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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

PBS, A Nice Way To Start The Day

August 22, 2012

It's another beautiful morning here in my little part of New England.  Pogo and I are watching The Cat In The Hat.  PBS has some wonderful programs for both adults and kids.

Speaking of kids, Jasmine attended cheerleading camp earlier this month.  While she was there, she was chosen to participate in the 2012 Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade as an "All American Cheerleader".   This is quite an honor for her.  I've been reading over the itinerary for the trip, and it sounds absolutely fascinating.  Now we just have to see if it's affordable.   Here's a photo her mom took with the phone.

Something I've noticed is that everybody seems to be taking quite good photos with the camera on their phone.  I'm going to have to start practicing using my phone's camera.  It looks so easy when others do it, but when I try to take a photo with the phone, I find my hand is rather shaky. 

In a few minutes here, I need to start cooking.  I want to make up some hamburger patties to freeze and put away for Pogo's suppers.  Then I need to start the sauce for supper tonight.  I  think we'll have some form of pasta.  At least, that's plan. 

I have a couple of butterfly photos to share with you this morning.  These were taken a few days ago at work.

I have to share this.  The little word animals on television are singing a song in Doo Wop style, and it's making me smile.  What a great way to start the day.  (I grew up with this kind of music.)  Now I think I'll get busy here.  Janet will be coming by later and I want to be able to just sit and enjoy her company.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Congratulations to Jasmine! That really is quite an honor! :)

When I got my new phone the salesman told me that it had one of the best cameras on the market. BAH! Maybe it takes good pictures is you have no camera or have a $50 party camera. My last party camera was a hundred dollar camera and I didn't like it or the quality of the photos either. I'll stick with my real camera for photos I want to keep pr share. I do use the camera in the phone for recording things that inspire me and email them to myself. My opinion, yu'll probably find that, shaky aside, your photos and your camera are such that a camera phone will never be good enough.

Have a great rest of the day!
Hugs, Nani

aquascrap said...

Congratulations to your grand daughter Jasmine.

I too don't think the phone camera takes such good photos. I only use the phone camera for Instagram, don't think I would ever print them, to me they're too grainy.

You can't beat a good ol' camera for photos.

Enjoy your nice weather, here we are sprouting webbed feet, having so much rain I am fed up with it. Would love some sunshine and warm days.

Anyway you have a good day!


The Queen Jester said...

Just got back on the net & need to do some catching up. Jasmine looks so well she should!

smiekeltje said...

I suppose in some circumstances it's handy to have a phone with which you can take some photos but they will never be of the quality of a real camera.
Oh, congrats to jasmine, she can be proud!
Nice that Janet will spend some time with you and yes, take all the time for it.
Have a great time together.

Mats World said...

congrats to Jasmine, hope she has a great time with it!
The butterflies are beautiful, great photos! Have a terrific weekend! Hugs!!