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Friday, July 25, 2014

What A Gorgeous Morning!!

July 25, 2014

Good morning everybody.  It's such a beautiful morning outside.  In a few minutes, I'll open the door and let some of the cool air in.  Hmmm, you know, life is short so I'll just go open the door now.

I'm back, and that cool air feels wonderful.  I also took a moment to text my daughter Audrey in Virginia to make sure all is well in her area.  A wicked nasty tornado tore through a campground near where she lives, killing one couple and seriously injuring one of their children.

Yesterday, Pogo and I went to visit with DIL Janet, and brought her lunch.  One of her kitties was not so thrilled about seeing Pogo, so we had to put that kitty outside till it was time for Pogo and I to leave.  Sorry pussycat!

Later in the afternoon, I took Joe food shopping, and then it was time to start supper.  Hmmm, somehow I never got around to doing the laundry.  Oh well.

Last night, I worked for a while on a new crochet project.  No, the last two afghans are not finished, but I'm getting there.  I just needed a break for a while with a new project.  It's a little blanket with a variation of the afghan pattern that I've been using and only one strand of yarn.  Gosh, it feels so light compared to the afghans.

Today, I have some photos from our veggie garden to share.  So far, we have tomatoes and yellow summer squash growing.  Also notice the little white flower on the green pepper plant?  Yum, I love green peppers.

 There's not much more news for this morning.  I need to do a few little things around here and then get ready for my morning appointment at the nail salon.  I do like pretty nails.  Makes me feel pretty.  Enough babble.  Till Sunday, Y'all have a fabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I like pretty nails too, but never seem to be able to keep them that way. I'm not sure what the culprit is, but I always start chipping away at the color within a day or two. So for me, I just use clear ... it makes my nails shiny and they don't look bad when the polish starts chipping off.

We are having the same cool weather ... in fact last night when I went out with Izzi, I had to run back in and get a jacket. This is July folks ... you know, the hottest month of the year.

My Switerland trip is getting near enough to start feeling excited and nervous. I don't know what the weather will be like, so what do I pack? And do I take anything fancy to wear and what shoes ... oh my. My brain keeps telling me I need to go shopping (I think it is taking advantage of the situation and the little voices think I need new shoes and many other things ... hmmmmm :)

Your vegies look wonderful. You certainly have a green thumb. I love summer squash too and green peppers. I think I will have to go to the farmers market this weekend and stock up. Our sweet corn will be coming in soon ... drat, and I am on a diet. I have lost a few pounds but I have so many plateaus it is hard to stick with it.

So when are you going to the beach for a stroll with Pogo. This cool weather is perfect for that and Pogo will love the beach. Izzi likes a sand beach when it isn't hot. If it is hot the sand burns her feet. She will wade in the water, but she doesn't like to swim ... too much coat that gets very heavy when it is wet. This has been a strange summer and I dread to see what our winter is going to be like. My brain should be talking to me about getting more layers for the cold, right? Well you go work on your new blanket ... I think it is good that you switch off now and then, keeps you from getting bored and then everything gets finished. Unlike me with many unfinished knitting projects in my basket. Oh well, I can't do it all ... You have a wonderful day Edna and give Pogo a lick and a kiss from Izzi and me.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Nani said...

The cool air is nice as long as it's dry and not too cool. I'm still feeling the sting of the cold last winter and I want some ore 8s before it all goes away and the snow returns. Funny how summer seems to be going so fast and last winter was SO LOOOONNNNG.

I love the veggie plant pictures. The tomatoes have me drooling! I have a recipe I wrote for the baked version of Fried Green Tomatoes...and now I have a craving. I'll need to see about finding green tomatoes when David and I return from the weekend.

Have a wonderful day and weekend, my friend!

Hugs, Nani