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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Can't Wait For Winter To Be Over

February 19, 2019

Good morning.  It's sunny and cold here.  The weather app on my phone isn't working so I don't know just how cold it is.  I'm not sure why the darn thing stopped working, and I've tried everything I can think of to fix it.  Nothing has worked.  I guess my next step will be to unstill it, wait a bit, then re-install it.

Sleep was patchy last night so I slept as late as I dared this morning.  I finally got up to give Pogo his medicine and make us breakfast.  Now that his little belly is full, Pogo is sleeping soundly on the sofa.  I'm glad to see his normal appetite coming back.  It was off for a couple days after his doctor appointment and grooming. 

This afternoon Pogo has to have a medicated bath.  After lunch, I'll turn on the little heater and keep it near the sofa so that he doesn't catch a cold.  I would hate for him to get sick this close to vacation time. 

Gosh, I'm running out of time to get everything done before we leave for Florida.  Too bad there isn't a magic energy potion that I could take to keep me moving long enough to finish everything.  The older I get, the more I need that potion. 

I need to go to the Post Office to mail a box but if I go out I won't get to do anything here.  Maybe Joe will go for me later today.  I'll ask him when he gets home.  He is going with me to BJ's later this week to buy some new mattresses.  I have to replace one, and I'll get two more to put upstairs in the storeroom for future use.

I just turned on the Weather Channel.  It says that the temp is 23F degrees, and may get up to the low thirties later today.  I hope we can get all the yucky weather out of the way before Pogo and I have to board that plane.  I don't like delays at the airport. 

The news about this year's Flu season is not good news.  About 80,000 people died during the 2017-2018 Flu season.  I'll repeat myself -- PLEASE GET YOUR FLU SHOT.  Please don't be a statistic from this Flu season.  If you do catch the flu, stay home away from other people.  Don't be spreading your germs around.

Today I have a couple more coloring pages from Dover Publications.  Relax and have some fun with them.

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading before I get started doing things around here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy Presidents' Day

February 18, 2019

Good morning.  Happy Presidents' Day.  Well, I looked out the window during the night and found everything covered with snow.  It's still snowing.  Joe has just finished cleaning the whole driveway but I'm thinking that in a few hours it will be needing to be cleaned again.  The weatherman says the snow might stop tonight. 

I've been watching the Weather Channel and it looks like this wicked stormy weather is coast to coast.  Sadly, there will be more flooding in places than just cannot hold any more water.  I wonder just how different things would be if we had built water pipe lines.

Well, for some reason, the SHOP LC TV station did not air here yesterday.  Bummer!  Of course they are on the air today, but there's no Imperial Topaz.  I know, I know, I'll live.  But I really wanted to see that program.  Wednesday they will be featuring Emeraldine Quartz.  This is a gorgeous green quartz that looks like emeralds. 

I was getting ready to leave a comment on Facebook last night when I noticed some person's photo of their little dog.  I had to look twice because this little dog could be a twin to my Pogo.  Its face, stand up ears and its coloring pattern  look just my little guy.  I borrowed the photo to show you what I mean. 

What do you think?  Wouldn't this make you look twice too?  It makes me wonder if this little dog is related to my Pogo. 

I have another recipe for you.  This one is for a Body Scrub.  If you try it, let me know how you like it.

I have a sink full of dishes waiting for me to tend to them.  Sadly, my dishwasher doesn't want to work today.  (my hands!)  Alas, it must be done.  I'd rather be doing laundry. 

Ah well, I think I'd best head on over to the kitchen sink.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Just A Few More Weeks Till Spring!

February 17, 2019

Good morning.  It's too early for the day to break, but I may as well get started on this new day.  My sleeping patterns are not doing so good lately.  I'm hoping that the warm weather will help to improve this.  Just a few more weeks and it will be Spring.  Woo Hoo! 

