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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some Folks' Stupidity Is Just Unbelievable

July 30, 2014

Good morning.  Oh my, just two days left in July.  Summer is fleeting by and I haven't really done much of anything.  Outside of the house, I mean.  I had so wanted to get out more, but it wasn't to be.  Ah well, maybe we'll get out more as the temps wind down and Fall sets in.

Have any of you been watching the news?  About the two women walking on the train trestle?  I wonder, couldn't they have thought of an easier way to get attention?  Do they realize they could have caused an accident, killing everyone on that train?  Or worse?

Some folks' stupidity just leaves me wondering if mankind is going in the right direction.  I do hope that both women end up in jail for a while for this stupid stunt.  Enough said!

Well, I called my friend from work to tell her that I was done with work, only to find that this was not a very good time to be leaving.  Her brother just passed away on Sunday.  Aside from her hubby and daughter, her brother was all the family she had left. 

So, for my friend, I may wait another week before leaving work.  There are a couple of part timers there, and I am going to speak to one of them about picking up my remaining shifts until my friend can do it.  If that person can't, then I'll finish out one more week.

On the news now, they are talking about a restaurant in California that has a sign posted that says "No children, no crying babies, no high chairs or booster seats allowed in their restaurant.  Nothing that distracts or annoys the diners is allowed.  You are free to eat elsewhere." 

So, what do you think?  Personally, I understand perfectly what they are saying, and I appreciate it.  There's nothing fun about trying to enjoy a relaxing meal when there is a kid whining or crying in the next booth.  I feel for the uncomfortable child, but I'm not going to enjoy my meal and most likely won't go back to that restaurant.  There are so many great restaurants where families can take their children, and I think it is good to have a few for just adults. 

Yesterday, my grandson Kevin came by and spent a few hours helping me with lots of dusting and vacuuming.  He's my hero!!!   I can do these things, but they leave me breathless and take me forever to do, so this was such a huge help. 

Guess what time it is!  Yup, it's sticker time for my car.  The sticker on my windshield runs out tomorrow.  Up till now, I completely forgot about it.  So, I called and made an appointment to take my car back to the dealer tomorrow morning for the safety inspection and new sticker.  Phew!  Just in the nick of time!

Before I take my leave, I do have one really fun photo to share.  This cute little critter came out of hiding to enjoy some of the bread that Joe had put out for the birds and other yard critters.  He's just a youngster, only a tad bigger than most of the squirrels here, and was way across the yard when I shot the photo from the kitchen window.

Now it's time for me to get dressed and go through a pile of magazines and papers.  I like to remove all places where my personal information is before putting them into the recycle bin.  Later, I'll sit down and do a whole bunch of shredding.  Fun, fun, fun.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Yup, it never ceases to amaze me what people will come up with. I swear there are some out there with no thought process at all.
What is that little critter?
Have you been all right with the storms in your area? I think of you when ever there's bad weather up your way.
Hopefully the others can pick up your shifts and you can leave work behind you quickly.
You take care my friend.

Andrea Priebe said...

Do you have to wonder if mankind is going in the right direction? I have all but thrown my hands up ...
I mean, you said it ... listen to the news and the stupidity abounds. I just read a book about the fact that Americans don't know the difference between truths in science and the pseudoscience that is being force fed to us through our corporate media ... who have a lot to gain by dumbing down the populous. So stupidity is the product some few very rich people are looking for ... isn't it great?

I respect your wanting to help your friend, but I still hope you can end the torture sooner than later. It's time for Edna to start doing as she pleases and spending time with people who car about her and Pogo. Don't you agree?

I love your little Groundhog ... good for him coming out and eating the bread. That is not a bad idea because it will at least keep him out of your garden. They are so cute even if they are ornery. Our little guys are not so little anymore, in fact it is starting to be hard to tell the kids from Mom and Pop. Sometimes they all come out at the same time ... that is a sight to see. Have never been able to catch them all on camera, but once I think I caught three of them. Oh my, it is getting close to critter feeding time and they are all rambling down toward the kitchen. Guess I had better finish up here. You have a good day and I will have my fingers crossed that your part timers can fill in for you so you can say so long to the job. Stay well, Edna ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Nani said...

David and I were out of town for a few days, safely photographing trains from public property and not trying nifty under-the-train photo angles. I had to look up the video. I’m so glad the trespassers will be prosecuted to whatever extent they are, but I say “throw the book at em” and make an example. Seriously, I’m not going to roll in front of the train from the sidewalk near the crossing, but a few trespassing idiots can scar an engineer mentally and if he can still do his job, a wheelchair on the sidewalk, even on the other side of the gate from the train may cause a flashback to someone in front of the train. That means those idiots can end a career.

I read a comment on one of the stories from a woman who thinks “having their lives flash in front of them” from the near deadly experience should be punishment enough. Sure punishment enough for being stupid, but they still need to be punished for trespassing and for the mental anguish they caused the people on the train. Yeesh.

I think your retire now rather than later choice is a good one. I feel sorry for The Mrs., that her family cares so little that throwing money at her care is enough for them and I think what they do to the caregivers by way of what they don’t care enough to do for her is inexcusable. But the only way it will ever sink in is when it gets to the point where their money isn’t enough to keep anyone doing what to them seems to be a “job” they want nothing to do with.

Let me be nice now. LOL I like the idea of having restaurants that are for adults to be free from unruly kids. There are parents that let kids run and climb all over everything and even the best parents will have well-behaved very young kids or “good babies” who will have their nights. I mean crying is how a baby communicates and very young kids will still cry when they don’t yet know another way to communicate. But truthfully there should be some restaurants where it’s a relaxing and quiet one, a place for adults without having a live band! Even parents get a sitter to have a “date night” to get away from crying and rambunctious kids for a few hours, right?

Kevin is awesome!

Hugs, Nani

Angelica Star said...

Yes I did see those two idiots on the train track bridge. Sometimes I think people do stupid things whether life threatening or not just to get on the news and television. I do agree with the restaurants who will not allow children. The parent these days donot discipline their children and when they take them out to places, they let them loose to do whatever they please. I've seen that just 2 weeks at the doctors office and when you have an illness also, you don't like going through the stress of uncontrollable children anywhere. When you're out eating, you would just like to sit and enjoy your meal without all the disturbance from unruly children. I blame the parent though.