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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Mac!

February 26, 2017

Good morning.  It's not even five a.m., but I feel as though I've been up for hours.  I fell asleep early last evening, so naturally I woke up in the wee hours.  However, I've been using this quiet time to get a few things done. 

I've caught up on my blog reading, and sorted through a pile of junk mail.  Soon, I'll put together a load of laundry, make breakfast and put a few more things in our suitcase.  Golly, it seems there's so much still to do and so little time left to do it in.  Ah well, if it doesn't get done, too bad Harry!

I'll bet you haven't heard that saying in a while!  I remember hearing it (too bad, Harry) a lot when I was a kid growing up.  It's amazing how some words and phrases go by the wayside as the years go by, and new words and phrases come into play.  I guess that's called progress.

Today is crunch time.  It's my last chance to pack and re-pack the suitcase.  You know I'm going to forget something, but hopefully it won't be anything very important.  SIL Eddie will be here early tomorrow morning to pick us up and take us to the airport.  I'll look like I'm travelling with an entourage with all my stuff.  But really, I'm only packing one suitcase.  However, I do have Pogo's carrycase, Pogo's stroller and my tote bag (which also acts as my purse).  Oh, and of course, Pogo.

While Pogo and I were outside yesterday, I took some photos of all the little green plants that are pushing up through the ground and the dead leaves.  They look so hopeful, but I'm hoping that they don't get hurt by the cold weather still to come.  Doesn't this make you feel like Spring is right around the corner?

I seem to be very forgetful lately.  So before my mind leaves me again, let me wish my SIL Mac (Audrey's hubby) a very happy birthday.  Today he celebrates the Big Five O!  Hmmm, I wonder how it would feel to be that young again?  Only for a short while, of course.  Mac, I hope your special day is just awesome!  Happy Birthday!

Last evening, I finished the Aran hat and scarf set.  Well, all I had left to do was to cut and put on the fringe.   Here's a photo of the finished set.

I haven't decided which color I'll work on next, but as soon as I choose one, I'll pop the yarn into my suitcase.  Gotta keep these hands working!  Seriously, with a little help from Advil,  it really does keep my hands in working order. 

Well, now I think I'll make a fresh cup of coffee, and start crossing things off my "Don't Forget" list.  Amazing, every time I cross an item off the list, I seem to add another one to it.  Folks, I won't be able to blog tomorrow morning unless I get up in the wee hours again.   But I will be back again on Tuesday.  God willing.  So till then, Y'all have fantabulous days. 

Hugs, Edna B.

Friday, February 24, 2017

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

February 24, 2017

Good morning.  Ah, tis another gorgeous day here in my little part of New England.  The sun is shining and temps will be in the low sixties today.  This is my idea of a perfect February day.  I'm sure that Mother Nature will come along soon and kick me in the patootie with a wake up call.  But for now, I'm enjoying this splendid weather. 

I won't gab your ear off today because there is so much to do in so little time.  Any unfinished errands must be done today or not at all.  I cancelled our afternoon appointment at the shooting range (to be rescheduled later) in lieu of a nice sit-down visit with daughter Deanne.  This will give us a chance to move some of the photos on her cell phone over to a thumb drive. 

Yesterday was another of those days where I just couldn't get out of my own way.  For some reason, I was tired and not up to accomplishing much of anything.  Today I feel much perkier.  Last night, I did finish the "Aran" scarf and start on the matching hat.  I want to finish this set before I leave.

Instead of making another quick page for this week, I decided to re-post an old kit that might be nice for Spring photos.  This one is called "Spring Sunshine."

Here are your download links:

Now I have a couple phone calls to make before getting dressed to go out.  I also have to package up the doggie booties that I bought for Pogo and return them because I can't get them on Pogo's feet.    Next I have to put a belated (it will be belated by the time it gets to him) birthday card in the mail.

Well, that's my news for today.  Now I'm off to get things done.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just Twenty Four Days Till Spring!

February 23, 2017

Good morning.  Wowsie!  Today is going to be even more gorgeous than yesterday.  The weatherman says we should hit 60F degrees today.  Oh, be still my little heart!!  I just know that Spring is right around the corner. 

I've been noticing for a while now, that little by little the days are getting longer.  This is definitely a sign that Spring is on her way.  After Pogo and I get back from our vacation, it will be time to uncover the porch screens and to plant some seeds in little grow pots.  I'll get the green house set up too.  I'm getting excited now.

