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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

April 16, 2017

Good morning, and Happy Easter to everyone.  Today we are enjoying a gorgeous sunny warm day.  After this, we have almost a week of really cool temps coming our way.  Crazy!! 

Pogo and I were planning on sitting out on the porch today, but the neighbors across the street have other plans.  They are cooking out in their front yard (????) and are planning on lots of company.  They also have their favorite music on so loud that it can be heard up and down the whole street. 

I guess Pogo and I won't be spending very much time outside today.  This is sad.  Neighbors should be able to get along.  Not so in our neighborhood.  These same neighbors work on cars and trucks in their yard till well after midnight some nights.  The motors being revved keep some of us awake.  But, no one seems to complain.  I really wonder why. 

Pogo is still refusing to eat his doggie food.  I am still insisting on feeding it to him.  Something tells me that this is going to be a long lasting battle.  I want to give him bits of people food, but it really defeats the purpose.  So I don't.  However, whenever I eat something I feel ever so guilty. 

Yesterday, daughter Deanne was going to take me grocery shopping.  I really thought I was ready to get out for a bit.  But, I was wrong.  Standing and walking around was just making me dizzy, so my trip to the store was put on hold.  Deanne and Janicee went grocery shopping for me.  Ah well, maybe next week or the week after.  Soon, I hope.

Today I'll work on the yellow scarf and hat set.  The scarf is almost done.  This lemon yellow is such a happy color.  Quite appropriate for today.  Once this set is finished, I'll have to take inventory of all the sets to see which colors I haven't done yet. 

Here's a cute image I borrowed from the web.  It sort of sums up my days.  haha. 

Now I have a bit more blog reading to catch up with.  Maybe later I'll try playing on my laptop too.  I'm trying to get some creativity going here.  Little by little it comes back but not for a very long time.  I'll keep trying though.

I hope everyone is enjoying time with their families and friends today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a Blessed Easter Sunday. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Happy Easter to Edna and Pogo!

I am sorry that your day is not going to be as peaceful as it should be. Yes it is a Holiday, but the neighbors should do their grilling and cooking in the back yard! What ever happened to Back Yard parties? If the music is too loud tho you could make a noise pollution complaint. It seems that these neighbors are a big nuisance. I am sorry for that for you and Pogo. We are lucky here I guess as it is pretty quiet. Or maybe I have been able to tune out the noise.

My friend put out a new scrap kit and I just downloaded it. It is time that I get back to my scrap booking. I have always found it enjoyable but I needed the break and now that I am only working for one CT and the other that rarely puts out a kit isn't so bad. I had to get away from all of the others. It was just too much.
Hugs to you and Pogo.... xx Beth and Cisco

Moggie said...

I'm really sorry your neighbors are so un-neighborly. Noise like that drives me crazy. Maybe you could file a complaint with the police department, they might be able to help. It's just common courtesy to keep noise down, especially late at night :(.

Angelica Star said...

Happy Easter and don't feel alone dealing with crappy neighbors. There's 8 rent houses on my street and I know 3 are rented to HUD for those with the housing voucher. (Free rent and government paying over 1300.00 a month for them to sit under a tree and come along and disturb others that's working or retired like me who are keeping their property nice and neat. Those 3 I know are on the government voucher program and getting food stamps. I have the pathway lights around my landscaping and there come this little girl getting ready to step over in my flower bed to mess around with my lights. I was sitting in the dark outside my front door and I have lots of plants and she didn't see me until I told her she better not. This was around 9:45pm last night and no parent around and the children running up and down the dark street. My cameras have recorded them running across my yard, in my driveway on their bikes, and stepping in my flower beds. I politely went outside and told them that if I catch them in my yard again I will be calling the police and let them come talk to your parent. If I didn't have the cameras my yard would be torn to pieces. I did call the homeowners association on Thursday to let them know they need to monitor our street because the yards are not being cut and the landlords is just collecting rent and doesn't care what their tenants are not doing to keep the property up. I has to pay $350.00 a year for this service and they need to ride the neighborhoods to see what is going on sometimes. Something must have happen because I did hear a lot of lawn mowers going on yesterday. I could keep this story going but have a very blessed and Happy Easter and remember trouble doesn't last forever. Something will eventually pass through and eliminate them for us. Take care and hug Pogo for me.

smiekeltje said...

Glad you had at least lovely weather at Easter. Sorry you couldn;t go grocery shopping yet. Would have been a little change.
Well, you have wonderful people around you reaching out a helping hand.
sorry Pogo still isn;t keen on the doggie food. But I think you will have to be persistand.
Okay, on to the your next post top catch up.