Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Brrr! Winter Temps Are Moving In

November 12, 2019

Good morning.  Tis gray outside and the temperature is 44 F degrees.  I just looked outside, and there is a layer of  wetness on my car's windshield.  According to my phone,temps should rise to 53 F degrees in just a few more minutes.  Then by noon, it should be raining with the temperature beginning to drop again. 

By 3 p.m. temps should be down to 37 F degrees, and it should be snowing.  The snow should stop by 5 p.m., with temps still dropping.  By 3 a.m. temps should bottom out around 22 F degrees and stay there till around 10 a.m. tomorrow morning when it should get back up to 25 F degrees.  Winter doesn't begin until December 21 this year.   I wonder why Mother Nature doesn't know this. 

Well, yesterday I did not stick to my plans.  (what else is new?)  Instead I was busy checking out a few things on my laptop.  I discovered that my CD drive also plays DVD's.  So I popped in a movie to see if it would play.  To my delight, it played. 

Yankee Doodle Dandy is my all time favorite movie.  The dancing and singing is wonderful, and the songs are so joyous and uplifting.  I've probably watched this movie at least twenty times over the years, and every time I see it, it is still as wonderful as the first time I saw it.  Pogo wasn't into watching the movie again, so he took a nap .  (Something tells me that he likes this new blanket as much as I do.)

A package just arrived.  Oh goodie!  It's my new supply of Emergen-C Gummies for Immune Support, and Emergen-C Elderberry Gummies for Immune Support +.  I do what I can to stay healthy throughout the Winter so that I'm not sick when it is time to go to Florida.  Most of the time it works.

Pretty soon, we'll have to close up my little porch.  Joe said he would see about getting the screen covers up soon.  Once they go on, it helps to keep a lot of the cold from seeping into my part of the house.  I'll have to get some new plastic sheeting for the front of the porch. 

Once the porch is closed up, I'll have to start my countdown till Spring.  In a way, it's sad.  As a little kid, I loved the Winter.  I had so much fun outside in the snow.  But as an old lady, I no longer enjoy the Winter's cold temps and wicked weather. 

I guess a lot of folks' moods change when the cold temps move in.  One blog friend calls it "Seasonal Attitude Disorder."  I looked this up on Google and I found a site that explains it quite well.  It's actually called Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Just click on this if you want to check it out  It's really a good article.

Before I go, let me post another of Dover's beautiful coloring pages.  These are great stress relievers.  Enjoy it.

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Steve Reed said...

Brrrr! That IS cold. We're not that cold here, and fortunately, we haven't had any snow yet. Good luck getting your porch sealed up for the season!

Angelicastar said...

I am here laughing at Pogo. He is loving your new blanket. It look cozy and warm. Tell him I am coming get in that blanket with him. It's cold here now, and I am enjoying it. It's so hot during the summertime, when winter comes, it's welcomed with open arms. (we skipped fall) We go from Summertime to winter time and a few days back to summer time. I wish we could have some snow sometimes. We seldom see any and if we do it either doesn't stick or melt away fast. I can remember growing up eating snow ice cream. This was in Louisiana. I am wondering now was this healthy or what? (lol) We didn't get sick or die, so it had to be okay. There weren't as many bad chemicals floating around out there like it is now. Man has gotten beside his self. I hope you and Pogo have a healthy day.

Beth Reed said...

We have actually been colder than you are for once. Our low was 19 Monday night and another freeze again for Tuesday night. I have the faucets dripping.
I laid down and fell into a deep sleep. I slept most of Tuesday. It is the first really good sleep I have had since coming home from Nevada. Guess I needed it.

Tell Pogo he looks so comfy in your new blanket. I am glad that you will stay warm this winter. The both of you...

Talk to you soon. I am going back to bed. Love you both xxxxx

Theresa said...

The cold has arrived here too! No snow or ice, just cold. I am beginning to find new things about my new laptop too:) Enjoy your day and stay warm dear friend, HUGS!