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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lots Of Rain Heading Our Way

October 22, 2014

Good morning.  Well, Mr. Pogo decided that we should get up extra early this morning.  So, there was no more sleep for me after 5 a.m.  I guess he thought I would just get up and cook him a hamburger or something like that.  Well what he got was a plate of doggie food.  Guess who crawled into his little bed and went back to sleep?   (No, it wasn't me!)

It's supposed to be quite windy and rainy today and tomorrow.  Pogo has an early morning appointment at the beauty salon, so I'm hoping that the heavier rains will hold off until later today.  While we're out, I'd like to check out a couple of sales at local craft shops. We'll see.  It depends on the weather.

I have a photo of the "Fried TV" afghan to show you how pretty it is looking.  The colors are named Turqua and Bright Mix.

The yarn that I had ordered last week arrived yesterday.  Oh my, such pretty yarn!!  My fingers started itching to play with all this beautiful new yarn, but first I have to finish up the current projects.  One of the new yarns matches perfectly with a pretty yarn (a shade of green) that I had picked up a while ago.

The green is a soft "new leafy green" (it has no name, just a color number), and the new yarn is Green Tones.  They look beautiful together.

I've already made up a list of afghans and lapghans that I want to make after the holidays have gone by.  So, it looks like I'll be busy for some time.

Well, Pogo and I have to be getting ready to leave shortly.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Afghan With A Feisty Personality

October 21, 2014

Good morning.  It's a bit damp and on the gray side here in my little part of New England.  However, the temperature has gone up a little bit.  Today will be in the mid to upper 50's, and in the lower 50's tonight.  It's good weather to stay indoors and crochet. 

Speaking of crochet, I mentioned earlier that I had started a new afghan using colors that match the colors in the "bad TV screen" photo.  In the future, I'll refer to this afghan as the "fried TV" afghan.  Well, I had almost enough rows done on it to photograph, and what did my eyes behold?  There was an unfixable boo boo way back..... about five rows back to be exact.  

I tore the five rows out and started over.  After putting two of these rows back on, I found that I had made another mistake at the very beginning of the first of these two rows.  Here we go again.  Once more, I tore the two rows out.  This afghan is really quite pretty, however, it is definitely not going to be a picnic to work on. 

Today I have photos of a couple of the birds that live around here.  The photo of the Blue Jay was taken a couple of days ago, and the other photo was taken a couple of months ago.  I'm not too sure what that bird is.

Yesterday was a rather quiet day.   I did a couple loads of laundry and worked on designing this year's Christmas card.  I couldn't make up my mind, so I ended up with two cards.  Now I just have to pick one of them and have my cards printed.  This week, I need to get busy deciding on the photos for the new calendar.  I would like to have that ready for printing soon.

Poor Pogo has been having a "Joe and turkey treat" withdrawal these past few days.  Last night,  he finally gave in and let dwarf Mikey feed him his turkey treat.  Boy oh boy, did he ever gobble that turkey down!!!  Hopefully, Joe will be coming home this afternoon after work. 

Well now I think I'll make myself a hot cup of coffee and get back to working on that Fried TV afghan.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Only Nine Weeks Till Christmas!!

October 20, 2014

Goo0d morning.  It's sunny and bright outside, but it's a bit on the cool side.  At the moment, it's 45F. and we're only expecting a high of 57F today.  The next few days will warm up a speck but will also be a bit wet.  Fall is definitely here.

I got an email yesterday telling me that my new TV has already been shipped, so maybe it will be arriving sooner than expected.  Woopee!  There is something wonderful about this "on-line" ordering.  One can spend time on the computer researching different stores' ads and prices, order and pay for the desired purchase and never leave the comfort of your living room.

As a matter of fact, that is exactly what I was doing yesterday afternoon.  I subscribe to several fun catalogues, so yesterday I checked out each of  their websites and ordered several gift items to help polish off my shopping list. 

