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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

You Know You're Old When You Get Excited About Washing A Window

May 17, 2016

Good morning.  The sun is shining, but it will be hiding behind the clouds on and off throughout the day.  The weather report for the next week is looking really good with temps ranging from the upper 60's to the upper 70's all week. 

Yesterday, SIL Eddie and Kevin came by for a while.  Kevin watered all my plants and shrubs outside while Eddie washed a few windows for me.  Sad to say, I catch on to new fangled things rather slowly these days.  However, I think I've finally figured out how to open and flip the windows out so that I can wash them myself.  At least I'll give it a try when they are dirty again.

Eddie took some measurements, and will pick up a new sink for my bathroom.  The one I have is old and starting to get all crackily around the drain.  I think it was initially installed more than thirty five years ago. 

By the time Joe got home from work yesterday, I had used up all my energy, so the blueberry plants will have to be planted today.  I think I'm going to leave them in the pots they came with.  At least until I see how big they will get.  I can always get bigger pots later on.

I did not take photos yesterday, so I dug into my archives for a couple photos from May 2013.  The first photo is a beautiful Quince shrub.  I just love the color of this plant.  This is one of the things that I miss about work.  The Mrs had so many beautiful plants and trees on her property.

Another thing that I miss about work is all the birds and the wildlife that lived on her property.  I used to love watching the little red squirrels scurrying around by the bird feeder looking for food.  They were so tiny and adorable.

I must say though, that Nature is all I miss.   I heard from someone who still works there, and she said that the Mrs is still mean and cranky all the time.  I definitely do not miss this. 

Today I want to call Aunt Lucy.  It's been a couple of weeks since we've talked on the phone and I want to make sure she is okay.  Maybe Pogo and I can take a ride to visit with her this week.  I'd like that. 

Well, I think I want to get dressed now and put some of my things in the bathroom into a box so that they won't be in Eddie's way if he shows up with a new sink to install.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna,
Sorry I am so late getting to your blog, but I had another eyes wide open night and finally after a few hours of sleep I had some phone (Groan) things to take care of that I have forgotten about. While I was up I updated my blog and after that I was finally able to rest a little.
We have severe weather moving in tonight. Not much fun for my Cisco but I have his thunder wrap handy and may put it on him a little early tonight.
I love your photos as always. That shade of pink or coral is just so pretty.
I also want to say YaY on the new sink! I spend a lot of time at my bathroom sink. I have a really nice one and I hope that you will enjoy your new one.
Last before I close I wanted to tell you of a show that I watched. I have it on Netflix but you might can search it out if your interested. It is called An American Experience, Shunned. It is a very awesome documentary of the Amish who have decided to leave their Amish culture and what it means to be shunned. It was so interesting to me that I am going to watch it again tonight with the boys.
Cisco says Woof and sends you and Pogo love and kisses. Beth and Cisco.

smiekeltje said...

Lot of work has been done already and now Eddie will install a new sink too.
I am sure you don't miss the cranky Mrs of work! But yes, the nature things of her yrad were beautiful. Still you have some of it in your garden too.
Perhaps a good idea to let the blueberries in their pot. They can grow rather big you know! Look at the bottom of the pot if there are comng out a lot of roots. If so, perhaps it will be better to plant them straight away in a bigger pot. They will only benefit from it.
We had a rather nice day yesterday with quite a lot of sunshine.
Jan and I went to the DIY market for as few small things and on the way back we passed a shop where they sold some small plants for little money. we bought us 6 and planted them yesterday afternoon in one or two pots and planters. as there is yet not all too much that blooms at the moment, they brings some more color to the garden. I hope they will grow well.

You have a lovely day,