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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August Is Such A Beautiful Month

August 21, 2013

I am amazed at how quickly August is whizzing by.  It brings such nice weather that it is sad to see it go.  Alas, alas.  BUT - we still have some of it left to enjoy, and it will be back again next year.

One of the nice things about August is the new life that it gives to the flower gardens.  The colors on the outside of the new bud are a reddish coral and cream.  But once the rose opens, oh my it is just exquisite.

Before I go on, let me answer Kyra's question from yesterday.  Yes, that was Joe lounging in the den after work yesterday.  The solitude did not last too long.  Within an hour, he was joined by two of the other dwarfs. 

Have any of you watched one of the newer TV programs, "Double Divas"?  If you haven't, you should at least watch it once, because it is such a funny, yet serious program.  Two women, both with generously endowed figures, own and operate a lingerie store in Atlanta.  They design and make a lot of the undergarments that they sell, and their specialty is making bras for the exceptionally over endowed ladies.  On the other hand, they can also design for ladies with the smallest bosoms so that they too look beautiful and sexy.  It's a fun show, so do treat yourself and tune in tonight at 11:30 on Lifetime.

Now let me share another beautiful scrapbook page that Kyra has made for me.   This one features the recent photo of my favorite little guy.  Isn't this adorable?  Thank you Kyra.  I just love it.  I can't believe that a whole year has gone by since Pogo adopted me.  (He rules the whole house, so he may as well get the credit for the adoption too.)

I also have a couple of new moth photos to share.  These can be just as difficult to photograph as the big butterflies because they flit so quickly from one spot to another.  They are such pretty little things though.

Now I really must get a move on here.  I have been neglecting to do lots of things here (mainly housework, of course), and today seems like a good day to get some of it done.  Janet will be coming by later and has offered to help me move a few things.  For supper, I shall treat us to a DiGiorno Supreme Pizza.  Of course, I will add extra green peppers to my half of the pizza.  Yum Yum.

Goodness, I just got a really nice kiss from Pogo.  He must have seen the dog food in his dish, and is buttering me up for something better.  lol.  It's not working, Pogo, but thank you for the kiss.  Till tomorrow folks, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good morning, oh how I wish August was cool in Texas....NOT! It is usually our hottest month....LOL! But it surely is passing by us so very fast. I was wishing I had a SLR camera to photo the Blue Moon last evening. It was so very gorgeous even early this morning. I thought of you and wondered if you took a photo of it!
Lovely photo of your "new" roses, especially the coral and yellow one. I love the moths too and the page Kyra did of Mr. Pogo is exceptional. He is a very good model with him being so adorably cute! My geranium is starting to bloom again after all those 100+ days caused it to dry up!
You and Pogo have a great day, chat with you again later! Hugs, Mat :)

The Queen Jester said...

The rose is beautiful. It's hot and sticky in Canada also, so I can't even imagine how awful it must be down in Texas like Mat.

aquascrap said...

Another fabulous layout of Pogo by Kyra. We've only got a few more days left of Winter here, thank goodness and hopefully the weather will begin to warm up.

Roses are not my favourite flowers but I do love photographing them and yours looks lovely. I love that the inside of some roses can be so different to the bud colours.

My day is just starting here so I better hop to it. Hope you and Pogo had a lovely visit by Janet and enjoy your evening.

Judy xx

smiekeltje said...

That rose looks just gorgeous!!
And some great shots of that butterfly!
Wonderful that Janet joins you later, for a bit of help and lots of chatting I bet.
yes we are rather blessed in August by the good weather. The next few days look to be wonderful too with real nice temps, perhaps a little bit of rain, but mostly sunsine. Only today will stay a bit cloudy, as they say on the weather channel.
Hopefully by Sunday evening we will have finshed the whole room, hanging up again all things we want too, may be I even can do some vacuum cleaning and dusting and mop But am not sure yet about that last thing LOL.
You have a wonderful day.