppose we all do!) That dog-at-home card is a good idea. I should probably get one of those!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, the year is just flying by! And finally it got cold. I think we skipped right over fall and went to winter! You are so smart to be thinking of Christmas and the end of the year. I really have to get a move on with that.

smiekeltje said...

We will get our flu shot next week, it is just across the road to the doctor's!
Lovely that you already have so much ready for the Christmas gifts. I am running a bit behind, but it will all be ready in time.
By the looks of that photo of Holland building all those brdges for animals, it looks as if we are almost a perfect country, Well, we are NOT! Lots of other things go wrong with animals in the wild, worst is that in need of agricultural, industry and house building ground we loose a lot of wild nature areas, and shrinking the living space of the wild animals. Not a good thing.
Well, there must be found a good balance for it, but it seems to be difficult.
Okay, now it is time to go to my blog for writing my post, I am terrible late today.
Have a wonderful day, and also week to come, take care!