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Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Fun Trip To Plymouth Harbor

June 24, 2018

Good morning.  Today is a bit cloudy, but no rain yet.  The temperature is 68F degrees and will soon be in the upper seventies.  We were hoping for a bit of rain, but now the forecast says that maybe the rain will come tomorrow.  As long as it gets here soon.  We are in a bit of a drought. 

These past two days have really been busy and full of fun things.  Friday, Pogo and I picked up Deanne and Jazzy and headed for Plymouth Harbor.  The hour long ride took us through lots of beautiful small towns with awesome scenery. 

When we got there, we found that now you had to pay for parking.  Well, that's okay.  At least we had a good spot in a handicap parking area.  And then we walked.  Oh boy, did we ever walk!  From one end of the area to the other end.  But it felt really good, and we were walking slow. 

Of course, I took lots of photos, mostly with my camera.  Today I have just a few of them to share with you.  We took these photos of us sitting on the stone wall.  The first one is Jazzy and Deanne (and Pogo too!), and the second one is Jazzy and me, and of course Pogo.

There were beautiful colorful painted lobsters everywhere, and of course we had to stop and have our picture taken with them.  Here's me and Deanne, and Jazzy and Deanne.  As you can see, Pogo was quite taken with the lobster.

We had a really great time and decided that we should go back another day to eat at this lovely restaurant.  They actually import these palm trees every year. 

There were lots of beautiful flowers everywhere, and yes, I took lots of photos to share.  But I'll save them for another day.  The weather was just perfect.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  My legs held out just fine.  Being by the salt water is good for my legs.  It must be the salt in the air.  Salt water is good for healing lots of things.

Yesterday morning, Pogo and I met DIL Janet at Christmas Tree Shoppe.  We were looking for gardening things for Janet's yard, but of course, we found lots more.  I have photos from that shopping spree, but I'll save them for later. 

It's getting close to lunch time, and my little guy is hinting that he might be a tad bit hungry.  He has his little routine that he does.  First he sniffs all around his empty dinner mat, then he pretends to be eating something from beneath it, then he makes like he's finding lots of goodies on the carpet near it.  By now, he's got my attention and I've got the message. 

Because he has no jaw or teeth, it's difficult for Pogo to get the food up into his mouth.  But he works at it.  After a few mouthfuls, the food is scattered all around his plate, and he comes to me for help.  Now I go to his plate and push all the food into a neat pile on the plate so that he can get at it better.  This goes on until he's finished eating.  Ah, the things we do for our precious fur babies.

Today I have a new quick page for you.  This one features Zlata and her friend.  They are having a wonderful time trying on old hats and shoes that they have found in Grandma's attic.  Does this bring back old memories?

Here is your download link:

Now I'm off to find something tasty for our lunch.  So, till  tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Love the big lobsters - very cute city art. Jazzy is looking so grown up!
I'm enjoying a lazy Sunday by catching up on reading blogs and will do some laundry later on. And, if I can handle the excitement, there might be a shopping trip to Wal-Mart!

Kathy said...

I love your photos. It's so pretty there. I was there about 35 years ago. Where does the time go? I'm looking forward to seeing your other photos.

smiekeltje said...

It really looks you four had a fun day at Plymouth Harbour! And how wonderful the weather was good and that you could walk a longer distance!
My God, jazzy is really looking like a grown up women already, and looks fab!!
Quick to your other posts now.
Oh, so sweet of you to help Pogo with his eating, but of course we do those things for our pets that we love LOL!