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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mmmmm, Peach Ice Cream!

August 20, 2015

Good morning, what's left of it.   Yup, I slept as late as Pogo would let me this morning.  He must have been having a good sleep himself because he let me sleep till almost 10:30.  Did I tell you what a good boy he is?

Well, I did not get to use the new big induction burner for last night's supper because DIL Janet was late getting here.  So we had Stouffers Mac 'n Cheese instead.  However, I did attempt to make some peach ice cream late last night.  I must say that it wasn't too bad either.

If you would the recipe, here it is.  I made it with my small Ninja Blender/Processor. 
PEACH ICE CREAM - makes 4 servings
Ingredients:   2 1/2 cups frozen peach slices,  1 Tablespoon fresh lime juice,   3 Tablespoons sugar,   1 cup 2% reduced-fat milk  (Feel free to substitute your favorite milk and sweetener.)
Directions:   1 - Place all ingredients into the 40 oz. Processor Bowl in the order listed.   2 - PULSE until smooth, using long pulses.   Enjoy.
This weekend, Jasmine is performing in another theatre production.  This one is called "HONK!," a musical based on the "The Ugly Duckling."  It sounds like a fun evening.
Were any of you able to find all the horses in yesterday's puzzle?  I only managed to find five of them so far.  Hmmm, very frustrating.  I usually manage to find all of the hidden images after a while but this one has me stumped.
Today the mail carrier was busy.  Two packages arrived for me.  I had ordered a Heat Diffuser to use with my big induction burner.  This way I can use two of my favorite old pans.  I like my new pans, but somehow I've bonded with these two old pans, and I'm comfortable with them.
The other package was a couple of covered egg trays that I ordered for my daughter Deanne.  She makes deviled eggs for all their occasions, and I thought these would make it easier for her to transport them. 
Remember that wicked weed that I tried to dislocate from my little pansy garden?  Well, I looked it up on Google, and it appears to be Stinging Nettle.  Granted, it has some wonderful medicinal attributes, but I prefer to stay away from it in it's natural state.
Hopefully, we'll be going grocery shopping later this afternoon.  If we do, we'll be going to Walmart so that I can pick up more Merlot yarn.  I'd really like to finish the Merlot afghan before the end of this month.  That will give me three months to work on a few other holiday crochet gifts.
Do any of you watch "Skin Wars" (on TV)?  Last night was the finale, and I was very surprised at the outcome.   I thought that the person who finished in second place should have won, but of course, the judges did not ask for my opinion, haha.  For those of you who don't watch this program, it is about body painting, and it is very entertaining.
I need to get busy now and do a few things around here before I can go shopping.  So, until tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Now Edna, showing an ice cream recipe is how to make me want to buy a Ninja processor for myself. I think I'd just love to be able to make ice cream at home! I know peach is very high on you ice cream list and it looks so yummy!

Are the plays Jasmine' been doing community theater for kids? I used to take Tori and Rina to the kids' theater. They did a new production every month during their season. The girls just loved it and I think that had a lot to do with what got Tori so involved in Theater in high school. I was thinking about the photos you posted when I was making popcorn yesterday and it brought back those great memories of our theater trips.

I'm not sure if I'm craving ice cream or popcorn now. I think I'll get another cup of coffee. :)

Hugs, Nani

Kathy said...

Oh, Edna, now what have you done. You have me craving ice cream and I'm trying to lose weight here. It looks so easy and so good! You know I am going to have to try it.

Stay away from those nettles. They are nasty!

smiekeltje said...

Ha, I thought already it was Stinging Nettle. Very unpleasant!
Your icecream looks so good! Pity Janet was a bit late, but Mac and cheese is good too.
Oh, the new musical Jazzy is appearing looks real fun.When will you go to it?
You always say your Pogo is a good boy, and indeed he is. So nice of him to let you sleep late in the morning! That deserves an extra cuddle.
Hope your user manual for the induction will arrive soon. Not great fun to have something new and not being able to properly use it, is it?
Well, must post a bit on my blog now, and then I don;t know yet what I will do. Should I stay lazy today or should I do some work? LOL.
For now, sending you a big hug, and wishing you a wonderful weekend.