I did really good not spending any money yesterday on that new shopping channel.  They were featuring Turquoise jewelry and I was looking forward to watching it.  Well, Dang!  It was not broadcast in my area yesterday!  How can they do this to me?  It's not nice to be mean to old ladies!

Let's hope they do broadcast today's show on Imperial Topaz.  I really do want to watch this one.  I just may have to watch it on the app on my cell phone if it doesn't air on my TV.  It will definitely look much better on the big TV screen, but beggars can't be choosy.  (That's a phrase from many moons ago)

My friend Kathy (Pogo's groomer) posted a photo of her doggies on Facebook and I just had to borrow the photo to share with you.  These are three of the doggies that Pogo was playing with the other day after his grooming was done.  Aren't they just beautiful? 

The tiny Yorkie in the front is Emma Stone.  She boards with Kathy days.  That big handsome fellow in the middle is Louie.  He is a Pitbull with the saddest eyes.  Behind him is Lucy, another rescue.  Louie and Lucy live with Kathy and her cat.  All three of these kids go to work with Kathy every day.  Imagine the fun I had getting doggie kisses from all of these awesome kids!

I also have some photos to share that Mac has taken in Japan.  I just love all the colors!  In the last photo, that's my SIL Mac on the left with two friends.  Mac will be coming home in less that two months, so take lots more photos Mac! 

Gosh, you know time is flying by and I have so much still to do these last two weeks before Pogo and I take off for Florida.  I really need to buckle down and get busy.  I am such a procrastinator, and it always puts me in a pickle like this where I'm rushing against time.  You know what?  I'm thankful to be able to do this! 

I had a package of Rice & Sauce in the pantry and decided to cook it up for breakfast.  It is Cheddar Broccoli, enriched rice & vermicelli with cheddar cheese sauce mix.  And yes, it is yum yum yummy!  I will share it with Pogo, if he wants some.  If he doesn't, then I'll make him a plate of hamburg.  Don't worry, on the days when I have these crazy breakfasts, I make up for it at supper time and have a breakfast type meal then.

The first thing I want to do this morning is to put in a load of laundry.  It's time to start setting aside the things that I want to pack for vacation.  I have a couple of lounge dresses, two new tops and a new cotton house coat that I want to wash and pack. 

Oh my, they are showing fancy colored diamond rings on the TV.  They have red, champagne, green, white, blue and yellow.  My favorite are the yellow diamonds.  I have a beautiful citrine ring set with yellow diamonds on the sides.  It's one of my favorite rings. 

Today I have another new quick page for you.  This one is just a whimsical fishy page.  I was having such fun working on this page.  I hope you like it.

Here is your download link:

Enough of my babble.  I need to get busy before I get side tracked.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, February 15, 2019

TV Shopping Can Be Such Fun!

February 15, 2019

Good morning.  I posted very late yesterday, so I'm making up for it this morning.  Well, sort of.  I got up a while ago and played a while with Pogo.  Then I warmed up some Pork Lo Mein and Pork Fried Rice for our breakfast.  We're retired, so it's okay to eat the good stuff for breakfast. 

Goodness!  I just took a nice big gulp of my coffee and it went down the wrong pipe.  Oh my, cough, cough, cough.  Don't you just hate it when that happens?  It takes all the fun out of my coffee.  And all the coughing makes the nose runny.  Yuk, yuk, yuk!

I've been watching the Shop LC channel this morning and oh my goodness!  Today is "under $10 Friday" and some of the jewelry they've been showing is just awesome.  Everything featured is set in sterling silver.  I'm not buying though because Pogo already spent all my money. 

At the doctor visit on Wednesday, Pogo had several tests to find out why his skin keeps getting something like Psoriasis all over.  I comb him every day, but it doesn't seem to help much.  Turns out he has a bacterial infection (like seborrhea).  So now he is taking one medication twice a day.  I dropped off another prescription for him at the Pharmacy.  We will be picking that one up later today.  Plus I went online to order a special shampoo for him.  It will arrive tomorrow and he will have to have two baths a week with it. 

