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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wanna Meet Oogoo?

September 22, 2009

Well, the boys made it to the Cape safely. Needless to say, it most likely was not a dull trip. Howie was fidgety all the way there, and was quite full of energy once they arrived at their destination. Howie seems to be in an early stage of Alzheimer's, and his behavior does keep you on your toes and hopping. You never know what he will do next.

At some point last evening, the guys decided to watch a bit of TV and Howie chose to sit on the porch and smoke his pipe. When Moo went to check to make sure he was okay, guess what? Yup!! No Howie!!! Seems Howie took himself a walk in a neighborhood not familiar to him and got a tad bit lost. Moo found him though, so all did end well.
While the men are gone, Miss Tootsie and I are babysitting for Moo's little guy, Oogoo. I know, I know, you don't have a clue what an Oogoo is. It's very simple, he's a goldfish. A nice fat orange goldfish. Would you like to meet him? Tada!!! Meet Oogoo! Isn't he just the cutest little goldfish you ever did see?

How about an update on this ridiculous monstrosity I call a computer. Mr "Magic Fingers" Wayne came over last evening to check it and then take it home with him to copy my hard drive onto a new external drive that I went out and bought yesterday.
And guess what??????? He pressed the "ON" button, and the foolish thing lit up -- up to now, it hasn't been lighting up. Not only that, but then the computer came on!!! I was so happy that I could have hugged the life out of him, but his girlfriend is bigger than me and probably would not like that. I am quite chicken about some things - like getting beat up by a jealous lady. (Only kidding - she is really very nice.)
After Wayne left, I started copying my hard drive over to the new external drive. That was going to take a few hours, so Miss Tootsie and I got our snacks and retired early to watch some television.
Now it's time for me to get dressed and ready to face this new day. Miss Tootsie's appointment at the beauty salon is in less than an hour. And I forgot - with all the happenings going on here, she was supposed to go for blood work today too. Well that will have to wait till tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, Y'all have a fantastic day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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Mary Ann's Creative Photography said...

HI Edna, External hard drives are wonderful but not fool proof. I always left mine pluged into my computer...wwwwrong! Plug it in and copy and use your safe to remove in the lower right hand tool bar, and then remove and keep somewhere else. Only problem in keeping in your house is a housefire but if your not afraid of that. I left mine plugged in all the time and I think when it had a bad hard drive it caused problems with my computer. Plug it back in to copy new material and then unplug again. I am going to use a off site server for my backups but it takes so long that I have to do it in sections for all that I have. I lost all on my external hard drive but most was duplicated. Just some advice from one who didn't do it the right way...who would have thunk it!