Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Wind Is Huffing And Puffing, Trying To Blow The House Down

March 26, 2014

Good morning.  Brrr, it's nippy this morning.  The wind has been howling since around 3 a.m., and a light snow started falling a couple of hours ago.  The snow should stop later this morning, but we have a high wind alert till about 8 p.m. tonight. 

Well, yesterday I managed to get through the enormous stack of magazines and junk mail that was waiting for me when I got back from vacation.  The bulk of it landed in the paper recycle bin, a few magazines and catalogues went out into the house for the dwarfs, and I kept a few for myself.

I left the bill paying for this morning, and soon I will put this stack of envelopes out in the mailbox to be picked up by the postlady.  That leaves me with household chores to do today.  Oh dear, I will have to look around to see if maybe there isn't something more fun for me to do today. 

I haven't spent much time on my knitting and crochet projects since I've been back.  So maybe I will work on those a bit today.  It would be nice to actually get them finished before the year is ended.  Don't laugh!  Sometimes I go gung ho when I start a project, but then it takes me forever to actually finish the project.  I seem to run out of excitement before I get to the end of it. 

My poor little Pogo has been rather busy since the wind started howling.  This is an old house, and every time the wind blows something in the house creaks.  Of course, every creak has Pogo running here and there, barking at something that he never seems to find.  Talk about frustrating!

This morning I have pictures (more sent to me by my friends) of some of the cutest fur babies who are also worn out from playing and running around.  Except for the ones in the last picture.  They are all worn out from dreaming.  Aren't these just darling?

Well that's my news for this morning.  I have some blog reading to catch up on while I finish my morning coffee.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay warm and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I was right ... our little snow storm headed right out your way ... fortunately we didn't have the winds, but we did get a good dusting of snow and then cold, so the snow stayed over night. Today it is in the 40's. I went out with my heavy coat on and was dying by noon and had to put it in the back seat of the car. They say we will get up to the 60's by the weekend ... wonderful. Now I can't complain about the cold anymore, so I guess I will complain about the mess I will have to clean up in my yard once it gets warm. We still have leaves from last fall because the snow covered them up before we could rake them. Then there is always the mess under th feeders. Layer after layer of sunflower seed hulls. This year because of the storms they got blown all over the yard ... oh my, I don't even want to think about how much it will take to get my yard in shape. I am still busy with getting things out of closets to give away and throw away. I think my Granddaughter will be coming this week so she can tell me what of her things she wants to keep. She is on Spring Vacation and then in another month plus she will be graduating from high school. Oh how the time flies.

I went out and ran a million errands this morning so I best finish up with my blog hopping and go back to cleaning. My pick up is scheduled for next Monday Woo Hoo ... it will be nice not to have to climb over big black garbage bags all over the house. But then there is always more to do, so that is hardly the end of it. You have a nice day, Edna ... stay in, stay warm and hugs to that little boy :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

Nani said...

The sleeping furbabies are so sweet! Marco goes crazy with the wind like Pogo does, only he doesn't bark. ;) We had the insane winds a couple days ago.

Be warm and careful; stay on you feet!!
Hugs Nani

Kathy said...

Oh my the wind was awful today! The windows at work were rattling something awful and I can only imagine how it was howling at home.

The pictures of the sleeping furry friends were so adorable.

Stay safe and warm!

smiekeltje said...

Let's hope it are the last actions of the winter, and that the wind blows away all bad weather and it will be replaced by nice quiet wamer weather, which allows you to go out and have a nice time sitting in the garden!
Those pictures are more than adorable!
Stay safe and have a fun day, with whatever you plan to do LOL!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

I so hope all that stuff Ole Man Winter left will melt away soon and that you will have warmer weather. All the promised, much needed rain never seemed to materialize for us, but we did get to see El Paso as the wind blew it through Dallas...LOL! March has definitely lived up to its description of the windy month, now if we can just hurry to April for some of those is just around the corner! We are so very dry and with high winds, we stay in a fire hazard warning!
Poor Pogo really getting his exercise, but he is protecting his mom...LOL!
Love the photos of the tired babies, but really adore the purritos...LMBO!
You take care and have a great weekend, hugs to you and Pogo.