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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Keeping Busy On Gloomy Days

September 29, 2016

Good morning.  Tis still a bit gray and dampish outside.  I guess it's supposed to be like this for a few days, gray and damp with bits of light rain sprinkled in here and there.  Daytime temps are running in the 50's.  I guess it's time to call the furnace cleanout guys.  I don't like to run the furnace until after it has been cleaned.

Most of the rain we've been getting has been very light, and sometimes doesn't even leave any puddles.  So I dug into my archives to find some rain photos to remind myself of how it used to be.  These photos were taken on my way home from work one morning.  (obviously a while ago)

I love taking photos while it is raining.  As long as I can keep my camera dry, it's an opportunity to get some really nice photos.   I especially love photographing rain drops on plants and flowers.  At just the right angle, raindrops on leaves and petals look like glistening diamonds. 

Well, yesterday turned out to be a rather busy day.  I'm not so sure about how productive it was, but it definitely was busy.  I spent a few hours shredding materials that I've been setting aside in bags to wait their time at the shredder.   That time came yesterday.  By the time I was done, I had filled up a large trash bag. 

Soon after that, my daughter Deanne called to tell me how her interview at the Police Department went.  We were all so nervous and worried for her because the officer was not in a very nice mood when he first called to make her appointment.  However, she made it through the interview, and left there in a good mood.  She should be getting her LTC (license to carry) by the beginning of December.  Congratulations Deanne!!

We're both missing our time at the shooting range this week because of all the colds in the family, but the instructor should be calling soon to give us an appointment for next week.  We look forward to our time there.  It is both challenging and relaxing at the same time. 

My new phones arrived yesterday, and I quickly unpacked them and plugged them in to a wall outlet.  They have to charge for sixteen hours to get a full charge.  The base phone will plug directly into my cable modem, and my SIL Eddie says he will hang the other phone on the wall near my bed. 

So, this afternoon, I'll be able to hook up my new phone.  After that, if there is still any noise or static in the phone then the problem will definitely be at the cable company, not my house. 

My little birds were all lined up outside my window this morning in hopes that I would bring out some food for them.  I'll have to take some photos to show you where they sit while they chirp out their requests.  They are all so darn cute.  Sometimes one or two of them will sit on the windowsill and peck on the window to get my attention.  How can you not love them?

Well, now it's time for me to get busy around here.  I have two piles of magazines and junk mail to go through before I can put them out in the recycle bin.  (there's more than that, but that's what I've set aside for today)  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

Glad the colds are disappearing slowly at Deanne's hous and I have to congratulate her on her license!
Great your new phones arrived, now I am curious to know if they work as they should do, without any cracking and disturbances on the line.
we had some rain too yesterday, I guess nature is happy with it.
Phoned the denture guy yesterday and i will go to him today. I will try to get all done and hopefully after a day or two i will be able to chew normally and such. Takes always time to get used to a new denture. But i had to get me a new one, because I already lost a tooth out of the old one(which is glued in again), and the whole thing was worn out, became thin and all. Still did a long time with it, about 10-11 years.
They say you should change every 5-6 years, well, as long as they still work, I see no real reason!Too damned expesive too.

I also feed the birds already, although they can find food in nature, but hey, they can do with a bit extra to get strong for wintertime.
I am missing my parakeets, so hope they will come back.
Have a lovely day,