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Monday, August 24, 2015

Hmmm, Strange Looking Mail!

August 24, 2015

Good morning.  It's overcast and 70F degrees at the moment, but it will be up to 80 degrees in a few hours.  Right now though, it's really nice outside.   I went outside a while ago to feed our little birds and the breathing was easy.

Right now, there is a woodpecker, a sparrow, a chickadee and a titmouse all snacking on the peanut butter/bread treat at the same time.  A few minutes ago, there was a blue jay and a nuthatch at the snack bar.  I just love watching how all of these different birds get along so well.  Us humans could learn something here?

Today I will try to make another meal with the induction burner.  Folks, just because I'm not learning this new technology so quickly, don't let that stop you from trying it.  I know several folks who already use these new burners and they don't have any problem at all.  As my brain ages, it tends to take a bit longer to get comfy with all the new technology.

I just had to take a moment to change from the news channel to the weather channel.  These channels tend to have their "news" sections on a loop, and you watch the same news over and over.  I've just watched the same news at least three times in the past two hours.  It gets annoying after a while.  The only reason I did not change it earlier was because I was busy doing something and not really paying much attention to it. 

I'd like to thank Elee for her suggestions about the cooking burner.  I'm okay with the right pans, (magnetic bottoms)  but that information about the temps will be very helpful.  I'm sure that before the summer is over, I'll be cooking like a champ on this burner.  (I'm a positive thinker!)

Yesterday I was transferring photos from my phone to an external drive, and I came across the photo that I thought I had but could not find to post yesterday.  So, I'll share it today.  It's a photo of "Queenie and The Cat" doing their tango.   Oh my, just look at the mischief on that "Cat's" face!

Last night, I took a photo of Pogo as he was resting on his little sofa.  The heat has been making my poor little fellow very uncomfortable.  I keep a "stand up" fan next to his sofa, so that he can be comfortable.

Oh gosh, the mail carrier just came, and I went out to get the mail.  The top of one of the envelopes was torn open and it contained a check that should have arrived last week.  I immediately showed it to one of the dwarfs (so that I had a witness), and then I called the Post Office to let them know that this mail should have been sealed in plastic and tagged with a "we're sorry" note.  The Post Master says he will check into it.  Here's the envelope.  (I've blacked out all personal information.)  Note the torn top edge.

Well, it's getting close to lunch time and I'd best be heading in to the kitchen to see what Pogo and I will be having for lunch.  Before I leave, let me share an adorable Minion image that I found on the web.  It made me smile because it's how I feel sometimes.  haha.

That's all the news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I love that still shot from the tango. The video clip of the dance is great!

Poor hot Pogo! At least he has his fan. It’s been in the 70s here this week, but we had hot days last week and it’s expected to get back into the 80s this weekend. It’s been a nice summer this year, enough hot days that it was real summer and the cool days haven’t been COLD. I was afraid that we might never be warm again after last summer. Now we just need to get the Tigers, Reds and Red Sox in line so we have our Boys of Summer next year!

Why is it only really important mail that gets mishandled? You’re right that they should at least do the plastic bag and a “sorry note” so we know they at least have a clue!

I hope we’re sending the 70s temps to you and Pogo soon!

Hugs, Nani

Stacey said...

The picture is awesome. We have the same problem with Kobi, the heat. She has become a bit nocturnal. we can't go for walks, because it's just too hot. We'll finally get below 100 tomorrow hopefully, then it's back up to 103 the next day. I'm sure you'll conquer that burner yet, I still can't believe they don't have a cooking guide.

The Queen Jester said...

The weather this time of year is so strange. You can be sweating to death in shorts and sleeveless tops one day and then two days later I'm scrambling for my sweats and big fuzzy socks to stay warm.