Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Only Seven More Nights Till Santa Claus Comes

December 18, 2019

Good morning.  Tis cold and icy outside, and the next couple of days and nights will be even colder.  Brrr!   But, it's only 91 days till Spring!

Yesterday I kept busy.  I'm not sure yet what it was that kept me occupied, but it doesn't matter because today is another day.  I did spend some time paying bills, so that is good.  And I crocheted a bit.  Ten more rows and I'll be at the halfway mark on the red and black afghan.  I'm getting there.

I can't wait for the new yarn order to get here.  It's always exciting to see how different colors work up together.  It's nice to do business with the Herrschner Yarn company.  If you call and give them the color number of one of their variegated yarns, they will tell you what the different colors are in it.  This is a big help when you are trying to put colors together for a project. 

I just went to check my supply of sweater bags.  I use these to store my afghans in when I finish making them.  They are 14"x18"x4".  The perfect size.  They come in packs of six and are priced reasonably.  (from Amazon)   Aha, I have a full package of them.

Yesterday was another funny dress day at Amazon, and Deanne sent me this photo of her just before she left for work.  This is adorable.  The skirt has lights on the front of it.  Deanne, you should win a prize for all your fun outfits.

There's only seven more nights till Santa Claus comes bearing lots of presents for all the good boys and girls, and fur babies.  Audrey's two doggies (LB and Moonie) are trying very hard to stay on their best behavior.  Here they are taking a nap, staying out of Mommy's way while she does her household chores. 

I'm still researching the small laptops.  (10" screen)  After a while, it gets so confusing.  Some tablets say that they are like small laptops, but you can't put any photo editing software in them.  I found a couple small laptops but they have slow systems and very little memory.  I'll have to make a trip to Best Buy and ask some questions about which ones are best.  I need to get comfortable with the new little laptop before I leave for vacation. 

Now I'm going to make a fresh cup of coffee and do a bit of blog reading before getting started on this new day.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Steve Reed said...

Love the photo of the dogs! So adorable! And yes, Deanne definitely gets credit for her fun, creative costumes.

Laurel Wood said...

Deanne looks very festive! Those doggies definitely are being good and deserve a Santa visit.
Stay warm and wishes for each of you to have a blessed Christmas.

smiekeltje said...

Such a good girl you are! You did most of the wrapping, just a bit more and you already think about the taxes and did something about it? WOW.
Deanne is a great daughter for you as well as her family. ANd she's so funny with her special outfits every time.
Sorry you have such a cold and snowy weather. We are still in rather good weather, it is at the moment dry, okay, it is cloudy, but never mind for now. And there is little wind and temperatures are around 11 C which is fantastic for now.
I jut finished some cooking for the dinner and did some cleaning and I thought it was time to sit down and take some rest.
First read your blogposts, and after this I might try my hand on a hidden objects game.
Have a wonderful day.