His visit, including a medicine for $150 came to $495.  That was after my $54 discount!  The shampoo and second prescription came to another $60.  Add  to that a visit to the beauty salon yesterday and now you know why I'm able to resist buying all that gorgeous jewelry!  Ah, but my little guy is worth every penny.  The joy he gives me is priceless.

Today I have another recipe for you.  This one is for Bath bombs.  If you click on the picture, it will get bigger and easier to read.  Have some fun with it.

And here are some funny signs that I borrowed from web to share. 

Oh gosh.  Shop LC is showing their weekend programming.  Saturday (tomorrow) will be Turquoise, and Sunday will be Imperial Topaz.  You know I'll be watching Sunday for sure.  I love Imperial Topaz.  It's my birthstone and it's gorgeous.  Let's just hope they have something I can afford.  (I can dream, can't I?)

Before I get started on this beautiful new day, I have a chuckle that I found on the web.  I hope it starts your day with a smile.

Now I'm going to refresh my cup of coffee and do a bit of blog reading before I start looking for some fun mischief to get into.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, February 14, 2019


February 14, 2019

Good afternoon, and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.  Sorry to be posting so late, but Pogo and I had an appointment this morning at the salon.  When Pogo was all done, we let him play with some of the other doggies there.  Two of them were also Yorkies, and both of them were girls.  Yup, my handsome fellow was a very happy camper!

So, here' my Valentine.  Kathy (his groomer) took this photo just before we left the salon.  Be still my heart!

I promised a photo of the Amethyst ring and earrings set that I bought for $10.  I'm only showing one of the earrings in the photo.  Up close in person, this set is very pretty.

It's time for me to start thinking about what to cook for our supper.  I promise to be a bit more chatty tomorrow.  So, till then, Y'all have a fantabulous evening.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Slushies Are Here!

February 13, 2019

Good morning.  It's snowy, wet and  yucky here.  The snow made it into our area yesterday, followed by rain.  Now the whole driveway is full of slush.  Hopefully, none of it is frozen, because Pogo and I have to go out this morning.  I just looked out and it doesn't looked very pretty.  Here's a photo I took when the snow first started.

On the news, they've been talking about the outbreak and spread of measles.  Then the announcer says "we'll be right back to talk with (did not get the name) about why the measles are spreading so  quickly.  Well, DUH!  It's spreading because so many folks chose not to vaccinate against it. 

Does this really need a study or a commentary to explain it?  The answer is simple.  Get your children vaccinated!  Measles kills!

I had an email request about how to get my blog posts in your email.  Folks, Google is making lots of changes because of Google +.  These changes might have something to do with this.  I'm not sure, but I will look into it later.  This morning Pogo and I have to go out to keep his doctor appointment.

One reader said that when she tried to re-sign up to get these posts, she was told that she was already signed up.  My suggestion (for now) is to try using a different email address.  Lots of folks have two email addresses.  Maybe this will help.  Again, I'm not sure.

While watering the house plants yesterday, I noticed the pattern on the edge of the stem on my Amaryllis plant.  Is this normal.  I never really noticed it before.  Hmm, strange.

There is a new gemstone showing up this year.  It's called Shungite, and it is supposed to have a lot of healing properties.  I will be looking into this as I'm very curious about it.  If you know of it, please let me know.  I'd appreciate that.

There is also a lot of really beautiful jewelry being made with gemstones and stainless steel.  (stainless steel is non-allergic) I ordered an Amethyst ring and earring set, and the price ($10) was awesome!  It came in the mail yesterday and it is just beautiful.  I got it for Jazzy, and I'm hoping she likes it.  I'll take a photo of it to share in case anyone is interested in getting some of it.

Today I have another Valentine quick page for you.  There's no story behind this one.  I just loved the frame and wanted to use it.  Have fun.

