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Friday, September 16, 2016

There's A Bit Of Crisp In The Air

September 16, 2016

Good morning.  Tis a bit on the cloudy side right now, and the temperature is only 55F degrees.  However, by noon it will be up to the mid 70's.  The Autumn temps are really settling in.  I'm going to call Aunt Lucy in a few minutes to see if she will be home today.  If she is, Pogo and I are going to visit her.

Yesterday, I drove up to Concord for my niece's funeral service.  The weather was simply beautiful.  It was just seven months ago when I went to this very same place for my brother in law's funeral service.  Yesterday's service was for his daughter in law. 

I know I'm at that age when I'll have to be attending lots of these services.  My friends and several of the family members are close to my age, but it always hurts more when the service is for one of our children.  Even Rabbi Darby had tears in his eyes and a bit of a choke in his voice.

Did I mention before what an awesome speaker Rabbi Darby is?  His voice is very soft, yet you feel compelled to listen to every word he says.  There is so much feeling in his words and the way he speaks.  Yesterday though, I noticed that as he was singing the twenty third Psalm, he was also signing.  Yes, the Rabbi Darby is deaf. 

I took a photo of the Citron plant on my porch steps.  It is growing so big, but now it's time for a new pot and to think about bringing the plant indoors for the winter.  I've never done this before, but I think I'll try it this winter.  The worst that can happen is that the plant doesn't make it till next Spring and I'll have to buy a new one. 

It's about time now for me to call Aunt Lucy and get dressed.  I want to stop by the bank on the way out, then I can pop the bills in the mail.  Pogo knows we are going out and has been keeping a very close watch on my every movement.  Yesterday, I went out without him.  He's not going to let that happen again today.  What a guy my Pogo is! 

On that note, I'll take my leave.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Nice to know you made it safely home again after the funeral.
I hope Aunt Lucy will be home, so you will have a nice visit with Pogo to her, and you two always have so much fun, it will be a loveely part of the day.
I can imagine that Pogo watches your every move now, to be sure you won;t leave without him LOL!
It is starting to be a little bit crisper here too, next week temperatures will be around 20-21C, not much rain expected and very little wind. Nights will be cooler to about 11 C. So Autumn is definately on its way.
Nice day though perhaps to grab the sunny parts and sit a bit in the garden with my book and in between every now and then I can do something in the house. Perhaps even a little nap in the afternoon, who knows?
You have a wonderful day,

Debby said...

So sorry that you lost your niece. I had to read back to read why. It is sad when they are so young and have small children. It's hard enough anyway to loose love ones.
The gun you showed is causing some unrest here right now. Another police shooting in Columbus. A young boy pulled a bob gun that looks just like this gun. So sad.

The Queen Jester said...

Rabbi Darby sounds like a most interesting man. It seems there is so much violence and death these days. I'm becoming accustomed to hearing about a shooting or stabbing on the news as a regular thing, and that's not healthy. No wonder I like to just hang out at home with the kitties.