Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Feeding My Birds

December 4, 2019

Good morning.  It's cloudy today and a speck warmer.  We may even get up to 35F degrees today.  Woo Hoo!  Tomorrow should be a stunner, sunshine and temps in the low forties.  But at least the snow and rain has stopped for now.

Yesterday, it snowed lightly all day.  We probably ended up with seven or eight inches total from both days.  After work, Joe cleaned most of it up with the snow  blower.  One section could not be cleared because there was a huge puddle of water beneath it.  But the rest of the yard is cleared. 

You know, my turkeys did not find any food on Monday when they came by and it really bothered me.  Yesterday when they came by, they were really hungry.  They stood in the driveway looking up at the front door and the living room windows, as if to say "Please could we have some food?" 

I'm a softee when it comes to the animals.  This really hurt, so I took the cover off the feed barrel and filled it with corn.  Then I went out through the front door and placed the cover of food on the bottom step.  I have no boots, so this was as far as I dared to go.

It worked.  Soon they all came running over to get the food.  Most of them were a bit leery at first, understandably.  But soon they all took turns eating.  When one of the dwarfs came home, I asked him to move the cover out away from the steps so that several turkeys could eat at the same time.  This worked even better. 

My son in law Eddie came by, and my turkeys were still here.  They had eaten all the food, but they were still hungry.  So we filled the cover with more corn and Eddie placed it back over where we usually feed the birds.  This made my turkeys very happy.  (and me too!) This is a group of seven birds who come every day, so I feel a bit responsible for them.

I've been going through some of my old Christmas photos, so I think soon I will start posting a few of my favorites.  Santa Claus is a favorite friend of mine.  He always has been.  Years ago, when I didn't have much money, he found us anyway and brought lots of presents for everyone.  The man is simply magic! 

Santa is one of the main reasons why I try to do whatever I can to help others.  As for the animals, well I'm just a softee when it comes to them.  I can't stand the thought of an animal being hungry or hurt.  So I do what I can whenever I can.  It doesn't change the whole picture, but at least it does help some.  I hope. 

I got a weird phone call yesterday.  I don't usually answer the phone if I don't recognize the name or number showing up, but for some reason I thought I should answer it this time.  The caller said that because of excellent record of paying my bills, I now qualify for 0% interest on all of my credit cards.  I just had to press 1 and............. This is when I hung up.  What a scam!  I wonder how many folks would actually press 1.

Now I'm off to, first order a pair of boots from Amazon, then do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Yes, you are a softy, specially with the aninals LOL! I am the same, so we are two hearts, one thought, I guess.
I am happy we didn;t yet got snow here, and for the coming days it will not arrive. Hopefully it stays away completely, or comes just in small quantities.
Good idea you will order a pair of boots, take a pair of boots with good soles that have a good grip on snow.
Hopefully you will not need them very often!
I think tomorrow I will try to start to take the Christmasstuff boxes off the rack they stand on, I will need a ladder for it, and Jan can help me with it. Then they will be at hand when we start decorating on Friday. At least, that is a plan I've made.
You have a wonderful day and days to come, be careful if you go out in the snow!

Latane Barton said...

Hi Edna, I know those turkeys are so grateful for the food. But, they got you wrapped around their little claws..hehe. They know where the big buffet is!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

A pair of boots are good to have, Edna, even if you don’t go out in the snow too often. Hope you found a pair you like online. I always need to go to a shoe store to try before buying. I’m sure the wild turkeys appreciate your concern in making sure they have food after a snow storm.

Steve Reed said...

I'm so glad you found a way to feed your turkeys! I know they appreciate it, with the snowfall blocking access to whatever food they might normally find on the ground.

You did the right thing hanging up on that caller.

Nani said...

I'm glad the turkeys are getting their food!

Sometimes I take those calls to play with them and finally, rather than give them any of the information they're asking for because I've insisted that if they called me they should already have it, I tell them they are doing something dishonest and illegal that targets seniors and disabled people and they should be ashamed. That's usually when they hang up. :)

It's good to have my hands feeling up to commenting a little!

Hugs, Nani