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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A New Freebie For You

August 12, 2015

Good morning.  Well, I slept late this morning too, but then I did a couple of things around here before I could play on the laptop.  Yesterday was such a weird sort of day.  I was tired, but not sleepy.  I did get to spend some time on the phone with a friend, so that made the day rather nice.

Well, today my new burner will arrive.  I can't wait because my little burner doesn't actually boil water so I can't make pasta.   Well, I can, but it tastes yucky.  It doesn't really boil - it just sits in the water until it looks cooked.  Not a very nice meal.

I haven't been crocheting much these past couple of days because the fingers on my left hand have reached the "numb" stage.  I rub them a lot, and it seems to help a bit.  Hopefully they will start to mend soon. 

These past couple of days, my little birdies have been sitting on the line outside my door, waiting for their peanut butter bread treat.  Instead of putting some out, I put out peanuts and bread.  They ate the peanuts and bread, but they still want their treat.  So, I guess today I'll make up some peanut butter bread for them. 

DIL Janet will be coming by later today after work, and I was planning on cooking us a nice supper.  Hmmm, I'll have to see what I have that can be microwaved or baked.  Or maybe we'll order out.  Some Chinese food sounds pretty good.  Mmmmm!

Sad to say, I have not kept up with my "photo a day" project for this year.  Hopefully, once the weather has cooled a bit I'll be able to pick it up again.  Here are two photos from my archives.   These little butterflies and hummingbirds are always a pleasure to watch.

Well guess what just arrived!    Yup, it's my new burner, and my new apple green frying pans.  Gosh, the pans are beautiful!  I love color, and the apple green/lime green/yellow/orange color range suits me just fine. 

Today I have a new freebie for you.  This time, I thought I'd try something different, and made a sort of fantasy collage.  I hope you can use it.

Here is your download link:

Well now I'll have my coffee and catch up on my morning blog reading.   So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mats World said...

Hi y'all! FINALLY a wee break in the humidity and the excessive heat. Today only to be 98F with a heat index of 100F. Beats that 106F-108F with the index up at 112-115F any day! Allergies and rolling brownouts of electricity have kept me off the computer for a couple of weeks. Now must catch up! Thanks so much for the lovely QP and the reading them. Yes, I have one of those spin mops and love it, hope you do too. Well, got some laundry calling my name so best get busy! You and Pogo enjoy that heavenly weather and send some of it our way! Hugs, Mat

Stacey said...

How awesome it all arrived the same day. Let me know how it works! Maybe I should leave some peanut butter bread for our birdies. I don't mind feeding the sparrows, black birds, and wild finches, but I don't like the pigeons. they poop all over the patio!

Stacey said...

omgosh, where is my brain, I forgot to say thank you very much for the beautiful quickpage!

smiekeltje said...

Wonderful your new cooker and pans arrived!
I hope you can use it to make a meal when Janet arrives?
What a misery that you have trouble with your hand. May be it could help to put it for a while in warm water? And then rubb it some?
If it is not helping perhaps you should ask your doctor about it.
Think we will have stuffed paprika for this evening(with minced meat) and may be some french fries to go with it.
Have a lovelt day and greetings to Janet.

The Queen Jester said...

Have no fear! You will be able to boil water for that pasta now!