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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's Back To School Time

September 6, 2016

Good morning.  Well, all the kiddies around these parts started back to school this morning.  Have you ever watched an elementary school bus unload all of its passengers on school property on the first day of school?  The doors to the bus open to unload a sea of backpacks that are attached to happy little people dressed in crisp new outfits and all wearing smiles. 

It was an extra special day in daughter Audrey's home.  Today was the big day that her granddaughter Elena has been waiting for all summer.  Audrey and her daughter Andi waited with Elena at the end of their long driveway for the big yellow bus that would come to take Elena to her first day at pre-school. 

This is a big day for Elena.  And for Mom and Grandma too.  The baby is beginning to grow up.  I know it seems as though the next fourteen years will take forever to go by, but they don't.  While you're busy taking care of your little one and trying to make a good life for her, the years are going to fly by and pretty soon you'll be making plans to attend her high school graduation. 

Goodness, where has all the time gone?  It wasn't so long ago that I waited with my firstborn at the end of our driveway for the big yellow bus to come take her off to her big school adventure.  The years went by and all my children got to ride that bus.  And then all my grandchildren had their turns.  Soon, my great grandchildren were in amongst all those brand new backpacks and shiny faces getting off the bus.  Through all of life's ups and downs, life has been (and still is) pretty good for me.

Yesterday we were treated to a fabulously gray, windy and wet day.  Not too much rain mind you, just enough to wet all the grass and plants and make lots of puddles for the birds to play in.  Every now and then a gust of really brisk wind would come our way, and the trees would sway back and forth as though there was dance music playing somewhere.  I tried to take a little video of the trees swaying in the wind, but like Pogo, they stopped moving as soon as they saw my camera. 

Today is another damp, gray day.  We may have a little more of the wet stuff coming our way, but that's okay because we really need it.  The air is so breathable, and this makes my nose very happy.  Soon the warm temps will be back for a while.  Hopefully, we're going to have a really super Autumn this year. 

Yesterday, I got a lovely surprise in my email box.  My friend Beth made this beautiful scrap page that features my handsome Pogo.  Beth, I love it.  Thank you so much.

Speaking of Pogo, this little guy really knows how to push all my buttons.  I cooked him a nice steak for supper last night.  Of course, he turned his little nose up and refused to eat any of it so I put it in the fridge.  At one a.m., just as I was nodding off to dreamland, he decided that I should get up and get his supper.  He was hungry now. 

Well!  Pardon me!!  Ah, but like a good mama, I got up and gave him a plate of his steak.  He ate it all, and as soon as he saw that I was wanting to go back to bed, he decided that he was still hungry and wanted more food.  Grrrr!!  Okay, so I got him some more to eat.  He finished that and then curled up in a blanket on the sofa and went to sleep.  Unfortunately, I could not get to sleep.  By now, I was wide awake.  I finally got to drift off around 5 a.m. this morning.  Ah, the joys of motherhood.

Here's a photo I took of my little guy a couple days ago.  How am I supposed to get angry or stay mad at something this precious?  I can't, and I don't.  Life is too short.  I'm enjoying every minute with this fantastic little guy.

Now I see the mailman coming up the driveway with an armful of magazines and a package.  I guess I'd better get out there to see if any of these goodies are for me.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelica Star said...

Thanks for all the handsome photos of Pogo. I probably have missed some of them but I always add him in my precious little Angels folder with Queen and Babs. Now Milo is joining them. Unfortunately Milo was very sick when I did take him back from the neighbors and no telling how long he had been in this condition because he didn't look very healthy and he was vomiting too much. He would vomit mostly everytime he drink water and later it became all of his food. Friday he was playful after he got a hair cut from petsmart. He was so matted there weren't very much more that I could do for him. Saturday, he became very sick and wouldn't eat his evening meal. Sunday he wouldn't eat at all and wasn't active like he always is. I worried and tried not to take him to emergency because it is so expensive, but I couldn't take it anymore when I saw the blood in his poop. Because of the holiday I know his vet would not be open. I wrapped him in a blanket and rushed him to emergency in the dark. Oh my, his liver wasn't functioning the way it was suppose to be and just that little of time from not drinking or eating he was dehydrated. He had to take two shots of meds and an Iv for his dehydration.when it come to my fur babies. There's nothing I wouldn't do to make them happy. His bill was $542.00 but what the heck, he is eating again, playing and being the happy go lucky Milo again. I had him for two weeks before they got him back because they thought I was suppose to let them in my house to see him whenever they wanted to. We had a talk about that and I told them the children can't knock on my door to come in and play with Milo. I took him back and now I am very glad I did. He probably would have been dead by now. I've only had him back for two weeks. Unfortunately they know who love them by the excitement they have when they see you. They want to give you all the kisses. Have a great evening and hug Pogo for me.

smiekeltje said...

Oh boy, Pogo sure knows how to get you awake. But still I am glad he had his steak and ate even a bit moore
Often Brodski has the same "problem". when I get him his food, he snoffs and goes out And when it is warm as it is lately I put it back into the fridge One or two hours later Brodski comes back, "speaks"to me, so I get his food out Oh wonder, he takes one or two pieces of soft meat and finished Mostly around 10.00 in the evening he actually eats his supper and in the morning he waites for me in the itchen and wants to have food (that i give him) and often also around noon he likes to have something Oh, pets can get you crazy LOL!
We had a cloudy day, with a bit of rain, but today it is all sunshine again and good temperatures
all week should be that kind of weather. Great.
You have a wonderful day.