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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Flash Flood Warning For Today

July 16, 2014

Good morning.  Ahhhh, today will stay in the blessed 70's.  Oh it will feel so good!  We do still have a flash flood watch until mid afternoon today, although we're not getting much rain.  (so far!)  If you go outside, you can count the rain drops that fell on my car overnight.  It's a shame too, because we really needed some rain. 

Yesterday was one of those days that I just don't seem to remember much about.  I wasn't feeling all that great and just laid low all day.  Late in the day, after his supper, Joe went with me to the store to stock up on more bird food.  We ran out a couple of days ago so we put out thistle.  However, there were no finches and the other birds did not like the thistle.

I did give Pogo a bath with olive oil shampoo yesterday, and it seemed to help with the itch.  Plus, it left his hair so soft and shiny.  My goodness!  He just keeps getting more and more handsome!

Last night, I crocheted for a while, and finished up the red, white and blue afghan.  Phew!!  It's not an easy task when the air is hot and sticky.  But it's finished and I feel good about it.  Just two more to finish up in the next six weeks; the navy blue one and the lavender one.

I have interesting photo to share with you today.  I took both my cameras with me to Plymouth Harbor the other day, but I only used the smaller camera (PowerShot SX50).  There were rock jetties that went way out into the water, but I did not go out there. 

The folks way out on the jetty looked very small, and beyond them were tiny bumps on  the horizon that I could not recognize.  So I took some photos.  The wind was being rather feisty and blowing up a storm, so it wasn't easy to hold the camera still.  However, I thought the photos were quite awesome.  They look like water colors. 

This first photo is the original, just cropped.  Then I cropped it more so that you could see the details better.  Folks, I didn't know that man was fishing on the jetty.  And that house is so far away that it was only a tiny blob in the far off distance.  (click on photos to enlarge)


I think the waviness was caused by two things;  the wind and the heat.  This little camera continues to amaze me.  Now if only I could master motion and macro with it!  

Well, the TV keeps beeping warning alerts, and the gray outside is getting grayer, so maybe some of that rain is on it's way here.  I'd better go take my shower and wash my hair before any lightning starts.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

After a more busy day you just need an easy day, which you had. Hope though you are feeling better today.
Yeh, some refreshing rain can be nice sometimes, and it saves on the water bill, because we don;t have to water the garden LOL.
Next few days no big chance on rain here, so yesterday evening I watered the garden.
Perhaps you will have to stay"put"todau too a bit, and then your "battery"will be all charged again for the next few days LOL.
Have a great day