Yesterday, I dropped Pogo off with the groomer, and then went shopping at one of the dollar stores.  I wanted to pick up a couple word puzzle books and a couple other small things.  My breathing wasn't great so I was walking slow and taking my time.  When I finished there, I stopped by the Post Office to buy some stamps, and then went to pick up Pogo.  I never did make it to the pet supply store.  So, maybe we'll try to do that today.

My little guy is looking rather dapper today.  I tried to take photos of him when we got home yesterday, but he was not having anything to do with it.  This is the best photo I was able to get of Pogo.  He wouldn't pick his head all the way up and I had to be really quick to get any photo at all.  He can be very stubborn when he wants to.

One of our cats, Blackie, is the same way around the camera.  I tried taking photos of him too, but he just wouldn't look up at me.  This was the best one I got of him.

DIL Janet could not come by last evening because she was home sick in bed.  I missed our evening of fun and conversation, but I appreciate that she did not want to possibly make me sick too.  Gosh, that's the last thing I would need right about now. 

Today, I need to call our Florida resort and let them know that daughter Audrey will be arriving ahead of me, and that an oxygen concentrator will be dropped off at the office for me.  Then I will need to call the woman who arranged for my rental car to make sure that everything is all set. 

Now I think I should get dressed and do a few things around here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pogo Gets All Spiffied Up For Our Trip

February 22, 2017

Good morning.  Today's temps are rather nice.  Mid forties this morning and low fifties this afternoon.  The sun is shining with intermittent clouds.  Not too hard to take!  I know it can't last forever, but I'm enjoying it while we have it.

This afternoon, Pogo has an appointment at the beauty salon.  My little lion king will lose his shaggy mane for a much sleeker look.   Here's his lion king look.

And here's his sleeker look.  This photo was taken a few years ago while we were in Florida.  His Auntie Audrey is holding him.

The last time we visited the Pet Supply store, we picked up a few new shirts for Pogo.  However, they don't fit and will have to be returned.  It's hard to buy him clothes without trying them on in the store.  No two manufacturers use the same sizing guide for making the clothes. 

They do however, all use the same size chart.  So a size small is never the same size as a size small in another brand.  Mediums are all different sizes too.  Considering how many folks buy these items, one would think that a uniform sizing guide would be mandated.

Maybe I'll return the shirts while Pogo is being groomed.  While I'm there, I can pick up a few more small cans of doggie food.  I like to keep a small supply on hand in case I can't get out.  Maybe I'll take one of Pogo's old shirts with me to measure a new shirt to.  Hmmm, it's a thought.

Now it's time for me to do a few things around here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Wonders Of Modern Technology

February 21, 2017

Good morning.  Tis sunny with the temperature at 38F degrees.  Today will climb to the mid 40's.  For ten days in a row, our temps are supposed to be between 42 and 62 degrees.  I can definitely handle this!!  Only six more days, and Pogo and I will be in warm, sunny Florida.  Yes, yes, yes!!

It seems like I'm keeping busy these days, yet I don't seem to be accomplishing all that much.  I wonder, do all retirees find this to be true?  The tiniest of projects seems to take up most of my time.  I mean, this new phone is wonderful (I guess), but it does not come with a manual to tell you what is what and how it works.

It only took me about two hours and finally some help from my daughter Deanne to figure out how to save some photos that she had sent to me from her phone.  She even had to help me figure out how to answer my phone when it rang.  First, I had to make sure the sound was on, and up high enough for me to hear.  Next, it took a while to figure out how to find the speaker. 

Every little icon is a whole new adventure.  Do you know what is sad?  Any child could probably pick up this phone and figure it all out in just a very short time.  Don't misunderstand me.  I'm not saying that my mind has gotten feeble with old age.  I guess I'm saying that as we age, our brains  are not adjusting as quickly to these new age technological wonders.

I suppose I could always go to Walmart and buy myself a Trac Phone.  No fuss, no muss.  Just poke some buttons, make a call.  Poke another button, end the call.  Obviously, this would be easier, but then I would not have all these brain teasing hours of adventures.

Today, I'm waiting for the mailman to bring me a package.  I ordered a set of lenses to use with my new phone, and I'm anxious to try them out.  So far, this phone seems to take nice photos, but the new lenses are supposed to make the photos even better.  We'll see.

Right now, Pogo is busy at the door, barking at the big blue trucks out front, as they pick up the trash.  He takes his job as my protector very seriously.  Today he will get an extra treat.  First the mail man will be coming by.  Pogo loves to bark at our mailman.  After that, we'll be getting a fuel oil delivery.  Pogo also loves to bark ferociously at the driver of the oil truck. 

