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Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Fun Shopping Day

May 5, 2016

Good morning.  Today is cloudy and even cooler than yesterday.  The high today isn't expected to get higher than 45F degrees.  Gosh, this is putting a crimp in my garden fun.  I was so hoping to get a bit of work and planting done this weekend.  Ah well, maybe it will warm up soon.

Yesterday I did a bit of shopping.  I got two more bags of birdseed, and two huge bags of garden soil.  Alas, I could not pass by all the beautiful plants without buying something.  So I finally chose a dusty rose colored columbine, a gorgeous white rose plant, and a "Sparkle & Shine" yellow rose plant.  I'm sorry this first photo isn't very good, but I was outside in my jammies taking these photos and I was hurrying. 

I also bought a couple more pots so that I can re-plant a couple of my plants in to bigger pots.  The garden tools were looking pretty good too, so I picked up a couple of new garden rakes and some new fencing to go around the small gardens.  I'd say it was a pretty good shopping day.

Pogo was his charming self, and met lots of new people while we were out shopping.  He's such a cutie pie that people keep coming over to pet him.  Of course, Pogo loves all the extra attention.

Today will be a lazy day.  Maybe I'll do a load of laundry and mop the kitchen floor.  Joe and I will either do the food shopping later this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon.  That's about all the fun I have planned till the weekend.  I'm hoping that the weather is sunny and warmer over the weekend.

Well that's my news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a splendid day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Linda said...

It is pretty chilly here in Montreal, Canada as well. Your photos are lovely.

smiekeltje said...

I just knew you would by a plant or two in the garden centre LOL!!!! But isn;t it lovely to do so?
othing wrong to have a lazy day, hope your weather will get a bit better, temperaturewise.
Must say we have jolly nice weather here now! Jan and I went out yesterday, there was no flee market anywhere, but we had a great walk, bought ourselves a bag of french fries and enjoyed it, sitting in the sun. Little pleasures with big impact, LOL.
Today it will be even better, but Jan has to work this afternoon, so no walks.
I could do one, but think I better stay a bit quiet today.
Have fun planting your new plants.