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Monday, May 30, 2016

What's A Study Worth?

May 30, 2016

Good morning.  Tis rather gray and cloudy this morning, but then we are expecting rain today.  It's 53F degrees right now, but temps will get up into the mid 70's later this morning.  Not a bad day after all.

Today I want to talk about a disturbing new report that I heard on the news yesterday.  The medical field has made a new study and says that it is okay to let your baby cry itself to sleep at night.  The length of time the baby cries does not matter, be it twenty minutes or a few hours.  They say this will not hurt the baby, and will somehow lessen everyone's stress level.  What??  Excuse me??

I did not get the name of the doctor being interviewed, but I am appalled at the outcome of this study.  First of all, why did we even need a study?  Second of all, what good could possibly come from letting your baby (or toddler) cry itself to sleep?  There is a difference between a child whining for attention, and a child crying for some sort of help or need.  This is something that every mother knows about her child. 

I don't understand the part of "lessening the stress level" that was mentioned.  Who in their right mind can have no stress when their child is crying?  There is no way in hell that I could be calm and happy while my child lay crying in another room (or any room for that matter!)!!

Some years ago, I knew someone who said that once her baby or toddler was tucked into bed for the night, she and her hubby would not go back into the baby's room until it was time to get up for breakfast the next morning.   Crying was good for the child, and eventually it would go to sleep.  One night as the parents lay sleeping peacefully in their bed in the very next room, their toddler (after crying for quite a while) choked to death. 

So much for letting your baby (or toddler) cry itself to sleep at night!  Everyone has the right to take what they want from this new study.  For me, I say pick up that crying baby or toddler and love them.  Chase away the monsters and kiss the boo boos and the sore tummies till they are better.  Your little one will be so much happier.  Babies grow up into adults so quickly.  Cuddle them while you can.  They are gifts.

By the way, the doctor being interviewed on TV said that she tried to leave her little one crying itself to sleep at night, but that she could not do it!!!!!    Nuff said!

Today I have an adorable scrap page to share that my friend Beth made.  She used one of my QP's and featured a photo of her little dog Cisco.  He loves to snuggle beneath the covers on Mommie's bed.  Isn't he just precious?

I'm watching the news and their is so much hurt everywhere.  First of all, a gorilla was shot to death at a zoo.  Authorities say they had no choice, but I think they should have at least tried a tranquilizer gun.  They said they did not have enough time to do this, but they never even tried.

There is severe flooding in Texas and North Carolina, and the lives of people and animals are being lost.  In other parts of the country there is a dire need for water.  So I'm wondering why our elected officials have not come up with plans for water pipelines.  With these pipelines, there would be no flooding on the level that we have been experiencing these past several years.  And needless to say, all this excess rainwater could have been quite useful in putting out wildfires.  If we can support the world, why can't we build these water pipelines and save some of our own families?  Ah well, that's another rant for another day.

Today I have a couple photos from my gardens.  This first photo shows a little azalea bush trying to make a comeback after the snows from two winters ago almost destroyed it. 

This next photo shows one of my hosta plants,  and another of the lily of the valley plants that tend to spread everywhere.

Well that's it for today's post.  Now I'm going to have me a hot cup of coffee while I do a bit of morning blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,

Well I for one could never let my babies "Cry It Out" and why would anyone let their child be alone and afraid or hurting in the process? Some studies are just so dumb really. I read a study not to long ago about the debate of leaving the toilet seat up or down. Can't people just choose their own preference and save the huge amount of money spent on these studies and use it for what is really important.

Your plants are just lovely and I really hope that the azalea comes back. It is looking good so perhaps it will.

We had another round of huge thunderstorms last night and early this morning. I really think that you have a great idea about the water pipelines. That could really make a big difference for farmers that are struggling with no water for their crops. Every drop is precious and it could save so many from destruction.

I am off for now. I will give you a call probably on Wednesday.... Hugs to you and Pogo. Cisco has deserted me. He is cuddled up with Jonathan today. Beth and Cisco.

LV said...

There is a big difference in a baby crying with pain or just wanting attention. I only watch the news once a day. Nothing good anymore.

smiekeltje said...

Hmmm, I am not agreeing with that doctor. You can notice when a baby just creis for attention or is in need of something.
Some of the flooding is terrble, also hear in the Netherlands there qas really a lot of rain causing lots of trouble, in Germany I think half a village washed away and on other places there was a lot of water too. And then think about several countries in africa that are in desperate need of water, it didn;t rain there for more than 2 years.
Looks to be rather nice today, so I better don;t stay too long at the computer, I think I will wait for posting till tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day.