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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tis Autumn Already!

September 22, 2016

Good morning.  It's another gorgeous day here in my little part of New England.  Have you noticed that it is already Autumn?  Ahhh, and a simply gorgeous Autumn it is!!  Starting this Saturday, the weather is supposed to be quite a bit cooler for a few days.  (according to the weather app on my phone)  I guess it has to happen sometime, but I'm not ready yet to give up all this gorgeous weather.

Yesterday was another of those "gosh, I was busy all day but I can't remember doing much of anything !" days.  By suppertime, I didn't feel like cooking, so Joe cooked some hamburger for Pogo.  I supplied the hamburger.  I have to say that his burgers come out tasting much better than mine.  How come?

There's a lot of talk and news articles about the upcoming voting about lifting the cap on limiting charter schools in some cities.  I, for one, don't think we should have charter schools.  The money to fund them comes out of the regular school budgets.  I think that charter schools should be private schools requiring tuitions and private funding. 

I do believe that if all of our school funds were put into our public schools, all children would benefit.  I believe in neighborhood schools.  I think that this builds stronger communities.  If someone feels that there is a better school for their child/children, they should have to pay to send them somewhere else. 

We all pay taxes so that our children can be educated.  If this isn't good enough, then pay for something else.  All members of a community should work together to make sure that their schools are good places for the kids to learn.  Anyone not happy with their neighborhood school has another option.  On-line schooling.  And it's free!! 

Of course, a parent would most likely have to stay at home to make sure that their child is really doing their school lessons on the computer.  Oh dear, here again, parents would have to take part in making sure their child is actually learning and getting a good education.  This obviously isn't a very good option for working parents. 

This brings me back to why do we need to fund charter schools when the money would be so much better spent on our neighborhood public schools.   I think children who play, learn, live and pray (at their own places of worship)  together have a better chance to build strong, healthy communities.

Okay, that's my little rant for today.  Now I have a photo to share of a really beautiful iris.  You can go to Google and look up "Tall Bearded Irises at Iris Mart" to see lots of beautiful irises.  Isn't this gorgeous?  I think I need it for my garden.

I looked up this web site, and OMG!  I started making a shopping list.  Oh, these irises are simply breathtaking.  Unfortunately, it's too late to order for this Fall's planting (from this company).  I'll have to shop around at the local garden centers.

Do you remember all the wisdom that your Moms tried teaching you while you were growing up?  I found this on Facebook and had to borrow it to share with you.  Some of this may sound a bit corny, but most all of us passed all this same wisdom on to our own children.

On this happy note, I think I'll take my leave and see if Pogo wants to go for a ride, or better yet, shopping.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
Happy Autumn! Yes today is the day according to my calendar but according to my weather app it is still going to be a hot day here in Austin Texas! Mid 90's so not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday was so hot that my son Nathan waited until nearly 7:00 pm to take out the things that we decided to throw away. A lot of good stuff went into the garbage yesterday but he set it outside the dumpster in case anyone came by and could use it.
We got the apartment so YaY! The one thing about this new apartment is that we are going to lose some square footage. It is a bit smaller than what we have now, but that is ok. It makes up for it in a lot of other ways. We will gain by adding a storage closet, a hall closet and a large bathroom cabinet in the guest bathroom plus there is a small storage out on the patio.

The iris is really very beautiful. It reminds me of sherbet ice-cream.... All those lovely colors. I think that they would make a very beautiful addition to your garden. I am going to cut my ivy back and give some of it away to a couple of neighbors. Mine has gotten so big and out of hand it fills my entire kitchen window. I do not have a kitchen window in our new apartment. We have one in the dining area and living room and a large window in each bedroom.

I think that Joe's hamburgers taste so good because you didn't have to cook them. Or at least that is what I think when my kids cook. It seems that their food tastes better than mine does. Jon makes a great Chicken Tortilla soup and I love Nathan's spaghetti. Go figure as they use my recipes!

My daughter is on the phone so I am going to close for now talk with her and my grandson is Hollering Na-Na.... So he is wanting to talk to his Na-Na! Have a great day!!! Love you guys so much!!! take care... Beth

smiekeltje said...

I looked up for a moment what charter schools are I think there are pro's and contra's for it, but I also think that "ordinary"public schools do a great job too and can help in getting alng together( people of different religion, color, nationality and such more. Here we have too all kind of different schooltypes, a lot of them also payed out of government money some founded by donations.

That iris looks really beautiful.
What about Joe's hamburgers? Perhaps indeed they taste better because he makes them for you, or he is cooking,frying, them in a different way. Ask him about it!

This weekend we will have real good weather, really warm autumn weather(around 22-24C!).
Okay, now I will make a few elements for the new kit I started and then it is time to get dressed, make coffee and wake up Jan(on the days he is doing his volunteer work I always let him sleep a bit longer).
Have a wonderful day.