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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Island Of Tears

April 27, 2017

Good morning.  Today there are just a lot of puddles left behind from the rain, and temps are already in the 50's.  The sun has been peeking in and out from behind some clouds.  Sort of teasing us.  We are in for a few nice days.  Oh goodie goodie!!

Well, last evening, I did not end up cooking raviolis for our supper.  DIL Janet brought a zip lock bag full of cooked ham slices, so I whipped up some mashed potatoes and veggies to go with it.  Janet had also brought an apple pie for dessert.  Yum, yum!

Today I want to share another interesting article from the May "Smithsonian" magazine.  This one has to do with Ellis Island and how people were processed through there.  These two photos show the article heading and the puzzle that was an important part of this process.

Immigrants in the early 1900's were examined for physical and mental illness, questioned about their ability to support themselves financially, and whether they held radical views.  This was to sort out those immigrants (or their offspring) who may become a burden to the State.  A Dr. Howard Knox developed the Feature Profile Test, which was used from 1912 to 1916.  (puzzle pictured above)

Typically, test-takers had just arrived after a long horrible voyage aboard ship.  They were in a foreign land and might be sleep deprived, depressed or ill.  If they did not complete the puzzle test in five minutes, along with other factors, they could be shipped back to the old country. Immigrants were turned back often enough that Ellis Island earned the nickname of "The Island of Tears." (all information taken directly from the article.)

I went on-line to download a picture of the finished puzzle.  I wonder how many of us, under similar conditions, would have figured this out in just five minutes.

Shortly before three o'clock every weekday afternoon, Pogo takes up his post by the door.  He's watching for Joe, who is due home from work sometime between 3:15 and 3:30.  If it is warm and not raining, Pogo sits out on the porch by the gate and watches from there.  It's turkey treat time when Joe gets home.  This photo was taken yesterday (it was raining).

I think I shall get busy now and wash the dishes and see about lunch.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hey you two, happy you are feeling better, I am beginning to as well! We've had a lot of temp changes, up and down and oh so much wind and storms and hail all around, we've missed a lot of the rain, but lots of loud thunder (scares the fur babies) and lightning, but all around our area the hail stones have done a terrific amount of damage to roofs and cars and windows and trees and downed wires (guess homeowners insurance will rise again).
Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting, so enjoy it and really do enjoy your daily e-mails, get to feeling better so you can get back to driving yourself! Thanks for the free gifts. Hugs for both of you! Later, Mat

Annesphamily said...

Good morning, we are suppose to get rain mixed with snow and turning into snow! Aack! I want real Spring weather! HaHa! My father would always say and people in hell want ice water. It is true we want what we want.
The Ellis Island article was very interesting. I am stunned how today we just allow anything goes attitude with our govt. So disgusting. Here in Denver not one but two illegals are holed up inside a church and Time magazine is doing a piece on one of them. They have been here for years never making an plans to make myself legal. I am sorry, I am sick of it. It makes me ad. So many elderly and so many young families will never have much of anything but our govt. lays gold and diamonds at the feet of these law breakers. You break the law, well, that is another matter and everyone is so PC.
I would not want to be in Canada. They have their hands full with pure evil too. A little spoiled filthy rich entitled jerk running their country into the ground. People are complaining if they don't come to the States they can not get proper medical care. What a mess these govt. people have created.
No one likes my opinion but we follow the bible to the letter. This pope should mind his own business and get out of politics. He is supposedly a man of God but does not act like one. Churches sit silent and have nothing to say. I am not a perfect example of a God fearing woman but I pray and try to turn off the news that jams this stuff at you 24/7 ! I am waiting for God to have enough of the madness.
We pray about this situation in North Korea too. Then our own govt. The Dems are not getting their way so shut the govt. down. As long as it doesn't bother them who cares? The Republicans would do the same thing. I can't have my way so you won't either! Whaaaaaa....such madness.
I would rather look at the sweet photo share of Pogo. How precious. They ask so little of us and live their lives so simply. I love it. Mr. Bandit will turn 16 tomorrow. He is snoozing quietly in his little bed. Leo sits under the big backyard tree watching a squirrel run across power lines! Smokey and Stella are napping and the three cats, they are so bothered by the dilemma of dogs that they take to the basement and hang out plotting their take over I would imagine! Rose uses the hammock where she reigns queen of the feline set. Daphne hides from the dogs behind a mound of blankets and Mr. Kitty looks for food, anybody's food! He is such a greedy boy!
Our grandson Andrew and Tarrah have a house warming tomorrow but they live 30 miles away and if the big storm sets in we won't go. I bought them a popcorn popper with a cookbook on different popcorn treats. I may add a video for the little ones. I want to buy Sing, it was such a cute movie. If we can get out in close range we might see Boss Baby or the Smurfs new movie. Last week we saw The Case for Christ and and Going in Style. Both were good movies.
Well I better get ready to head over to the bank and the credit union, thank goodness, they are close to each other. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm if needed or cool. Take care. HUGS

Nani said...

Ellis Island was closed 3 years before my grandparents and their kids came here, but even in the late 50s they were on a boat for a long time. I can't imagine tests like that after traveling here. If my great-greats had been the ones who emigrated and were told in English to complete that puzzle, well, maybe the horror stories would have kept my grandfather from trying again in the 50s!

I swear pets can tell time. Marco waits dot my usual morning aide, he loves her to death. She always puts food in the bowls when she makes coffee. Pogo must check the clock for Joe. ;)

Hugs, Nani