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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Daffies Are Here! It's Really Spring!

April 4, 2017

Good morning.  (for fifteen more minutes!)  Goodness, I slept super late this morning.  But then again, my little brain needed the rest.  Yesterday was a day for phone calls to try to straighten out all the messes happening here. 

Between calls to the doctor and the pharmacist, I do believe my meds have been straightened out.  So, here's a word to the wise.  Never ever pick up your meds without first opening the bag and checking every thing over.  Do not trust that the pharmacist or the doctor knew what they were doing.  Once you walk away. you cannot return any wrong meds in your bag.

I think I've found every last bit of info that the tax accountant needs to finish my  taxes.  Now I just have to sign the papers so that everything can be filed.  Next on the list was the car insurance company.  I called my insurance agent, and they told me that they had never heard of this law either.  Must be something that just this company does. 

The insurance company person was not impressed when I told them that these other people lived in a rooming house, and that I lived with a teeny tiny doggie.  That person was probably calling me a smart ass under her breath.  Too bad!!!  I signed a paper saying that only Pogo lives with me. 

So, want some really good news??  I went outside yesterday (with the help of dwarf Helen) and took a few photos of the little pretties that are coming up from the earth.  There were buds on some little daffies, and tulips and lilies were poking through everywhere.  Woo Hoo!!

It's time to start cleaning out the gardens so that all these beautiful plants can grow.  SIL Eddie said that he will take the porch screen covers off in another week or so.  That means that I can start a few plants now to put in the greenhouse.  Oh happy day!!  It also means that now I can plant my President Trump Chia plant. 

Today it is raining outside.  But I do think that this is going to be a "good" day for me.  I need to go to Town Hall to sign a paper (it's an annual thing) but I cannot get there yet, so dwarf Mike has gone to get the paper and bring it to me so that I can sign it.  Then he will take it back to Town Hall.  See?  A good day. 

Now I think I'll meander to the kitchen to see what might be tasty for our lunch.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a really beautiful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelica Star said...

Insurance companies have been doing that for years. Some people move and won't change their address and then they want to add them to your policy. It's a money thing. If those people have a bad driving record, your Insurance premiums will rise to their (the company) benefit. I use to take care of that myself and let them know some grown children are still using their parent address because they are probably living in apartments and it's safer for their mail to come to the parent address and also let them know that is someone who forgot they moved. (lol) I think they hold those names just in case they drive the vehicle and have an accident they won't pay the claim if any of those names are shown on the accident report. I've had them to question life Insurance if a person pass away before the 2 year incontestability clause is over if it's a new policy. All I did is remind them that people buy life Insurance for that purpose and they didn't realize they will be passing on. If I replaced a policy, I did the replacement forms to show it was done legally and the person passed all the health examinations. All that stupid information they need is also sent to the Agent. If they open their mail they can stop some of the mess before it get to the client. It just a money thing with the Insurance companies. I was self-employed as an independent broker so I went after them (the companies) very hard because you couldn't afford to lose your good cliental.youdid the right thing. If they want to add Pogo for riding in your car let them do it. Your premium won't be affected. (laughing hard)Have a great day and hope you are feeling better. Hug Pogo for me.

Garla Reed said...

Yay good news! Yep I totally understand that you cannot take the meds back and I am so glad that you spoke to your insurance agent. I wonder how many other people got additional people added to their insurance because of this "Law"?

It is a good day here so far. I have a sandwich from Subway waiting for me to eat since I slept thru dinner last night. Nathan brought me breakfast this morning but he didn't know that I had breakfast from Karyn at 6:30 this morning, so I had breakfast and lunch and a snack for later. I have to cook tonight. I have some hamburger thawed that I was supposed to have cooked last night but around 5:00 I took my shower and was asleep by 6:00 and told the boys, dinner is in the fridge, you just have to cook it. There idea of cooking was to go to Subway.

Totally love the pics.. Yay spring is coming... Hugs to you and Pogo... Love Beth and Cisco

smiekeltje said...

Happy all is sorted out with the meds and also the insurance company. Gosh, no wonder we all run out of energy, needing it to make oohonecalls all over again to sort things out after long discussions!
So happy you have good help around, so you can focus most of the time on getting better and stronger.
Spring is really around the corner now and hopefully weather will act like it.
it certainy will help to feel better, if not physically then at least mentally!
Take care,