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Thursday, October 31, 2019

BOO! Happy Halloween

October 31, 2019

Good morning.  Happy Halloween everybody!  I love Halloween.  Not that I do anything special anymore.  I don't even decorate for it anymore.  But most years I do get to meet up with lots of my witchy friends and we travel the skies together. 

Tonight is our big ride.  My daughter Audrey is here so she will be flying with Pogo and me.  I have an extra broom that she can use.  Her husband thinks that if she can fly on a broom with us, then she ought to be able to fly home on a broom and save the cost of airfare.  He forgets that it is too dangerous to try to carry suitcases on the broom while you are flying.  There's really no safe place to put them so that they don't fall off.  Besides, they add extra weight that the broom can't handle very well. 

I tried all Tuesday evening and yesterday morning to make my new blog book and kept losing it all because of some sort of error.  (computer error)  Out of frustration, I finally had to use the "chat" box from the printing site to get some help.  Then Audrey showed me how to empty all the history and cache on my laptop.  This was something that I never did learn how to do.  However, it did fix the problem and I was able to order my new book.

I had to remake my new blog book more than once because it was taking up too many pages for the one book.  I guess I had posted more photos than usual.  I'll have to stick to no more than four photos a post.  Because the books are hard bound, they can only hold a certain number of pages.  These are my new book covers.

Yesterday, Audrey and I mostly just relaxed and enjoyed the day.  Last evening, my nephew came by for a visit.  This was my brother's son Jamie.  The one I posted about some time ago.  He was adopted out as a baby and we never got to see him again. (till just a couple years ago) Therefore, Audrey never got to meet him before.  So last evening's visit was extra special.

I dug out a couple quick pages from an old collab kit that my friend Sue and I made back in 2012.  I thought you might be able to use them for some of your scary Halloween photos. 

Here is your download link:   (if there is a problem with this link, let me know and I will get a new one.)

Now it's time to go attack a pile of blankets.  We are going to sort through them and pack some into bags for the Good Will.  Four hands is so much better than two.  If I've missed your blog this week, I will catch up soon.  So, till tomorrow, keep an eye on your friendly skies tonight.  You never know if we'll be flying over your house.  Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Halloween! I've packed the trunk of my car with donations! I'm so tired of going through stuff but it needs to be done! Enjoy your afternoon! Bwwwwhhhhahaha!!!

Angelicastar said...

Happy Halloween....although I doesn't celebrate. I Keep my lights out, hide in the house and watch the Goblins on my camera. (lol) I was up very early again this morning to go into Houston to the eye doctor to get this stupid test done this year. I hope you and Pogo have a great Halloween and stay safe. On my way back to bed.

Theresa said...

Get on your broom and fly this way:) It was a good day and now it is a new month. I saw where another blogger was having trouble yesterday, hope it is all fixed today. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!