I also ordered (from a shopping channel) a new battery charger which will be very handy to have in case we get some really nasty cold temps this winter.  One day last winter, my car did not start because of the cold, and I had to call SIL Eddie to come and jump start my car battery.  This winter I'll be prepared.

My friend Andrea commented that the colors in the "bad TV" screen would look great for an afghan.  Well, my goodness, I just happen to have yarn to match those colors.  Last night I crocheted a few rows to see how it would look, but I did not finish enough to take a photo.  As soon as I get enough rows done of both colors, I'll take a photo.  Thanks Andrea.  I was wondering what to do with my newest yarn color "Bright Mix."

My little fellow, Pogo, has been going through "Joe withdrawal" these past few days.  Joe went away to "house and doggie sit" for his sister, and there's been no turkey treats for Pogo since Saturday morning.  I've tried giving him his turkey, but he won't take it from anyone but Joe.   Hopefully, Joe will be home soon.

This morning I was looking for a photo to share here, and I sort of got side-tracked a bit.  I took the photo into Photoshop to crop it, but then just got carried away and ended up with a new piece of "Rose Art".  Hmmm, I've definitely missed doing this.  I'll have to make more time to be artistically creative.

There was also a suggestion from the Queen Jester that the bad TV screen photo would make a good background texture, so I'll definitely make one and post it here for you soon.  Thanks Queen Jester.

Today, I really should do a load of laundry, and then I need to put a few more rows on the lavender afghan.  I've decided that if I do a few rows on it each day, it will be finished in time for the holidays.  This way, I can work on my other crochet projects too. 

Including the lavender afghan, I have three projects I would like to finish by the first of December.  Gosh, have any of you checked your calendars lately?  Time is ticking away, and there are only nine more weeks till Christmas.  Yikes!!  So many stitches to do, so little time!

On that happy note, I really need to get busy here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a splendid day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bad News Turns To Good News

October 19, 2014

Good morning.  It's quite early, so it is still dark outside.  Last night, the cooler temps moved back into our area, so I turned the heat back on.   This whole week will be cool with a bit of rain.  I suppose it's to be expected.  After all, it is Autumn.

Well, the TV saga continues.  Friday afternoon, Joe and I went food shopping, and when I got home poor Pogo was rather upset.  It seems that the TV screen went on the fritz again.  I quickly unplugged the TV, and plugged it into the new power surge strip that I had just bought.  When I turned the TV back on it was working just fine.

Ah, but that's too easy.  A little while later, the screen went to all squiggly lines and that was all she wrote.  It was totally fried!  Here's a photo of what I was looking at.  I sent the photo in a message to my SIL Eddie and asked if he could stop by and take the TV out and set my bedroom TV up in the living room.  I spend most of my time in this room.

Later that evening, Dee and Eddie came by, and Eddie unhooked the bad TV and got the other TV set up in the living room.  Thank goodness I had the other TV.  Thank goodness for Eddie too!  Eddie told me that the bad TV could still be used for the input, so he took it to my eldest grandson for his video games.  Wow, recycling at it's best!

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time on-line shopping around for another TV.  I finally decided on one that I found at Best Buy.  It is the same size as my other TV, 40", and the price was good.  Also, I still had my $100 gift certificate that I got when I bought my new phone at Best Buy, and I was able to apply it towards the new television.  Super!!

There was one more piece of good news.  The shipping was free, and my TV should arrive by next Monday.  Obviously this put me in a super duper mood.  I spent the rest of the afternoon putting a few more rows on the lavender afghan, and working on the smaller lapghan. 

While I was doing my research and shopping on the computer, my little guy was happily ensconced in front of his new door, keeping an eye on a couple of young squirrels who were feasting on the bird seed.  It was warm out, so I had the bottom window up a bit so that Pogo could hear all the outdoor sounds better.

Last night, Pogo and I turned in rather early, around 10 p.m., and promptly fell asleep.  This explains why we're up so early this morning.   The first thing I did, was to make a snack for Pogo.  He had slept right through his late night snack and was quite hungry.