Here is your download link:

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading before it's time to get dressed to go out.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

It's Hard To Put A Good Book Down

February 12, 2019

Good afternoon.  Yup, I slept late today.  Actually, I was up all night reading a book.  I'm bad, I just don't know enough to put the book down and go to bed.  It was such an interesting story that I had to keep reading till the end.  The book is "The Secret Daughter" by Kelly Rimmer.

"The Secret Daughter" is about adoption back in the early days when unwed mothers were looked upon as a disgrace, and giving the babies up for adoption was the only option for these girls.  Ms. Rimmer has two more books, "When I Lost You" and "Me Without You."  I plan to look for both of them on Amazon and get the Kindle editions. 

***I just checked on Amazon Books, and Ms. Rimmer has a couple other books and a new coming out in May.  I guess I'll be busy reading for a while.  If you're a Prime member, you can read a lot of these books for free if you don't want to buy them.  It's worth checking out.

Yesterday, Pogo was just sitting and looking at me in such an adorable way that I just had to try to capture it with a photo.  He surprised me by letting me get the photo.  Just one, though.  I'll share the photo of my fluffy little guy because he gets his hair cut on Thursday.  I'll have to post another photo of him then. 

It's still too cold to get his hair cut short, so I might just ask the groomer to only cut it half as long.  I'll see how it goes when we get to her shop.  Whether his hair is long and shaggy or short and neat, my Pogo is such a handsome fellow. 

You know, we are in the middle of Flu season.  Yet, lots of folks still don't understand that your doggies can get the flu too.  It's not fun for us, and it's definitely not fun for our doggies.  Here's an article I cut out of Reader's Digest.

For those of you interested in making your own lotions and creams, I have a recipe that you might like.  This one is for Natural Lip Balm.  If you try it, let me know how yours comes out.

I must confess that I did not make much of a dent in those wicked taxes, but I will do a bit more on them today.  I know I'll feel so much better when they are done, but it's the getting to that point that is so terrible.  I know, I'm whining.  But it's okay for old folks to whine on Tuesdays.  (Pogo said so!)

Now I had best get going.  I want to do a bit of blog reading before I tackle that awful "T" stuff.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, February 11, 2019

It's Time To Tackle The Taxes

February 11, 2019

Good morning.  Tis gray and cold here.  Temps are 27F degrees and might reach 32F degrees this afternoon with a little bit of sunshine.  Tomorrow we're supposed to get some snow.  Yuk, yuk.

This morning I did my best to sleep in as late as possible, but I finally had to give in and get up.  My boy was hungry, so I fed him.  (and me too)  Sleep came in patches all through the night.  I'm not sure why, but at least I did get some sleep.

Today I will get started on those nasty taxes.  I keep trying to put it off, but time is flying by so I really need to buckle down and just do it.  If I work on them for a few hours, I'll treat myself to a new batch of muffins.  Besides, I need to try out my new muffin pan.  (a good excuse)

Well, my opinion of the WalMart order pickup program is pretty good.  I will have to be careful about them substituting items.  They substituted four items.  Two of them were good, and two of them were only so so.  Otherwise, I am very happy with this program.  I'll still have to shop in person for meats and fresh veggies and fruit.  I'm very picky about these items. 

I have a photo of my new dolly.  The dress is only pinned on and I still have to make the accessories, but at least you can see how the dress will look on her. 

I haven't decided on what to do with her hair.  Put it up?  Tie it sideways?  I'm not sure.  However, it is not a top priority right now.  I'll have plenty of time to play with her after the taxes are done. 

The mailman just came, and in my mail was a piece of junkmail that said please deliver this between 2/7/19 and 2/9/19.  Today is the 11th.  Hmmm, something is not right here.  Ah well, I'm tossing it anyway.  It's an ad for Dell computers and I don't do Dell.  (I've always had an HP)

I borrowed an adorable image from the web that I just have to share.  I know that most folks think squirrels are just pesky things, but they really are lots of fun to watch.  I feed them in the yard, and this keeps them out of the attic.  Admit it, isn't this little guy just adorable?

