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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Dragonflies

August 4, 2013

Good morning from my little part of sunny New England.  The weather this morning is just delicious.  It's cool with a slight breeze, blue skies, white clouds and sunny.  Just perfect.  I'm home from work now, and Pogo and I have already had our little walk around the yard.  It felt really good.

There are some huge white lilies blossoming in the garden, and a couple of days ago Joe held Pogo up to the big blooms so that I get a photo that would show how big the blooms are.  Actually, the blossoms are bigger than Joe's hand too.  Have a look.

I also have some pretty cool photos of a very happy little dragonfly to share.  This little one was flitting from flower to flower, smiling the whole time.  Well, at least it sort of looks like it is smiling.  I like to think that it was happy to show off for the camera.

I think today will be a rather lazy day for me.  I'll do a load of laundry for Joe, then maybe play on the computer for a while.  After that it will be nap time, and then back to work tonight.  I think Pogo and I will go out in the yard again for a while.  It feels so good to be able to enjoy sitting outside.

Not much more news for today.  I made a couple of new textures which I will try to get posted here tomorrow for you.  Till then, Y'all be safe and have a marvelous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I'm not sure if Pogo is showing how big the flower is or if the flower is showing how little Pogo is. Every once in awhile you have a picture that makes me realize how tiny he is and it makes me smile. You need to get a sweater with a big pocket on the front and just carry him around with you :)

I am a fan of the dragonfly and These are wonderful pictures. The female carrying her eggs ... I have never seen that before either, very interesting. And the Dad is definately smiling. I have taken many pictures of the Darner Drangonfly, but never have seen such an obvious smile ... must be you. You make everyone smile and now even the Dragonfly:)

We have been having several days of unseasonably cool weather ... the highs in the low 70's AND, I AM LOVING IT!!! I wish it would stay this way all of the time. The Sun is out with the same white fluffy clouds you talked about and a breeze off of the lake. Even Izzi is showing some spunk which she clearly doesn't have when it is hot. It is August though, so I can imagine the "Hot" is not over. I am just going to enjoy the cool while it lasts.

I did another Raptor program yesterday. My friend didn't go because she is sick, so I took her two birds. It's never the same without her, but since I love the birds, I enjoyed myself. I am hoping this will be a lazy day for me ... not because I have to rest up for anything. I think I need to rest up from what I have already done, because the body is aching this morning. Think I will go fix myself another coffee and see if I can't perk up. You enjoy your wonderful day, Edna and a gentle little lick for Pogo from Izzi ... she forgets how little he is too.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Nani said...

I love the shot of Pogo and the lilies! I agree with Andrea that it shows both how big the blooms are and how little Pogo is.

It really does look like a smiling dragonfly!

This is one of those days that David and I have a running debate about open windows. He says 71 and a breeze is perfect for it which makes it a sweater in the house day for me!

Enjoy the rest of your day before work!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Love that phot of Pogo and the lilies.
Gosh, the blooms are really BIG (or is Pogo just smaller than I thought ? LOL)
It's good you can have some good time at your garden and have a break from all.
Enjoy the day, hopefully another easy shift at the Mrs too.

PiaRom said...

OMG Edna, your photos are sooooo beautiful ♥ little dragonfly has stolen my heart ;) (yes of course Pogo does too ;) Thank you so much ♥ Conny