Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Strange New Bug

September 13, 2012

Good morning.   Well, the cold isn't too bad, but I'm not winning the battle with the fleas.  I use the Frontline Plus on Pogo, a couple of flea baths a week, constant spraying on the carpet and furniture, vacuuming, etc.  It has been suggested that I put a flea powder on Pogo before he goes outside, but I'm afraid he might lick some of it off and get sick. 

I'm going to have to ask the doctor what I can do next, plus I will go online to see if there are herbs  that I can use to keep the fleas out of the house.  I also  have to call and reschedule my doctor (check up) appointment.  Today we have no babysitter, and I don't want to leave Pogo alone that long.

Today I have to share some photos that I took of a strange looking insect that we found in my yard a few days ago.   I looked it up on Google, but the closest I could come to was a "Red Wasp".  If you know what it is, do let me know. 

Joe first noticed this creature in the grass when he almost stepped on it.  We thought possibly it might have been laying eggs.  After a few minutes, it turned upside down and disappeared underneath the grass.  Seeing as how the grass wasn't very tall, I'm thinking that it went underground.  We did not see it fly off.  Strange!

Now I have to go make a phone call, and then get breakfast for Pogo.   He's been lying here next to me waiting patiently.  Gosh, he is just the cutest!  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Ugh ... she looks ominous, the bug that is. She looks like a queen of something like, I hate to say it but, termites or something offensive like that. I would keep my eye on that area and maybe if they come to spray for fleas you can inadvertently rid yourself of her gang of followers. I am sure there must be some way of treating for bugs in general that isn't harmful to the good guys. Something natural. We have our yard treated with natural fertilizers, but fortunatly haven't had a big bug problem. In fact, this year there weren't enough bugs to keep the bird population fed. I know a lot of babies didn't make it because the parents couldn't find food. Sad, isn't it? This drought has taken a toll.

Hope you are keeping one step ahead of your cold. I think going back to bed and sleeping longer was a great idea. Keep vigilant! We are going to get rain today so I had to cut the grass early. But, the good thing is ... it's done Woo Hoo, giving me the rest of the day to work on my prompt.

Be well, Edna and thank you for coming to see me and leaving such nice comments. I always look forward to reading your blog and hearing from you.

Andrea @ From the Sol

Nani said...

Good to be winning the cold battle, but not good on the fleas! With my cat that I had in my teens/early 20s, we had a flea infestation in the basement! It was awful because the humans were getting bitten every time we were in the laundry room too! We had to do a flea-bomb and there was an ointment, as I recall, that we used on Ritchie. After the flea bomb in the basement and the ointment in Ritchie's fur, he didn't have ay flea problems again.

Interesting bug. The stripes seem kind of beeish, but I didn't see a stinger. hmm...

Have a great evening, Edna!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Hope you can get the flea problems fixed and concurred!
We had that lots of years ago, aweful!
Therefore we also got rid of carpet and have a wooden floor now. That already helps.
Stay ahead of your cold!