I am so looking forward to being able to sit out on my little porch.  I'm thinking that if I hook up a fan, I may be able to stay out there even longer when the temps get to be too hot.  It's something I'll look into. 

On JTV this morning, they are showing items made of Nevada Black Jade, and they are saying that it is not so easy to come by.  I have a big black rock that my Uncle Freddie gave me years ago that is Black Jade from the desert in either Nevada or Arizona.  It's one of my favorite rocks.

Another image I'd like to share is this one.  Folks, all doggies are precious.  The cruelty that exists toward our animals is just heart breaking.  Our animals are to be treasured and treated respectfully and lovingly.

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading.  Then I really must get started on those pesky taxes.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Busy Morning For Me

February 10, 2019

Good morning.  Gosh, I've been up for a few hours, but I've been busy.  First I took Pogo out to the house so he get his turkey treat from Joe, then I put a load of laundry in the washer.  Then I bagged up the trash and the recycles to go out.

Next it was time to tackle the dishes in the kitchen sink.  I managed to get about two thirds of them done before I had to sit down for a few minutes.  I cannot stand in one spot for very long before my back starts aching.  In between all this, I had a couple phone calls to make.  

Late yesterday afternoon, I decided to try WalMarts grocery pick up program.  I went online and picked out an order, paid for it, and got my confirmation email shortly thereafter.  A few minutes ago, Joe went to WalMart to pick up my order, and he just got back with it.

***I just took a break to put my groceries away.  I ordered frozen foods, paper goods, a new muffin pan, two cases of water and a couple other items.  Four items were substituted.  (they had sent me an email earlier to let me know)  Wowsie!  This could become a really neat habit. 

I'm feeling much better now, and I'll give my doctor a call in a couple days to see if he wants to have an xray done.  About all that is left  is the coughing.  Hopefully, that will soon go away too.

My friend Beth sent me a Valentine that she made.  Isn't this adorable?  I love it.  Thank you so nuch Beth.

Today I have a new quick page for you.  On this one, Lola is ever so happy that her Valentine gave her a box of chocolates.  Have some fun with it.

Here is your download link:

A few days ago, I ordered myself a DVD of the new Grinch movie.  It arrived a couple days ago, and I will pack it in my suitcase to take to Florida.  The girls and I can watch it together.  (Audrey and Beth)  I'll also pack my Gypsy DVD so that the girls can watch that too.

Well, the dryer has stopped and I really must go take care of my laundry.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, February 8, 2019

A Tough Of Spring Today

February 8, 2019

Good morning.  Today is overcast, but the temps are going to get warm.  If you live around here, enjoy it.  Starting tomorrow, we have all normal cold Winter days coming.  No complaints here because Spring is coming soon.  Just thirty nine more days.  Woo Hoo!

Well, my dolly dress is coming along just fine.  I had picked out a yarn to use for one of the ruffles, but after finishing two rows of the ruffle, I just did not like how it looked.  So I ripped it out and started over with another yarn.  I have just one more ruffle to finish and then I can try the dress on the doll.  After that, I can decide how to accessorize the dress. 

I'm thinking that the next dress is going to be in shades of pink.  I only have three dolls, so I obviously won't be making very many of these.  Sigh, what a shame.  I love dolls.

This morning, I've been watching SHOPLC on TV, and I'm getting addicted.  From midnight to 10 a.m. everything is under $10.  Most things are $9.99 and shipping is only $2.99.  It's not all jewelry either.  They have a nice selection of items. 

Yesterday, I made the appointment for Pogo at the salon.  Next week is going to be busy for sure.  On Wednesday, Pogo has his doctor appointment, and on Thursday he will go to the salon.  I also got a call from the Town, and they will be sending out their inspector next Tuesday to check out the wiring that was done when the furnace was replaced.  By Friday, I'll be needing a nice nap.

