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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Trees Are Still Green, But For How Long?

September 8, 2016

Good morning.  I guess "Hermine" has decided that we deserve another day of super temps, because today will be in the 70's, and the heat will hold off until tomorrow.  Woo Hoo!  The sun is tucked up behind the clouds, and we're enjoying a little bit of a breeze. 

I'm still enjoying looking out my door at beautiful green trees, but every now and then a yellowed leaf will float down to the ground.   Here and there around town, I've noticed that a few of the trees have started turning color, but just a little so far.  I'm sure it won't be long before all the leaves will change color and then start falling.

Yesterday turned out to be a much better day for great granddaughter Elena.  The big yellow bus was on time in the morning and picked her up for school.  Daughter Audrey sent me a couple photos of Elena in her new school clothes and showing off her prized Paw Patrol backpack.  Ahhh, these are memories to cherish.  Our little ones grow up so quickly. 

The little kids all wear a plaque showing their name, address, teacher's name and their bus route.  I've smudged out all the pertinent information on purpose.  But I think it's a great idea to help keep the little ones from getting lost, and getting them on the right bus.  Have a wonderful day in school, Elena.

I have another photo to share that daughter Audrey sent to me.  She took this photo in her yard, and it shows a storm moving in over head.  She said that the skies to the right of the photo were already much darker.  Nice photo, Audrey.  Thanks so much for sharing it.

Last night, DIL Janet came by with a large bowl of her garden cherry tomatoes.  Mmmm, mmm, mmm.  For supper, I made us meatball subs.  Oh my, they were sooo delicious!  Later, for a snack, I had me a handful of those yummy tomatoes.

Today, I'm getting a late start.  For some reason I just did not want to get out of bed this morning.  Ah, but my little guy likes to eat in the morning, so I finally got up.  Now though, I have to get busy and put together my grocery shopping list.  Joe and I will be going to the market later this afternoon after he gets home from work.

Aside from that, I'll leave today's plans open and see what pops up.  On that note, I'm off to catch up a bit with my blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Yummy tomatoes. They are a great snack! Your meatball subs sound terrific. It is a good thing that I have eaten because I would be wanting a meatball sub!

What cute pictures of your great granddaughter and a great idea to smudge out the personal info. A great idea for posting pics of our little ones.

Audrey's storm cloud is a beauty. I love storm clouds. I just don't care for some of the destruction that some bring. Great day to enjoy the cooler weather even if for one day.

I am busy reading my book. I am caught up in it so I will close for now, take my meds even tho I am running late on those. I am sure that a nap is on it's way as well. Take care and Cisco is wanting back up in my lap. He tried to paw the computer to leave a note, but he managed to just say "Woof" lol.... Love Beth and Cisco.

smiekeltje said...

A relief that the bus came on time now for your great granddaughter! and it is wonderful to have a little plaque somewhere with their personal info, so that they cannot get lost so easily.
I am sure the tomatoes of Janet tasted yummie. We have quite a harvest from ours too and they are good. Only thing is that they have a bit of hard skin, but it is easy to remove, so I do that before putting the tomatoes in a salad
Here too it should be a little lower temperature, but still good weather, and if it is right, next week it will be real hot again(arond 28 C!).
Yes, I notived some yellow leaves on trees too, real pity, although the autumn colors on the trees is also a feast for the eyes.
You have a great day and a good shopping with Joe!