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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Waiting For My New Phone

September 28, 2016

Good morning.  Tis looking a bit on the gray side this morning.  The temperature is 57F degrees, where it will probably be the high for the day.  According to the weather app on my phone, the next four days should be in the 50's both day and night with bits of rain here and there.  I'm thinking we can kiss all the nice warm stuff goodbye.  boo hoo, boo hoo.

Remember I said that the cable repair technician was coming by this past Monday?  Well, he came by and looked everything over.  He tidied up all the wires on the outside of the house.  Over the years, the phone and cable companies would come out to make necessary repairs or adjustments and leave all their old wires still attached to the house.  Of course, we had to leave the wires there because we did not know which ones to cut away and which ones to leave. 

Then the guy checked out the indoor phone wiring.  He finally decided to plug my phone directly into the new modem.  This bypasses all the old phone wiring.  The only problem was --  the phone was still noisy and filled with lots of static when you are trying to use it.  The solution would be to buy a new phone. 

So yup, you guessed, I promptly pulled up Amazon on my laptop and ordered me a new phone.  It should arrive today, and then the battery will have to be charged overnight.  Hopefully, by tomorrow night, I should have a good working house phone again. 

Today I have a new quick page for you.   This one celebrates the season for harvesting.  Have fun with it.

Here is your download link:

Everyone in daughter Deanne's house is finally beginning to feel a bit better, so hopefully my cold will be disappearing soon too.  Today I need to attach my new registration sticker to the plate on my car.  The old sticker is only good for two more days. 

Now I think I'll have me a second cup of coffee and give some thought to the mischief I can get into today.   So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna and Good Morning Pogo!

Love the QP! As I was saving it and moving it into your folder I came across 3 that I wanted to use and just haven't had a chance so I plan on using them really soon because I am not sure when our internet is going to be turned on at the other house. I hope that they will be speedy about it.

So the problem turned out to be your phone. I am glad that you found out what the problem was and that it is resolved. Now just waiting for the new phone has to be a bit anxious. Thankfully they were able to resolve the problem for you. I am not very good at waiting. I get anxious when I know that there is a package waiting to arrive.

The temps are warming back up here. Supposed to be in the mid to upper 80's but after the very hot summer I will not complain at all. It was really pretty outside yesterday and I let the kids go out and play. The baby had a blast but those little legs can sure run faster than I can maneuver. I was glad to see Jonathan come home and he chased the baby around! And Around!

I took the time that he was playing with the baby to finish off dinner. I made a huge pot of chicken and dumplings and then it was bath time and a movie time. I wonder why my dumplings does not taste as good as my mama's! I guess she just added a secret ingredient and a lot of love in hers. I add love to mine to but her dumplings have always been better than mine. As I watched the pot slowly dwindle down I decided that they must have been pretty good!

Karyn came and got the baby at 11:00 pm last night. I just couldn't take care of him for another day by myself. I didn't know that Nathan was going to be off work today tho or he could have stayed.

I have the other two and I hear a commotion so off I go. Good luck with your new phone! Hugs to you and Pogo and have a wonderful day! Love Beth

LV said...

Seems everyday there is some little thing goes wrong. Phones are nice but the pits when they do not. Glad you got it worked out.

smiekeltje said...

I didn;t watch the debat(it was in the middle of the night here) but I saw some of it in newsprograms.
You talked about the media, that isn;t always fairy "neutral", well, here is the same, at times
Oh, perhaps you could try a little lap with hallogeen light, they shine very bright!
Today we have a windy and grey day, perhaps even some rain Don;t have much time now, because I am going to my doctor, not for real serious things, some questions I have.
I have my new dental, oh boy, it isn;t fitting just right at the moment, (always difficult with a new one), will need some small adjustments and then it just has to "sink"in I guess.
Till tomorrow,
Have a fantastic day
Hope your cold disappears now.