Well, that's about all the news for this morning.  Today, I want to get a few gifts wrapped and packed into boxes.  Later, I need to clean out a tall plastic set of drawers to keep my yarn in.  This will make it easier to see what I have on hand.

Now I'm going to mosey on out to the kitchen and make a nice hot cup of coffee.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, October 17, 2014

An Untimely Visit From The Sandman

October 17, 2014

Good afternoon.  No, I didn't just get up, but I've been busy looking through camera memory cards to decide which photos I might want to use for my next calendar.  I haven't decided for sure, but I might just pick out all flower photos this time.  Hmmm, I'll have to give this a bit more thought.

Last evening I watched part one of the finale of my favorite TV show, Project Runway.  Well, at least I got to see most of it.  That last commercial before the end of the program did me in.  I blinked and the Sandman tossed a whole bunch of sleep sand in my eyes.  Much later I woke up in time to watch a re-run of the program.  However, I did not stay awake long enough to see the ending this time either.  Oh well, I taped the show, so at least I'll get to watch it later.

This morning, Pogo and I decided to sleep in as late as possible until finally his tummy started calling out for food.  Because he did not eat his supper last night, (he was already full from the turkey that Joe fed him), I warmed it up and gave it to him for breakfast.  A nice juicy hamburger.  Oh yes, he ate every bit of it.  Not one sniff left on his plate.

A strange thing happened to my television yesterday morning.  It stopped working and was making a nasty horrible loud noise.  The screen was totally black, and the remote control would not work any more.  I finally had to shut the TV off by pulling the plug out of the electric outlet.  Then I put in a call to my SIL Eddie.

Eddie and Kevin came by after school to see what the problem might be.  The first thing Eddie did was to have Kevin plug the TV back into the electric outlet.  Well, will wonders never cease!!!  The TV came on and the remote was working just fine.  Phew!  I was thinking that I would have to buy a new TV,  but now I won't have to. 

Eddie says the problem was most likely a power surge.  This afternoon, Joe and I will go food shopping, but first we'll stop by the hardware store to buy a surge protector.   I surely do not want to have this problem happen again to my TV.

The new lapghan I started is coming along fine.  After I  got a few rows done, I tried it out on Joe's lap while he was sitting in the lounge chair.  It could have been a little wider for that particular chair, but I think it might be just right for someone sitting in a wheelchair.   Once it st finished, I'll try it out on Joe again. 

Meanwhile, I might make the next one just a wee bit wider.  And I'll use girly colors.  Actually, I want to make something in the colors of one of my roses.  Hot rosy pink, light peachy pink and an orangey yellow.  Hmmm, interesting.

Lately, I've been busy shopping on-line for a few items that I need for holiday gifts.  Today I got two packages in the mail.  Even the contents of the packages will be given away, it's still fun to open things that come in the mail.  Oh my, these contents are really fun!

Today I have a photo that I took through the kitchen window.  It's a Tufted Titmouse coming to have some lunch.   When we fill the feeder, we always sprinkle seed on the ground for the ground feeders.

That's about all the news for today.  By the way, today is my post number 2302.  Who'd have thought when I started this blog several years ago that I'd still be writing on it today.  My first post was on January 19, 2008.  It's been a great way to meet lots of new folks and make some wonderful friends.

I also have a cute image that was downloaded from the web.   My daughters and I are short, and for good reason!  LOL.

Now it's time to have a look in the fridge to see what's for lunch.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantastic weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Starting A New Project - A Lapghan

October 16, 2014

Good morning.  Well, last night I fell asleep about 10 o'clock and woke up shortly before 2 a.m.  At this point, I was awake so I decided to finish the green afghan.  Once that was done, I tried to resize my favorite pattern down to wheel chair size. 

For colors, I'm using Buff and Camouflage, and I have twelve rows already worked.  I'm not really sure if the size is right, so later when Joe gets home from work, I'll try it on his lap to see how it fits.  At the very worst, if this is turning out too small I can give it to a young person and increase the size on the next lapghan.  Here's a color swatch of Buff and Camouflage.

