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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

We're Off To The Park Today

April 24, 2018

Good morning.  Well, we did get our cable back yesterday afternoon.  I'm not sure why, but this happens more than it should.  Calling the cable company doesn't really do anything to change it.  Maybe they just keep interrupting our service to get us to sign up for a more expensive cable package.  It's not going to work with me.  If I have to, I'll sign up with a different company.  Not that I want to, but if I have to I will.

Yesterday was a rather sluggish day for me.  Thank goodness it's over.  I wanted to work on my porch, but I was just too tired.  Maybe later on today I can spend some time out there.  When I finish this post, Pogo and I are going to meet up with Deanne and two of my great grandbabies in the park.  This will be so much fun. 

I did take a photo yesterday of my second tissue dolly.  Gosh, she is soooo pretty!  When I finish the next one, I'll dig out the ribbons, etc, to finish up these dollies.

I started a green dolly dress, but I'm not happy with how the variegated yarn looks with it, so I'll have to look through my stash to see if I have another yarn that will look better.  I also need to order some dolly hair pins to use for holding the hats in place.  I guess the afghans can wait.  I'm having too much fun making these dollies.

Here's a recipe that I borrowed from the web.  I really had to laugh because it reminds me of so many of the "computer meals" that I've made in the past. 

For instance, to make wall paper paste you put on a pot of water to boil.  When it starts boiling, put in a pound of elbow macaroni.  Stir, and go back to what you were doing on the computer.  When the house starts filling up with smoke, your paste is done.  Have fun cleaning out the pan! 

Oh yeah, I'm guilty.  I've also made hamburgers, chicken and pork chops that could be used as ammunition to throw at an intruder.  Guaranteed to knock him out!  I've learned to stay off the computer or anything else that takes up my attention when I'm cooking.  The food tastes better, and the clean up is easier.

I found out last night that Pogo does not like meatloaf.  That's what we had for supper.  He only ate a little bit (out of sheer hunger I think) and walked away.  He likes his hamburger plain, not infused with other foods.  He likes it cooked all the way through, but not overcooked.  He will not eat meat that is pink or red.  He will eat some rice or green beans mixed into the hamburger on the plate.  Notice I said "mixed in" not "cooked with".  To him there is a big difference. 

I guess tonight, I'll have left over meatloaf, and I'll cook up some hamburgers for Pogo.  Between supper time and his late night snack, Pogo will eat one of the hamburgers, and the second one will be for tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'll make pasta and meat sauce, and put some this on the plate with his hamburger.  This will make him very happy. 

Now it's time for me to get dressed so that we can head over to the park soon.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Oh Boy, A New Yarn Catalogue!

April 23, 2018

Good morning.  It's really gorgeous outside today.  It's sunny with a teeny tiny breeze.  Temps today will be in the low sixties.  Pogo has been like a little kid going in and out all morning.  I was hoping to nap for a while, but he keeps asking me to open the door for him.  So I open the door.

My back has started bothering me, so I had to take a pain pill last evening, and then again in the middle of the night.  This morning I'm feeling a bit groggy.  I don't take pain pills very often so my system doesn't have a chance to get used to them.  But they do take the edge off the pain so that I can move about and do a few things. 

Oh my, the mailman just came and brought me a new Herrschners catalogue.  Woo Hoo!  For a limited time, there is free shipping.  This is good because there are a few yarns that I want to order.  There are also a couple things in the catalogue that I want to order and put away for Christmas.  With free shipping, this is a good time to order them.

Last night, I finished the second bathroom tissue dolly. (This one is red.) It does still need its ribbons, etc. but I'll take a photo of it this afternoon to share here.  While I was up during the night, I started another tissue dolly.  (In green)   After that, I'll make a patriotic one, and an orange one.  The orange one is for me, of course!

I can't upload any photos, or even post this till later this afternoon.  For some reason, the cable is out.  When the cable is out I have no TV, no internet and no landline phone.  I used my cell phone to call the cable company, and they said that the problem should be fixed by mid afternoon. 

I guess I'll take a break here until the internet is working again.  Maybe I can take a couple photos while I'm waiting for the cable to be fixed.  Actually, I think I'll close here.  I promise to chat a bit longer tomorrow, and to post some photos.  So, till then, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Oh Spring, You Are Glorious!

April 22, 2018

Good morning.  Yesterday was awesome, and today is another awesome day.  The sun is shining, there's a teeny tiny breeze, and temps will again be in the low sixties.  Can I dig it?  You better believe it!

Yesterday, Joe got out the garden tools and cleaned out a couple of the small gardens.  Before he did that, he took down all the porch screen covers and plastic and put it all away in the shed.  Today he is going to clean out the garden on the other side of the house, then he will vacuum and set up the furniture on my porch.  Woo Hoo! 

I took Pogo outside for a little walk in the yard, and took some photos of the first blossoms in my garden.  The first daffodils burst into bloom yesterday.  Oh my, they are so beautiful!  I will post a photo tomorrow. 

