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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Yeah! I've Learned How To Boil Water!!

August 18, 2015

Good morning.  At the moment, it is quite lovely outside, and there is a nice breeze coming through the door screen.   In a few hours though, I'll have to close the door for a while.  By then, the temperature will be in the low 90's.

Yesterday, I searched again on-line for a cooking instruction manual for induction cooking burners.  Did I find one?  Nope.  So I sent an email to the manufacturer, explaining that there were no cooking instructions in the box with my burner, and could I please have one.  They replied with an apology for this oversight, and said that they would mail one to me.  You know, I bought more than one burner, and none had cooking guide instructions included. 

I tried one of the burners again at supper time.  Nothing special, but I think I have the "boil water" down pat.  Next I'll have to try a pot of pasta.  Folks, there is a cookbook called "Cookery Induction."  Do not buy it if you are looking for an Induction Cooking cookbook.  It's just a regular cookbook.

I borrowed a couple of images from the web to share with you.  They show just how much our fur babies love us.  My Pogo doesn't care if we only ride down the road a bit and turn around and come home.  As long as he is with me.  And when I'm not feeling so good, he's right there by my side to comfort me.

Well, the strangest thing happened last evening.  I was clipping right along, crocheting the Merlot afghan, and I ran out of yarn.  Well, darn!!  And I have less than twenty rows to go to finish this afghan.  Ah well, I spent the rest of the evening working on a Lemon Yellow afghan.  I always have one or two afghan projects sitting in a bag just waiting to be worked on.

Before I get busy here, I have one more adorable image to share with you.  (borrowed from the web)  These little Minions are really smart!!

Well, now I think I'll do a bit of catching up with my morning blog reading before starting my household chores.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a simply scrumptious day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Boiling water is just the beginning. I know you're going to love using your induction cooktop.

Annesphamily said...

Hee Hee! Love those silly Minions! You can make them with twinkies! LOL! I saw a recipe on FaceBook. I was chatting with my niece, texting, and she was telling me how much she loves her pressure cooker. The new modern ones are amazing and do everything. If I can find some work, I would love to buy one. We make a lot of Mexican food and there is nothing better than homemade refried beans. Jeremy asked me to go to his house and put their dinner on yesterday. It was back to school night for Addy so they were going to be pressed for time. They had some chicken breasts in the crock pot with taco seasoning and Rotel tomatoes. My hubby works late tonight so I made that dish for us tonight.He will be doing a lot of overtime this week and possibly through the weekend too. They are moving another section of offices and it helps with our budget all that extra time. Love that coffee Minion! LOL! I bought a half pound of Pinion Hazelnut coffee t sprouts. It is so delicious. We normally do not like Hazelnut but this is different. My hubby loves it too. Leo does not like to be alone. In fact since I still watch the other three dogs, he looks so depressed when they leave at night. Poor guy. He hates being alone and he is so huge. He tried to sneak on my bed and he sheds terribly for a short hair. My husbands brother left without a word and left us in a pickle. We just bought a brand new mattress for him. My husband is so upset. But the cats and dogs were having a party. He was quite mean to all of them, and now I know why his own dog ran away from home long ago! The cats were snuggled at the top of the bed and the dogs on the lower half! I should have taken a photo! Always good to catch up with you. I am planning to do more of those questions for different blog friends, watch your post! Hee Hee! We have 70 degree temps today and 60s tomorrow then back to the 90s. Crazy Colorado weather.I better check my last load of laundry and make sure those towels dried. I like to hang them on the clothesline but tie got away from me today. You have a great evening and may and you and Pogo enjoy the week. Hugs, Anne

Stacey said...

I'm glad you're feeling up to crocheting. I hope that means your hands aren't in too much pain. I know HSN has an induction cookbook. you would think they'd at least have a mini manual with it.

Nani said...

The cooking instructions sound suspiciously like hotels that tell me they're remodeling when I complain about how bad the handicap room is. "You caught us, we'll make it up 'soon.'" You'll have to let us know what the cooking instructions are like when you get them!

Oh that is such a wise Minion! :D

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Glad Pogo is his happy himself again. But he sure kept you busy during the night!
Oh my, you will have to undergo a whole new learning process, I guess, with that induction cooking.
Still there is a lot to find about it on internet, also on you tube.
I know nothing about it so cannot be of any help.
Love those funny flowers that really look like animals, love those "baby's".
We had some quite enerving days here too, you will read about it perhaps Friday on my blog.
Today nt too much time, tomorrow early have to go to hospital for a checkup, then probably have other things to do around here.
Nothing happened with us in person, don;t worry.
Just some events.
Have a wonderful day, hope that the manufacturer will send you some useful information about the induction.