Today I'll share a couple more of those wonderful pictures that my friend sent to me recently.  Do you think you'd like to have a turn on this swing? 

Well, now I must get busy and wash our breakfast dishes, and maybe even push around a few dust bunnies.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day!
Hugs, Edna B.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Wow, Perfect Timing!

February 20, 2017

Good morning.  Well, the sun is shining and temps are in the high 30's.  We should see it warm up to around 41 or 42 degrees.  It's definitely a "keeper" winter day.  Most of the snow has melted.  It's only all around the edges of the yard now, at least in the driveway. 

I realize that when I say "driveway" most folks think of an area big enough to park one or two cars.  So, one day last week, I took a few photos and sewed them all together to see if I could give you an idea of the size of our driveway.  This photo shows most of the driveway.  I took it while standing on the porch by the main entrance to the house..

A couple nights ago, I finished the Gold hat and scarf set.  Now I'm working on an "Aran" set.  This color is an off white.  I think I'll toss a couple skeins of yarn into my suitcase to make a couple new sets while I'm in Florida.  Here's a photo of the Gold set

I also want to pack some beads and a few supplies so that us "girls" can make something pretty while we're there.  Daughter Audrey and Miss Beth (from Texas) will be joining Pogo and me in Florida.  If I have enough supplies, this is one pretty set that we can maybe work on.

Or maybe a bracelet.  These are fun and easy to make.   This bracelet was made for a super patriotic, sports loving daughter. 

Well, yesterday I had planned on dragging out the suitcase and getting started on packing it.  I did not.  haha.  But I did set up a box to put things in that I want to put in the suitcase.  These are the little things that I would probably forget to take with me.  I pretty much know which clothes I will pack.  I'm taking a couple cans of doggie food for Pogo to tide him over until we can get to the pet supply store to buy him more food. 

Now, for that strange title to this post.  Last night, I was talking to my daughter Deanne (on the phone) and she was telling me how Eddie's cell phone died.  It just stopped working!  So today, he was going to be going shopping to buy himself a new phone.  (they did not know about my new phone yet)  Talk about perfect timing!!   I told her that if he wanted it, Eddie could have my old phone.  In our family, we recycle and share. 

So, last night, I proceeded to erase a lot of personal items from that phone.  Things like messages, phone calls from two years, and contacts.  So now, the phone should be almost like new.  Eddie will be coming by sometime today to pick it up. 

Well, that's about all my news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Oh, What A Beautiful Day!!

February 19, 2017

Good morning.  Tis sunny and 42F degrees.  Yes, yes, yes!!   Now this is what I call a perfect winter day!  It's supposed to get up to about 51 degrees later today.  And bless my soul, all the nasty ice in the driveway is melting away.  Oh, be still my heart!

I just looked up the ten day weather forecast for our area, and if the predictions are correct, The weather will hold out so that Pogo and I can get on that plane to Florida next week.  Oh gosh, it's only a week away.  So much to do!  So little time!

Well, let me say that yesterday was not only a productive day, but it was an expensive day.  Pogo and I went to the bank, then headed to the Pet Supply store to buy a bag of doggie food.  (a couple different flavors)  Then we went to Best Buy to find out how to get a program to keep viruses out of my phone. 

That did not turn out so good, but we did meet some new folks, and get sweet talked into upgrading my cell phone.  In all honesty, it wasn't so very hard to talk me into a new phone.  I ended up buying the Samsung Galaxy S7.  We were there for hours because I had the sales agent transfer everything from my old phone to my new phone. 

Finally though, the battery on the new phone ran down (they are not fully charged)  and there was still one whole section in my old phone to be transferred.  So I had the agent write out the directions on paper so that I could hopefully do it by myself when I got home.  First, I had to charge the new phone's battery, then I successfully transferred the rest of the data by myself. 

I did learn one very important lesson yesterday.  It does no good to have your only list of passwords safely tucked away in your laptop.  It never fails, when you least expect it, you are going to need to know those passwords, and you won't be able to remember them.  I guess I'll have to print out a list on paper and keep it in my wallet.. 

I dug into my archives to find some of my favorite fun photos of one of our squirrels. I took these a few years ago.  These squirrels may be pesky, but they are still adorable and fun to watch.

Well, I think I should get busy here and bring out my suitcase so that I can practice packing in everything that I'll need and want to take with us.  (and stay within the weight limits)  Before I go, I do have a quick page for you.  I hope you love nature.

Here's your download link:

Now I'm off to start another happy, busy day.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.