Today I want to show you my first bathroom tissue dolly.  She's not quite finished, but I couldn't wait to take a photo of her.  I still have to add her ribbon and a few other embellishments, but this is what she looks like so far.  I have to say that I am quite pleased.  And yup, there's a roll of toilet tissue beneath her pretty skirt.  (Background is from Amalie's kit "Wild Autumn)

DIL Janet sent me a photo of the kitty that lives in the building where she works.  Her boss has a soft spot for homeless animals, and one day he found a small, hungry, homeless kitty cat and brought it to work with him.  The kitty was named Morris, and is loving his new home.  Here he is taking a nap in a mail basket on the window sill behind Janet's desk.  I do believe he is quite a happy kitty cat.

Last week I got a letter from the State, advising me that I'd been randomly been chosen to be audited.  Oh wowie!  I've never been audited.  I don't know if this is good or if it is bad.  So, over the next couple of days I did manage to gather copies of all the information that they are requesting, and I'll be mailing it to them tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Today I have a new quick page for you.  I love nature and animals.  Can you tell?  Have fun with this page.

Here is your download link:

Now I'm off to wash the breakfast dishes and go outside for a bit.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, April 20, 2018

A Great Day To Sparkle

April 20, 2018

Good morning.  Tis a lovely day outside.  The sun is shining and the temperature (now at 39F degrees) is working its way up to the low 50's.  This is good because I really do need to go shopping for some groceries.  I have a jar of peanut butter on the pantry shelf, and it's been winking at me for a while now but I ran out of bread several days ago. 

Don't get me wrong, I do have some bread, but my little birds keep coming around, looking for it.  They like it even better when I put peanut butter on it, so today I'll pick up some more hamburger rolls too.  I usually slather these with peanut butter and hang them out in the treat holders.  When I run out of the rolls, I give the birds my bread.

I am sparkling this morning!  Can you see it?  I got a note in my email that really made my eyes and my heart happy!  Friends will be coming to Massachusetts in the Fall and will be stopping by for a visit.  Woo Hoo!

Yesterday, Deanne came by and we watched "Nine To Five."  I had never seen the movie and this way I got to see the role that Jazzy will be playing in the school's Spring musical.  They've already purchased a blonde wig for her to wear.  Now this I can't wait to see!

I also started working on a tissue dolly dress yesterday.  Oh gosh, it is really coming out wicked pretty.  I was going to take a photo of it, but I'll wait until it is finished.  That should be later today.  I'm working on the ruffles at the bottom of the dress. 

A friend sent these to me a while ago and I thought I'd share them with you.  I hope they give you a giggle and put a smile on your face.

Now I think I'll see about getting dressed.  If I don't go shopping soon, I'll find a really good excuse to put if off for another day.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

I'm Sending You A Big Hug Today

April 19, 2019

Good morning.  It's not quite seven o'clock and already I've had my breakfast and done my morning blog reading.  Even Pogo has finished his breakfast and now he's curled up next to me and having himself a nap.  His soft snoring sounds are such beautiful music to my ears.

The temperature now is 41F degrees, and it is supposed to rain most all day.  The high temperature today will only get about one or two degrees higher.  Tomorrow starts our warm up days with temps in the fifties and lots of sunshine.  (of course, that could change!)

Today, a couple of my friends are feeling down in the dumps, and I'm hoping that they can get through their despair very soon.  Lord knows, I understand loss and grief.  I've been through so much of it myself.  But I've learned that once you've gone through the grieving process, you really have to take hold of yourself and look forward so that you can go on. 

Losing a loved one is devastating.  But we can't afford to hang on to grieving forever because that tends to make the folks around us leave.  If we can't move forward, neither can the folks around us.  Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying you should forget.  I'm saying that you can treasure your precious memories and still go on.  No, it's not easy, but then life isn't easy.

Another thing that causes lots of folks so much sadness is the lack of confidence in themselves.  So many folks don't think that their lives are important.  It's so easy to put ourselves down.  But if you take the time to really look into yourself, you'll find that you are very important.  Try writing a paper about yourself.  By the time this paper is finished, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn some very wonderful things about yourself. 

Each one of us has a special gift that makes us unique.  Each one of us has a place in this world where we are needed.  Once we realize that it's okay to love ourselves, we'll be able to see how many other folks love us too. 

Folks, I used to be in this very same situation.  Aside from being a mother, there wasn't anything special about me.  This feeling was with me from about the age of two or three.  While studying for my Masters Degree, (when I was almost 40) I had to write a term paper (for a psychology class) about myself and how I developed my own theories about the how, what and why's in life.

Wow!  What an eye opener this assignment was!  By the time I had finished, I had a whole new outlook about myself.  I had found my purpose, and my self worth.  I learned that I was indeed very important to so many people, and loved by so many.  I learned to love me too.

That doesn't make me any less of a grouch on my grumpy days.  Nor does it put me up on a pedestal.  It means that it's okay to be proud of my accomplishments, the most important ones being the wonderful, amazing adults that my children became, and the awesome families they have raised.

