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Monday, August 31, 2015

Say Goodbye To August

August 31, 2015

Good morning.  My goodness, this is the last day of the month.  It seems like Spring was almost here not too long ago, and now tomorrow will bring forth September.   I just got a call from the car dealer reminding me that is time to bring my car in to make sure it is ready for Winter.  So now I have an appointment to take my car in tomorrow morning. 

SIL Eddie came by yesterday afternoon and fixed the dryer.  Thank goodness I called him because it was an electrical problem.   I do not play around with electricity.  Eddie is an electrician, so I trust him to take care of these problems.

While he was here, Eddie also fixed our outside spotlight.  Thank goodness for that.  I don't like our whole yard being so dark all night, so I've been leaving the light outside my door lit all night.  Last night I was able to shut it off.  I will have to ask Eddie about the motion sensor light in the driveway because it is not coming on when there is motion.  It stays on all night.  Ahhh, it's always something!

This past week, Audrey and Mac have been spending time visiting with their daughter Andi who just graduated from welding school.  They also got to spend lots of time with their precious granddaughter, Alena.     Here's a photo of Mac and Alena.

After a whole day of celebrating, a visit to the Aquarium and dinner, the little one was all pooped out.  Gosh, doesn't she look so sweet here?

I have another adorable photo to share that I borrowed from the web.  I don't know the author, but I had a wonderful giggle.  I guess foxes aren't on this hunting doggie's shopping list.

The program that I was taping to DVD's is finished now.  I'll send it off in the next box that get's mailed to daughter Audrey.  I have one more program ready to tape to DVD for her.  This is one of those never ending projects that keeps me busy. 

I have a lot of music CD's that I want to play on my Music Center today to make sure they still play.  Sometimes after a few years, they stop working properly and you lose the music that is on them.   Hnnnm, I wonder why the manufacturers of the CD's didn't tell us about this when we first bought the CD's? 

Ah well, today is another scorcher so it will be a good day for indoor projects.  Maybe tomorrow on the way home from the auto dealership, Pogo and I will take a side trip through the park.  Maybe we'll even take a picnic lunch with us.  Mmmm, that sounds like a good plan.

A few nights ago, I made another batch of peach ice cream, which I shared with the dwarfs.  I must say, that this batch tasted pretty good.  I think next I'd like to try using strawberries.  Mmmm, that sounds good!

Well, I'm off now to make a cup of coffee and catch up a bit on my blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a splendid day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Her expression and the hair over her face are just precious! Makes a statement, that's for sure. She obviously had a rip roaring good time.

Stacey said...

Alena is such a little cutie! love that dog and fox picture too! I'm glad he was able to fix your dryer. Strawberry homemade icecream sounds delish!

smiekeltje said...

Glad Eddie managed to fix the dryer and the light, gosh, I wish I had somebody around knowing so much about electricity. It always comes in handy.
The little one looks so sweet. and I understand that after all the excitement of the whole day, she was kind of pooped out. .
Love that picture of the fox sneaking in at the dog, hahaha.
We almost finished yesterday the room that had the big leak. Jan painted all, and almost all things are back on it's place. I am happy it is done.
I had a good time at the market, I took my time, and because I was rather early there, it wasn;t yet crowded, oh heaven!
Just bought a few things, I just enjoyed being outside in summer weather, with no needd to rush.
Hope you and Pogo will make it to the parc, as long as the weather allows it, and it isn't too hot, we should enjoy it as long as we can.
Have a lovely day