I also picked up some new scrapbook kits and spent a couple hours working on a new quick page.  I get lost in time when I do this.  You know, I seem to use a lot of kits designed by Tiny Turtle Designs to make my quick pages, so I think it's only fair that I give you a link to her store.  Just click on her name and it will take you there. 

Now I have to change the TV station.  These folks are starting to tempt me into buying.  It's time to put my game shows on.  I still have to pay the house insurance when the bill comes in this month, so I really have to be good.

Today I have a couple of Dover's coloring pages for you.   These will give you something fun to relax with over the weekend.  Enjoy.

Now I'm going to do a bit of blog reading before looking for some fun mischief to get into today.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Is That Green I See In My Garden?

February 7, 2019

Good morning.  Tis still a bit nippy here in New England, but Spring will be here soon, so hang in there.  While looking out the kitchen window yesterday, I noticed what looked like bits of green in the little garden beneath the window. 

I gave my phone to Joe and asked him to go out and take some photos for me, so he did.  And guess what?  There were lots of little bits of greenery poking up through the ground.  My goodness, Spring really is coming!  Have a lookee!

Gosh, do I have to say how happy seeing these little green sprouts makes me?  It's a sign that Spring is coming and will be bringing warmer temps with it.  Yes!  Yes! Yes!

I've been watching SHOP LC.COM this morning, and oh my, what beautiful jewelry they have!  And the prices just can't be beat.  They do sell other items too, but my love is for the jewelry.  I just love gem stones.  I love rocks of all kinds.  As a little girl, I used to collect all sorts of beautiful rocks that I found on the ground.  I still have a few of my rocks left.

Yesterday I promised a photo of the new dolly dress pattern.  So here it is.  Isn't this pretty? 

I started working on the dress with a shade of orange yarn.  (Salmon)  The dress is almost finished.  I just have to finish all the ruffles, and then I can start on the accessories.  I have to say that I'm really having fun.  When she is finished, I'll take a photo of my new dolly.

I can't believe how quickly time is flying by.  Do you realize that in three weeks, Pogo and I will be packing our suitcase?  I just hope that once we get to Florida, time will slow down a bit so that we can relish our time there. 

Speaking of Pogo, my little guy is expanding his tastes a bit.  Deanne brought me a stuffed pepper for my supper yesterday, and Pogo shared it with me.  Folks, it was delicious!  Thank you Deanne, and woofs from Pogo.

Look at my poor baby's raggedy hair do.  I really must make him an appointment at the salon, but I was hoping to get his doctor appointment and travel letter out of the way first.  I'll have to give his groomer a call today to see what she has for openings. 

I've just taken Day 3 of my new medicine.  I don't know how to tell if it is working, but my chest doesn't feel heavy any more.  So I guess that's a good sign.  I'll give the doctor's office a call next week to see if I'll be needing xrays.  I most likely won't, but I'm not taking any chances. 

Last night, I felt like something sweet so I baked some Mixed Berries muffin mix in a cake pan.  Oh yum, it did the trick!  I used a cake pan because I couldn't find my muffin pan.  My berry cake still tasted awesome! 

I'm not sure what I'll do today to keep busy.  Lord knows there's plenty here for me to do.  But I'm sure I'll think of something.  Right now I'm going to make a fresh cup of coffee and do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Feeling Better Feels So Good

February 6, 2019

Good morning.  Wowie!  Yesterday was quite the day!  Temps in the sixties and lots of sunshine.  Now that's my kind of Winter day.  Of course, today is not like that, but it really was nice while it lasted. 

Even though I did not get to go outside and enjoy that gorgeous yesterday, it made my heart and my eyes happy to look out my door at it.  Deanne came by yesterday on her way to work and brought me my new meds and some chicken noodle soup.  (I almost forgot, and chocolate covered cherries too!)  I've just taken my day 2 med, and I'm hoping it does the trick. 

