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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ah, What Fun I've Been Having!

August 23, 2015

Good morning.  It's a bit gray outside, but oh my, the temperature is just lovely.  It's around 70F degrees, and should get up to the mid 70's later on.  It's breathable, and I'm loving it. 

Gosh, where do I start?  I've been busy these past two days.  Well, Friday I decided to make a big pot of pasta, using my induction burner.  Oh dear, oh dear.  Would you believe it took me over an hour just to bring the big pot of water to a boil?  After what seemed like forever, I switched over to the electric burner just to get the water boiling so that I could cook the pasta.

However, I did make the meat sauce on the induction burner.  First, I tried making a hamburger for Pogo, and I only burned the first one.  So I guess that's a bit of progress.  It's going to take me a while to figure out this new cooker.  By the way, the pasta was delicious!!

Yesterday I did a load of laundry and took a nap.  (I know, such excitement!)  In the evening, Deanne and I went to watch Jazzy perform in "Honk."   The play is based on the story of "The Ugly Duckling" and was such fun to watch.  Our Jazzy played Queenie (a cat), Henrietta (a chicken), a member of the Geese Squad and a Snowflake.  Actually, many of the cast members played multiple parts. 

Here are some photos from the play.   In this first photo, we see Mama Duck comforting her Ugly Duckling as the other ducklings and chickens taunt him.

"Ugly" leaves the Duckyard because none of the other animals want him there.  After wandering around, he tries to find his way back home.  On the way, he meets the "Geese Squad", and they try to help him find his way.  Jazzy is fourth from the right.

I was busy taking a video of this nexr scene, so I did not get any stills.  Later, I played the video back and took this photo with my phone.   Here, we have "Queenie"  (Jazzy as a cat)  doing a Tsango with "The Cat."   I uploaded this video and one other to Facebook for those of you interested in watching it.

While "Ugly"  is wandering, trying to find his way back, he makes friends with some "Frogs" at the duck pond.

Seasons go by, and now it is snowing.  Here, Jazzy is a "Snowflake."

One day, "Ugly" transformed into a "Beautiful Swan".  He met a lovely "Girl Swan" and brought her home with him to meet his family.

Everyone is happy for him, and glad to have him back home.  Here, Jazzy plays "Henrietta" the chicken.

These next two photos are from the Finale.  Have you  ever seen such cute little ducklings?

This post has taken me a while because I've been cropping all these photos to fit here, and now it is time to rustle up something tasty for lunch.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Wonderful photos! Anyone who reads this who hasn't been to Facebook to see the videos should definitely go!They did such a great job. :)

Edna, I'm glad the pasta was good and you are getting to the point of letting the induction burner know who's boss. Well, getting there anyway.

Hugs, Nani

Stacey said...

Jazzy is just so talented thanks so much for sharing the pictures! I hope she has a huge career. I'm afraid to get an induction burner now. it seems so hard to use.

smiekeltje said...

Really looks to have been great fun, this musical!
Fantastic that Jazzy loves to do this so much.
Oh gosh, hope you will son get the hang of it to use the induction and that it all will go speedy.
Think I will do some ironing today, otherwise the pile will be too high LOL.
Have a lovely day

Anonymous said...

Hi from Oz. I have been reading with interest about your induction cook top. My daughter's cooktop is an induction one and when I queried her on it, she told me the pots and pans have to have a magnetic base on them or they won't work. Also she starts everything on the max temp then turns it down to between 5-6. I wonder if yours is the same. Hugs Elee