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Friday, October 25, 2019

A Bit Of History On Pogo

October 25, 2019

Good morning.  The sun is shining today, and the temperature is 51F degrees.  Later, the temps will rise to the mid sixties.  Starting tomorrow though, it looks like we may have a few days of the wet stuff.  According to my phone app, that is.  We'll just have to wait and see.

Some of you were not with me when I first got Pogo, and I get a few questions about why his tongue is always hanging out in his photos.  Pogo spent his first six years with a breeder.  He lived in a tiny cage with no toys or cuddles.  He was an asset.  And he was very badly neglected.

When the rescue shelter got him, he was in tough shape.  He only had four teeth, and his mouth was so badly infected that he required a lot of surgery.  Because of this, he has no teeth, and no bottom jaw.  With nothing to hold his tongue in, it hangs out all the time. 

When I got him, he weighed three and a half pounds.  Since then, I've fattened him up a bit.  Now he weighs around five and a half pounds.  It takes him quite a while to eat his food because he can't bite it.  He has to pick it up with his tongue.  This isn't always very easy, but he does his very best.  Did I mention that I spoil him rotten?  I just can't help myself. 

Today I have photos that I took in Florida a few years ago of trees with lots of moss lace hanging from them.  They are really so beautiful to look at.

This next photo was taken in a parking lot at the old Kissimmee WalMart parking lot.  It's a barren tree that is used as a popular lookout spot.  This bird sat there for quite a while, preening and enjoying the warm sunshine. 
I was going to post a few more Blue Laws here, but I'll save them for Sunday's post.  Instead, I have a gorgeous photo to share with you.  My daughter is in flight, on her way here from Virginia.  She just sent me this photo that she took around seven o'clock this morning as they flew over New York.  Oh wow, Audrey.  This is beautiful! 
I've been watching Shop LC on TV this morning.  Wow, some of the bargains are just awesome.  If you're looking to do a bit of Holiday shopping, you might want to look these folks up.  If you don't have the channel, you can always find them on Google and then download their app to your phone or tablet.  Today everything is $9.99 or less.
An update on the little white doggie from yesterday....His owner came by to pick him up.  She was very happy to have him back.  And, guess where she lived??  Right next door to me!  I never even knew they had a little dog over there.  (I mostly stick to my own business)
Last evening, Deanne and Eddie came by and Eddie fixed my toilet.  Now it can be flushed just by touching the handle.  No more sticking my arm into the tank to find the chain that has to be pulled up.  Thank you Eddie.  I really do appreciate this.
Now I'm off to do a few things around here before my daughter gets here.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.
Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

Don't feel bad. I doesn't know my neighbors either. I stay to myself. I founded out years ago, this is the best way to be. You don't hear about no one business or others gossip. That was seeming to happen when the trashy lady lived next door until I had to tell her I have no need to know what's going on in other folks house because I have enough problems of my own. It angered her but I got rid of her from knocking on my door. (lol) They see me leaving or coming. Every now and then I might go outside and clean the flower bed. if they miss me then, they don't see me in a while.

I knew you had said Pogo had no lower jaw so I assumed that was the reason his tongue was out. He is still handsome. Thanks for the rescue and giving him a beautiful life for the rest of his little life. I have one(Milo) I rescued from abuse and now he is the baby of the house. I spent a lot of money but I saved his life and he seem to love me for that. He is one happy fur baby. Pogo has no worry anymore. I never told you, but when my son brought Babs to me, he said they had her caged and she was losing her hair. I got her better and I never put them in cages again. My niece from Louisiana told me when she was here that I need to put them in a cage. I told her they live here and whomever don't want to be around them need to get a room somewhere. I hope you and Pogo have a beautiful and healthy day.

Laurel Wood said...

So happy that Pogo was rescued by you. He is precious. We once rescued a mini dachshund in similar health as Pogo. She was a gift to my mom and lived to be 15! That is a gorgeous shot shared by your daughter. I wish you two a wonderful time.
Living in GA, we always vacationed in FL when I was a kid. I remember the moss hanging from the trees.

Kathy said...

I was not reading your blog when you got Pogo. Poor little thing. He had a rough start but now he has all the love, affection and spoiling he can get. And he deserves it.

So glad you got your toilet fixed. That is one thing we just can't do without.

Have fun with your daughter! That is a beautiful picture she sent to you.

smiekeltje said...

It's does me good to read you are sounding much cheerfuller at the moment.
So it must go rather well with you and also with Pogo.
Poor Pogo had a bad life in his first years, but he found a really caring home with you where he got lots of love.
Glad he still walks around.
Oh your neighbor must have been deligted that you found her doggie.
It feels always good to have done a nice thing for someone else, LOL.
Hope Audrey will arrive safe and well and that you will have a ever so wonderful time together. Good you've made the pasta in advance, so now you will have more time to chat with her.
It's nive of Eddie to fix your toilet handle. Sometimes it are quite small jobs done but ever so important.
Getting rid of things you had for a long time isn;t easy., I know. But sometimes we just need do be hard for ourselves and make some space in our rooms and cupboards. But is still stays difficult to part of precious things that hold so much memories.
Good, time for me almost to have a cup of tea or may be coffee, and have a quiet day today. That is must needed, my body tells me LOL.
Have a wonderful weekend and fantastic week ahead.

Theresa said...

We keep to ourselves too:) Happy that the little pup found it's way home. Pogo is precious and very lucky to have you take extra good care of him. Such a sweet puppy for you to love and I know he loves you! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!