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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Out Of The Mist Comes Beauty

August 26, 2012

Such a pretty morning we have today.  It started off on the cool side with lots of mist rising off the ground.  I took Pogo outside for a sprinkle ( I took him to work with me last night)  and got quite a nice surprise.  There was a gorgeous mist rising across the street.  I went back in and grabbed my camera.  Good thing I did.  Here's what I got.

On my way home, the sun came out but was hidden by the heavy mist.  This was also quite pretty, so I pulled over to take some photos.   This first photo is the sun, and the second photo shows the visibility on the road.  By the time I got home, most of the mist had burned off.

Once we got home, Mr. Pogo marched himself into the kitchen and sat there waiting for his breakfast.  He's such a sassy fellow.  If I don't move fast enough, he starts barking at me to move faster.  If I tell him to shut up, he just barks louder.  This morning I threatened to beat him with a cooked noodle and he just laughed at me.  Imagine!

Ah well, we've had our breakfast and my coffee is almost all gone, so I guess it's time for a nap.  Tonight is a work night and I need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed.  (Now there's a phrase from out of my childhood!)  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Your pictures of the deer in the fog are awesome!
Hahaha, I can understand that Pogo laughs at you when you threaten him with a cooked noodle!!!
Have a nice nap !

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

wow lovely misty photos! beautiful deer, just love their white tails. Ya know now that Mr. Pogo is always the boss remember? hope y'all have a great day! hugs!!

Andrea said...

Don't you feel blessed when nature provides you with beautiful moments. These pictures are priceless ... Not just because of the mist, but the fiestiness of the deer as they realized you were there. What a great capture...

Andrea @ From the Sol