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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Little Rain Isn't Slowing The Work

July 5, 2016

Good morning.  Tis a bit gray and drizzly here in my little part of New England, but the contractors are here working on my porch anyway.  This was definitely a surprise.  I rather thought I would be getting a phone call to reschedule because of the rain.  Ah well, as long as no one gets hurt, I'm okay with them working in the drizzle.

Except for the few neighbors who have no respect for the laws of the town, it was a nice quiet weekend for Pogo and me.  A few neighbors had bought their own fireworks and were setting them off last night and the night before.  We only live a few doors from a veterinary hospital, and I'm sure all the animals who were being boarded or hospitalized overnight were traumatized by the noise.  The fireworks were being shot off only a couple of doors away. 

Grandson Kevin's car died a week or so ago, and he's been looking around for another car.  Rather, I should say, an affordable car.  He and his folks found a really nice one, but it did need a little work.  So SIL Eddie and Kevin spent yesterday working on the new car.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all is well with it now.

Pogo and I went shopping yesterday at The Christmas Tree store.  Oh my, so many goodies to choose from.  I ended up buying a plant stand and a small glass topped table for the new porch.  I also bought a couple of large silk flowers to put up on the wall (side of house).  Unfortunately, I have no place to put these things so I've left them in car for now.  Next week, they can go on the porch. 

My friend Beth posted a scrap page on Facebook that features Pogo, so of course I copied it to share here.  My little guy looks so handsome, doesn't he?  Thanks Beth, I love it!

I think I mentioned a while back that we had planted a seedling tree from the Red Japanese Maple in the garden on the other side of the house.  For a while, it wasn't doing so good, but now it is looking really nice.  Now if can just make it through next Winter, I'll be very happy with it.

There's not much more news, so I think I'll meander outside and see what's happening with the porch.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
I am so glad that the work in spite of the rain is still in progress. I am happy that you managed to get in some shopping! I did the same yesterday as well. Karyn and Jonathan are off to a conference this week so she wanted to find a couple of new tops and a new pair of slacks but it wasn't to be. We ended up at the Olive Garden for delicious food and a glass of white wine for her and an Italian Margarita for me. It was all so fantastic and such a surprise to take me out.

For the winter can you cover your Japanese Maple with some burlap bags and wrap some around the base for warmth and to help keep it warmer? Of course someone would need to go out and knock off the snow from the burlap bags to keep it from breaking.

I am glad that you enjoyed the 4th of July pic of Pogo! He is such a darling and handsome little guy. Our city has a ban on fireworks in the city and in our complex but it didn't do any good at all. They were out until 1:30 this morning blasting away. I am going to see at the office today just why security was not patrolling our complex. Also the other end of the complex stole our picnic table. Need to find out why they have only purchased one of them.

Great news about Kevin and his new affordable car! He will be sporting his girl in style soon enough! What a great dad and son in law you have in Eddie.
I will close for now. I am rather tired out. I have to get over to my blog and post. I have put it off because my family is dealing with some heavy news at the moment and I want to find out all the details before I post it. Much Love to the both of you from Cisco and I... Love, Beth

smiekeltje said...

Great you still did that shopping trip to the Christmas Tree store and found something for your new porch.
Oh, it will be looking so nice when it is finished.
Hope the car from kevin will be a good one and will not need too much work.
Wonderful that he and Eddie can do a lot of things themselves.

went to the doctor this morning, told him what bothered me( more or less) and he sent me to hospital for a bloodcheck, which i did right away.
I will see the doctor again on Friday to hear about the bloodcheck.
It's not a very "talking doctor", I always get a bit nervous in front of him, although he is nice enough.
Today should be rather good weather and towards weekend even warmer, yippee.
So I'll take it a bit easy, but still have some things to do.
May be this afternoon I can take a little nap.
Have a wonderful day