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Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's Dinky Doo Day For Pogo

October 8, 2015

Good morning.  I've been awake for hours, so I thought I'd type my post now before Pogo and I have to leave for his appointment at the salon.  I'll probably need a short nap this afternoon, but at least we can both sleep in tomorrow morning. 

Tuesday, my orthopedic doctor checked my hand (the one that has been giving me so much trouble).  He said that the problem with the fingers is from the carpel tunnel, and the big lump and pain on the rest of the hand is from the arthritis.  Obviously all my crocheting has contributed to my hand problems, but as long as I take lots of breaks from the crocheting, and do some new hand exercises, I can keep on crocheting.  IE:  five minutes on, five minutes off, etc.

Yesterday, my regular doctor and I had a nice chat about medical proxies, last wishes and DNR forms.  He gave me all the forms (with explanations) that I will need.  It's not a happy topic, but it's a very necessary one.  He asked if I would give him a copy of these forms after they are filled out, to keep in my file.

I've been working on that neck warmer pattern that I showed you a couple of days ago.  I'm about half way through it, so I took a photo to share here.  I'm using "Pale Plum" yarn.  Isn't this pretty?

So far, it's been quite busy this week.  The door salesperson came by Tuesday afternoon to measure and order my new door.  He was bit concerned because my door is over-sized, but luckily he found the one I want in his catalogue.  And, it wouldn't cost any more than the regular sized door.  The new door should be arriving around the middle or end of November. 

I'm looking at the clock, and it says that I'm running out of time, but first I want to share the lovely surprise that my friend Kyra sent to me.  She is such a sweetie, and this scrap layout is just awesome.  Thank you so much Kyra.  I love it.  (My kids do too!!)

This was made with Kyra's kit "A Rose And You, Both Beautiful", which she posted back in January.  If you don't have the kit, go to Kyra's blog and look in the January Freebies column on the right side of her blog page.  It's a gorgeous kit.

 Well, I had more to chat about this morning, but it's time to get dressed.  Pogo and I have to be leaving in a little while.  While he is at the salon getting all dinky dooed, I'll be across the street at the Christmas Tree Shoppe poking around to see if they have anything I just have to have.  haha.

Explanation:  dinky dooed - pronounced "dinky doood".  An old fashioned expression for getting all dolled up, fancied up, prettied up, etc.  You can take the girl out of the old fashioned stuff, but you can't take the old fashioned stuff out of the girl!!!

Time to run.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.                                                                                                                                  


LV said...

You do a great job keeping me entertained with all your doings. You are very good at crochet. It is a good thing to have your legal affairs in order. I did that when I lost my husband in '95.My doctor, hospital I use and my son have copies.

Stacey said...

Kyra, did a gorgeous job! how wonderful that layout is! You'll have to take a picture of pogo all dolled up!

smiekeltje said...

Nasty that you have so much trouble with your hand, but well, it's needing some adaption and if you still can crochet, but for not a long time in a row, so be it. You still can finish your projects.
Good you are going to settle all for the legal bits with your doctor.
I think Jan and I should do that too, but it pops into my mind and then I forget about it again, because something else is more urgent at that moment. Aweful.
Oh, exciting to visit that Christmas shop when Pogo is being pampered, LL!
And great the door-guy found the kind of door you want to have and pretty soon it can be placed.
Have a wonderful day,

The Queen Jester said...

We've done the wills, durable power of attorney for medical, DNR forms, etc. It's a part of life and it's done to ease the pain of those who have to make the arrangements after we're gone. Not something I enjoyed doing or thinking about, but it is a sense of relief to have it all in place.