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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh, What A Lovely Morning!

September 2, 2009

Gosh, what a beautiful day is outside this morning!! I think I will take my camera out and play for a bit and enjoy it. That is, after I do the laundry. Must not forget the laundry!!

Last night I had a nice surprise. Snow Raven called me on the phone and we had a lovely chat. It seems she has a nice package from her phone company that lets her make international calls for a small addition on her bill. Wow! I hope we get that too with our phone company. Wouldn't that be nice.

For some reason, the German government is giving her a really bad time about her passport and necessary papers for her trip over here in October. So maybe she won't be able to make it then. Maybe in November. I always thought that the foreign embassy was there to help it's citizens. I guess that is not always the case.

Yesterday, I managed to get a few quick photos of the busy bees in my little garden patch, so I thought I would share a couple of them with you. Tomorrow, I shall have another freebie for you. I've been busy on the new challenges, and have neglected my freebies.

Well, I'm off now to get started with the laundry and maybe some other sort of housework. Ugh!! Y'all have a really fantastic day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowraven said...

Wow ! I'm impressed each time about the detail in th photos you are getting with that camera. We have rain here and strong winds - Autumn has arrived, it was really cool outside today.
Hugs Snowy