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Friday, July 22, 2016

Who's Afraid Of Showing A Photo ID?

July 22, 2016

Good morning.  Tis a beautiful, but sweltering, day here in New England.  Today is supposed to get up into the mid to upper 90's.  Too darn hot for me.  Right now, it hasn't reached 80 yet, and there is a nice breeze.  Pretty soon though, we'll have to close the window on the door to keep out some of the heat.

Joe and I are supposed to go grocery shopping later this afternoon, but we may have to wait until after supper till it cools off a bit.  I don't know, we'll have to wait and see.  I don't breath so good in this heat.   Plus, the ice cream melts before we get home.

Lately, early mornings and late evenings seem to be the best time to sit out on the porch.  Maybe once I have a fan out on the porch, I can sit out in the afternoon.  SIL Eddie said he will come by when he can and put in an outlet so that I can plug in the fan. 

Yesterday, while sitting out on the porch, I took a photo of part of the view from my rocking chair. I must say, it really is pretty.

Today, I have an appointment to speak with a person about solar energy.  I'm not buying anything yet, but I thought I should look into it.  It will be interesting to see how expensive it is to have the solar panels installed.  I know there are companies that don't charge for the installation, but I haven't found them yet. 

I just looked up the weather forecast for the next ten days, and we're not due for a break in these wicked high temps for a whole week.  Then, we'll finally have a chance for a bit of rain for a day or two.  Mind you, I said we have a chance.  That does not mean that the rain will actually happen.  But gosh, I hope it does. 

I pulled a photo from my archives to share with you.  This photo was taken four years ago today on my way to work.  The cows were out in the field not far from the road, so I stopped to take some photos.  This was at a dairy farm where they make the greatest ice cream.

There was another interesting article in the newspaper yesterday.  The headline to this story reads:  "Court finds Texas voter ID  law discriminatory."  Texas passed a law requiring an ID in order to vote.  This was intended to cut down a lot of illegal voting.  However, Mr. O in the White House claimed that it discriminated against black and Latino voters as well as low income residents, who face more difficulties obtaining the approved forms of identification (photo ID).  Another challenger to the law said that "No American should ever lose their right to vote just because they don't have a photo ID."

Forgive my stupidity, but this law was not preventing any Americans from obtaining an ID and voting.  It was to prevent illegals from voting.  Texas U.S. Rep Joaquin Castro, a Democrat, tweeted:  "The ..... ID law was nothing more than a political point-shaving strategy by Republicans to win elections by depressing turnout."  (newspaper is:  Boston Herald  7-21-16)

To me, this sounds like the Democrats really need the illegal votes to help their cause.  Why are they afraid of requiring a photo ID to prove that you are an American in order to vote?  This type of governing really offends me and my beliefs.  As for the voter fraud, it is very real and widespread.  When a community takes in more votes than it has residents, then something is really fishy.  When there is a small cluster of voters all squished together into the voting booth, this too is rather fishy.  When there are names listed on the voter sheets of people who do not even live in the town, you have another fishy situation. 

I've seen some of this for myself, so I know it exists.  If we can't count on our government to keep the voting honest, then we need to think about changing the people doing the governing.  Well, that's my rant for today.  (One more reason why I don't believe in the party system.  I'd rather be free to make my own choice, and yes, I do have a photo ID.)

Now I think I'll see about doing a couple things around here before it gets much hotter.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a magnificent weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelica Star said...

I've been in Texas since I was 21. 44 years now and unfortunately with this mind of mine, I thought we always needed an I.D. I assume I has never really given it a second thought because I am not off into these political battles that our politicians create. I just do what is necessary and needed to do what I need to do and stay in touch with the laws of the land and go on my merry way. I try to live a very simple life and stay out of the wars with the devils. This is a way of staying sane. (lol) The devil has to become a part of our real bodies to function and when I live the way I do, I have found out that you can eliminate some of the stress in life. Life has it share of stress anyway no matter how clean you try to live. This way, I doesn't add to it. I never googled to see if we needed an I.D years ago to vote. (lol) I've had my drivers license since I was 17. Back in the day, parent had to sign for you to get them at that age. I know in Louisiana, they did if you weren't 21. All that has changed now. Some of us just doesn't want to change, but unfortunately life is not like that. There are going to be changes if you keep waking up breathing.

Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,

When I voted in Nevada, no one was allowed in the voting booth except the one voting. No one else should ever be in the voting booth with you. The Govt. takes on too much authorization telling us what we can and can't do. I think that everyone should have a legal ID to vote and I am sorry but if you have an out of state ID then you do not need to vote in the current state that your in. Never going to happen. They will find a way to every loop hole that their is. Besides that I have heard of so much corruption that I can't get my head around it all.

Your porch is so pretty. A fan will be a nice addition. Are just going to get a box fan or a ceiling fan? I loved my ceiling fan on my deck but it sure got dirty very fast and it was hard for me to reach and clean but I liked it as it also had a light kit on it and we could see at night to sit out and play cards or dominoes and back then I use to entertain a lot. I had a huge yard with a goldfish pond and a basketball court for the boys and a 20x20 deck so I had great entertaining space and I also had one of those half doors with a shelf on it so that I could use it for extra serving dishes for the first round of food. After that I just moved the food into smaller dishes and set outside on the tables. People did have to come into the house to use the bathroom and such. Gosh I miss my back porch.

We are going to try and get the kids down for a nap but that is not going to happen. I have this vision that says .... Your just wishing hahaha.
You have a wonderful day. Love Beth and Cisco.
P.S. Cisco sends his love too.... he is just a little bit nerve wracked with all of the kids here. They are going home tonight so he will be glad to be back to normal soon. I haven't updated my blog. I will wait until the kids are home and I can think straight. Lots of love....

smiekeltje said...

Every one going to bote here has to have and ID, being it a card with photo or passport.
You should have your ID with you at all times to be able to identify yourself.
That's how it is here.
We had some hot days, last two were better, and this morning it is kind of "cool", but I think soon the sun will peep through.
Perhaps now good moment to have a short marketvisit not too warm yet.
A fan in the porch could be a good idea. And you have always that wonderful Eddie to rely on, when something has to be done. Golden guy!
Okay, I am going to have a quick shower and then off to the market, I guess.
Have a wonderful weekend.