So, if you're feeling blue today, take a deep breath and do something nice for yourself.  Make a hot cup of tea or coffee, and while you are drinking it take a look outside your window at some of Nature's beauty.  Be thankful that you woke up this morning. 

I found this on the web a while ago and I'd like to share it with you.  I'm so very glad to have all of you in my life.  I'm so very blessed.

I had intended to write a very different type of post today, but, well, things change.  I just felt that some of you might need a hug and a bit of reassurance that you really are quite awesome. 

Now I'm going to make a fresh cup of coffee.  Pogo will be waking up soon and I want to spend some time playing and cuddling with him.  The joy he brings me is priceless.  In a couple hours, Deanne will be coming by with the move, Nine To Five, that we are going to watch together.  Tis another great day for me.

I'm off now.  So, till tomorrow, love yourself.  Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

It Looks Like Spring!!

April 18, 2018

Good morning.  Well, for two more minutes at least.  I've been busy doing goodness knows what all morning.  I didn't even go grocery shopping yet.  Maybe I will later.  The sun is shining and there is a little breeze.  The temperature is 46F degrees, and working its way up to the low fifties. 

As I look out my door, it looks like there may be tiny leaf buds coming on some of my trees.  Woo Hoo!  This is a good sign that Spring is finally taking hold.  Pretty soon my little gardens will be sporting some daffodil blossoms too. 

I've got lots of new catalogues to look through, but one item that already caught my eye was some hummingbird mint.  I'd like to plant some of that in hopes that it will draw more hummingbirds.  My beautiful Red Japanese Maple tree isn't looking so good this year.  I'm just hoping that I'm not going to have to cut it down. 

Last night I picked up the Cranberry and Pink afghan and started crocheting again.  I have to say it felt good.  Today I got some new dolly dress patterns in the mail.  One of the patterns is for the type of tissue dolly that I have so I'll give it a try later on. 

I found this adorable image on the web and thought that it was so like me.  I am so good at putting things away in safe places.  No one ever finds them, not even me!   Can any of you relate to this?  I also know that I shouldn't touch anything important.  If I do, it will probably never be seen again. 

I also found this very useful chart about healthy uses for berries.  I did not know this about the blackberries, the raspberries and the strawberries.  Hmmm, very interesting.

Now I think I need to finish washing the dishes that I started before sitting down to post here.  Then I want to put the meat for tonight's supper in the microwave for a few minutes to thaw.  The recycle bins have been emptied so I guess today is a good day to toss out a few more things. 

Here's another wonderful image that I borrowed from the web.  May God watch over all our animals. 

So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

How Beautiful The Sun Is This Morning

April 17, 2018

Good morning.  It's only seven o'clock, and the sun has been shining since daybreak, warming things up outside.  I'm trying to work up enough energy to be able to go grocery shopping later this morning.  The cupboards aren't bare, so if I don't go out today, I can always go out tomorrow.

Yesterday, I thought I might spend the day crocheting, but I ended up working on next year's tax stuff instead.  In between logging entries into my notebook, I had a few important phone calls to make.  The first call was to my insurance broker, asking them to send another copy of my insurance to the mortgage company.  Every month, I get a letter from the mortgage company threatening to make me pay for extra insurance if they don't get this information.  Every month, the broker faxes the information to the insurance company.  Someone, somewhere, needs a brain refresher course.

The next call was to the insurance company.  They sent me a check for the damages to the house, but they made the check out to me and the bank.  This is no good to me.  Now I'm waiting for them to call me back.

Some days I think it is much cheaper and easier to live in a rented apartment.  Then all these problems go to someone else.  On the other hand, I can do what I want around here without having to ask someone else's permission. 

Today I'm sharing old photos from my album.  This first photo was taken in the 60's,when my kids were very young.  The baby, Laura Jean, was very sick, and the kids had just helped to plant this pansy garden for her.  They are left to right:  Audrey, Kerri, Deanne and Gary Jr.

This next photo was taken in the 70's, when the kids are all a bit older  They are, left to right, Deanne, Gary Jr, Kerri and Audrey.

It's amazing how quickly time flies.  Today, these same children are all grand parents.  Have you ever noticed how time drags by when you are raising your children, but once they are grown, time starts to fly by?  I guess that's because we need all that extra time to help get them through their formative years and ready for adulthood.

Last night I decided to cook up some hamburgers for Pogo.  He hasn't been eating much these past couple of days, so I decided to tempt him with his favorite food.  It worked!  With his tummy full, he slept through the whole night, without waking me up for some food.  At six thirty this morning though, he was wanting some more of his hamburger.  So that's when we got up!

I found this picture on the web and thought I would share it here.  Folks, if you have room in your home and heart, do visit your local animal shelter and bring home a new fur baby (or two!).  They all deserve to have a loving home and a nice warm bed to sleep in.

Now I'm going to make a fresh cup of coffee and do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.