Last night, I had the chicken noodle soup for supper and then I shared my dessert, an apple turnover, with Pogo.  Every now and then, he gets an urge for something sweet.  A bit of a donut, or apple fritter, some blueberry muffin, and the turnovers are some of his favorites.  Mine too. 

Yesterday, seeing those new dollies gave me the crochet itch again.  So of course I had to pick up my crochet hook and get started on something new and pretty.  I have a beautiful pattern that I've been wanting to try so that's what I did.  I'll take some photos to share with you tomorrow.

Today I want to share some pages that my friend Beth made.  I found them on her blog and had to scoop them for myself.  Beth, when we get to Florida, you'll have to show me how to use the program that you used to make these beautiful pages.  (p.s. I love them! Thank you.)

Today I'm feeling stronger than I did yesterday.  That's a good sign.  As soon as I can talk without coughing, I need to call my cousin to see how she has been doing.  Just before Christmas, she got wicked sick with pneumonia and was in the hospital and a rehab for weeks.  Before I got sick, she was finally back at home and on the mend.  I'm hoping that she's doing much better now.

Today I have a new quick page for you.  This one is sort of whimsical, but I hope you can use it.  Enjoy.

Here is your download link:

Now I'm going to get a fresh cup of coffee (and a chocolate covered cherry) and do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

It Feels Like A Great Day

February 5, 2019

Good morning.  Goodness, I had so much blog reading to catch up on but I think I finally got it done.  Today I'm having my first cup of coffee since last Thursday, and I beginning to feel a bit more human.  I still get a bit woozy when I'm standing, but otherwise I think I might be on the mend. 

Today I'll start a new med that my doctor phoned in.  We're hoping to keep this cold from turning into pneumonia.  I hope it works.  Gosh, I have so much to do in the next three weeks, it's just not funny. 

I just called to reschedule Pogo's doctor appointment again.  This is the third time I've had to reschedule it.  Now it is up to next week on Wednesday morning.  Hopefully, we won't have a problem keeping this new appointment. 

Deanne sent me a couple photos on Superbowl night that I thought I might share.  This first one is so funny.  Deanne and Aurora (my great granddaughter) are sporting their fabulous glasses that are special for watching the Superbowl game. 

And this is my grandson Bobby, with Amber and their two beautiful babies, Aurora and Xander.  Everyone gathered at Deanne's house to watch the game.

Bobby was my very first grandchild.  My gosh, I can't believe how the years have gone by.  Seems like just yesterday when Papa (my hubby) would take our three grandsons, Bobby, JC and Trio once a month for a "boys only" weekend.  They would play on the computer, sing songs and make chocolate sherbet.  The house was full of happy noises. 

Gosh, the mailman just came and brought two packages.  One holds flower rolls that I will be planting this Spring, and the other is a package of dolls.  I ordered one doll, and they sent me three of them.  Thank you, thank you.  Now I have the perfect excuse for making some  new dolly outfits.  I'll bet you can't tell that I love dolls, can you?  hahaha.

It's feeling like a great day!  Now I think I'm going to make myself another cup of coffee and check out these new dollies.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, February 4, 2019


February 4, 2019

Good afternoon.  I'm not 100 percent back yet, but I think my cold is breaking up.  Gosh, I hope so.  Thank you everyone for your good wishes.  This cold knocked my feet right out from under me.  Today I'm able to get up and walk a short distance.  I'm wicked woozy.  But at least this is the good side of the cold.

First let me say those Patriots are awesome!  I turned the game on at the beginning of the fourth quarter, and oh my!  I actually enjoyed it!  (I'm not a football fan)

I won't chat long but I do want to post my calendar page and a new quick page for you.  Here is my February page.

My daughter Deanne just came by on her way to work and she brought me some apple turnovers.  Oh yum yum.   Now let me give you your new quick page.  This one can be for your Valentine photos.

Here is your download link:

Now I'm going to get back into bed for a spell.  The woozies are getting to me.  So, till tomorrow (I hope), Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.