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Friday, August 28, 2015

A New Freebie For You

August 28, 2015

Good morning.  Last night was a sleepless night for me.  At least until shortly after five this morning, when I finally fell asleep.   At 6:50, my alarm clock went off.  Why all the fuss?  I guess it was anxiety that kept me awake all night. 

Around 7:15 this morning, the window installers arrived.  Today we get fifteen new windows.  At least that's the goal.  Any windows not finished today will have to be done tomorrow morning.  I'm really hoping that they can finish the job today. 

Joe stayed home today because someone has to be in the dwarfs' rooms where the installers are working.  Most of the windows being replaced are on the second floor, and I can't do the stairs very well any more. 

I'm watching the Weather Channel today because Tropical Storm Erika is headed for Florida, and is expected to go straight up the whole state and take in part of the surrounding states too.  This Tropical Storm is bringing lots and lots of heavy rain so there will be a lot of flooding. 

I can't sit at my laptop for very long because I have to keep going out into the main part of the house to see how the work is coming along.  Therefore, this will be a rather short post. 

Before I leave, I do have a freebie for you.   I used a collab kit that I helped to make several years ago.  (I used only the parts that I contributed.)   The kit was called "Beyond Dreams."

Here is your download link: 

It's getting quiet out in the house, so I'd better get out there.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea Priebe said...

Leave it to me to arrive back on the scene when you are stressed with window replacements. I was shocked to see you back on my dashboard this morning. I haven't checked for a few days because I have been busy (and remain busy as today I have to take my daughter for blood work). 15 windows, oh my that is a lot of work. I hope it gets done before the heavy rains arrive.

I have been following you on facebook I think ... I am still a bit confused by the names, but there is no other Pogo like your Pogo, so I know it has to be you. I will be sharing Izzi's post on FB today as well.

Much is happening here. My Dil started English classes this week. She is very excited. She speaks good English but now she wants to learn to read and write it better. She is acclimated to our culture perfectly and has shared much of her culture with us as well. We are loving having her in our family. Next February, I will be going to Thailand for their Thai wedding With her family. I can't wait . They are so excited to show me Thailand and for me to meet her family. I haven't seen my son this happy in years ... it's a good feeling.

Izzi has completed her Rehab at the Rehab place, but we are still having to take two long walks a day plus a set of exercises to help strengthen her leg. I hope to start her on a gradual reintroduction into agility again in about two weeks. We won't run any trials until next year depending on how she is doing in class. It has been a long, hard summer for all of us.

Speaking of summer, we have been having fall weather for over a week now ... 50's at night and 70's in the day. Boy, do we love it. Wish it could stay that way, but we both know that it won't. Worries me a bit as to what this means in terms of winter ... hmmmmm!

Well, need to go out and cut the grass then take a shower before we go for our lab work. Have a nice day and get some rest. You have some sleep to catch up on, right. Good thing you are taking Saturdays off ... :P

Andrea @ From Thre Sol

Garla Reed said...

Thank you for the QP, it is lovely and I am so sorry that sleep eluded you last night. I am sure that it was probably the anxiety over knowing that the window people were coming in today. I do hope that they get it finished for you today so that you can have tomorrow to rest.

I did a rather long post on my blog last night. I was going to email you but then I got very sleepy so I went to bed and then my eyes popped open as they usually do but my body was tired so I stayed in bed. Karyn is staying a few days with us. Joe is helping his mom move so she and the Foxy are here with us. I forget what it is like to sleep with another person and 2 dogs lol. But we managed.

Oh I did set up another blog at blogger but it isn't allowing me to post either. So last night one of my followers from Google emailed me and said that she had the same problem and had to install Chrome and then go in and try to post. I think that I had to do that once before but it was such a hassle to use that Jonathan deleted it off of our computer. I might give it another try and see if it helps but not today.

Today I am playing a word game... If you want to play with me, let me know and I will gladly love to play with you. It is very easy really...
You choose a topic... It can be anything. A word or event or a person, place or thing... does not matter...
Then you write down everything that is associated with that word. Then you compare your list to who ever your playing with to see if there were other words that you didn't think of...
Also this is a writing tool or lesson that I used years ago that we called a spider chart with just a little variation. The spider chart you use a blank piece of paper and write your word in the middle and then start adding your associations all over the page in random fashion. Then after your paper is filled you draw lines from your word to the next that catches your eye or gives you something to write about.
My word is Thunderstorm. That can lead to all kinds of things and then even branch out...
I tried to think of a word and I couldn't so I picked up a book that I had laying on the table and closed my eyes, opened it up and scrolled my finger down and stopped somewhere on the page and the word my finger was on was thunderstorm so I said... Ok why not...
So that is what I am going to do. If you would like to play along that would be cool... Gotta go for now. I need to find some brunch... hugs from me and Cisco and Greetings to Pogo from Cisco and Foxy....

The Queen Jester said...

That's a lot of windows! Hopefully this will be helpful for heating and cooling if they are the newer, more efficient type.

Nani said...

I hope they got all of your windows in today and you get a better nights sleep! I had the opposite ind of day; couldn't stay awake! It'll probably catch up with me at bedtime. :P

Hugs, Nani

Stacey said...

what a gorgeous page! thanks so much! I hope you got most if not all your windows done. I'm hoping the storm doesn't cause too much havoc. I'll be praying everyone and their fur babies remain safe!

smiekeltje said...

Lots of work to be done by the "window-people". Hopefully they will get it done in one day, so that you can relax and get some desparate needed sleep.
Good that Joe stayed home too, now you won+t have to run back and forth so much through the house.
I saw the mess storm Erica left behind and I hope it will have less strength when it arrives in Florida!
We have not bad weather at the moment, will have to wait till this evening to see if it stays that way. Some rain showers are expected, together with probably some thunder and lightning and such.
The new windows though will make a difference this winter for you all in the house, I am sure.
You show us some photo's after the work has been done okay?
Have a lovely weekend, and lots of sleep!