It has been in the upper 60'sF here all night,   Today will be in the low 70's and I had thought that Pogo and I might have our lunch at the park.  However, we're supposed to have thunder storms with rain on and off all day so we may have to change our plans.  Tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be nice so maybe we can go to the park on one of those days. 

Yesterday I had a follow up appointment with my orthopedic doctor.  The results were that I'm doing okay.  Should the insurance company try to mess up my meds again, the doctor will take care of it.   This was very reassuring.

Daughter Deanne stopped by in the afternoon and brought me a gorgeous lighted angel to put up with my Christmas tree.  I will have to take a photo because it really is quite beautiful.  Later, DIL Janet showed up with a box of mmm, mmm, mmm delicious pastries for our dessert.  The assortment included blueberry pastries, apple turnovers, lemon squares and lemon Danish pasties.  Are you drooling yet?

After supper, Wayne stopped by to return my little travel notebook.  It had needed a good cleaning out.  I like taking the notebook with me when I go to anywhere because it is smaller and much lighter than my laptop.

Well, I've finished my cup of coffee and I've set Pogo's breakfast on his little dinner mat, so now I think I'll see about catching a small nap.  Before I do, let me share this wonderful button that I found on the web.  It is sooooo me!

That's it for now folks.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Some Great Ideas For New Projects

October 15, 2014

Good morning.  Thank goodness I fell asleep early last evening because Pogo was waking me very early this morning for his breakfast.  At 4:30, to be exact.  He slept right through his late evening snack last night, so that's why he's hungry so early this morning. 

And what did this good mama do?  Well, I got up and made him some breakfast, that's what.  And while I was at it, I made myself a nice hot cup of coffee to enjoy while I sat at my laptop and played catch up on some blog reading.

Today is another gorgeous day where our temperature will get up to the mid 70's.  It's been such a pleasure being able to keep the windows open again.  Unfortunately, the cooler temps will be moving back in this weekend.  In the meantime though, I'm just loving these warm temps.

A couple friends of mine were very surprised that folks actually made sweaters for their chickens.  To be honest, I was quite surprised myself.   But think about it.  Chickens get cold too, and sometimes they lose a lot (or all) of their feathers.  A sweater could make them quite comfy.

I downloaded this image from Google (author unknown) to show you just how adorable chicken fashion can be.  If you're interested, just search for crocheted (or knitted) sweaters for chickens on Google,  and you'll find a wealth of free patterns.  Your chickens will love you!!

I also came across a blog that had a pattern for wheelchair lapghans.  Basically, these are just a bit narrower and shorter than a lap afghan so that they fit comfortably on the lap of a person in a wheel chair.  I downloaded the pattern and will try it out.  It's supposed to work up rather quickly.  Once I try the pattern, I'll retype it and post it here if anyone would like it.  These would make great gifts to donate to a veterans hospital or nursing home.

A friend sent me this image of another fun project.  Button flowers.  I don't have a pattern for these, but it should be easy enough to make them by following the images.  These actually remind me of something I seem to remember from my childhood.  Hmmm.  These would make rather pretty shade pulls.  (Do they still use shade pulls?  Or am I dating myself?)

Before nodding off to lala land last night, I put a few more rows on the bright green afghan, and now there are only three more rows left to finish it.  Ooooo weeee!  Tonight I'll finish this one and maybe work a bit on the lavender afghan.  I seem to procrastinate when it comes to this lavender afghan because I just don't love it anymore.  Maybe I'll like it better when I put some more rows on it.  If not, I'll just start it over. 

This morning I have a follow up appointment with my orthopedic doctor.  After that, I need to start my spaghetti sauce for tonight's supper.  DIL will be coming by and pasta is our favorite food.  Pogo will be having steak.  Oh you lucky dog!!

Well that's all the news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.