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Friday, August 8, 2014

Pogo's Check Up Report Is Awesome!

August 8, 2014

Good morning.  It's sunny and cool, 70 degrees F at the moment, and headed for the low 80's later this morning.  It's supposed to be like this most of the several days.  But then, August is usually a pretty nice month for weather around here.

I think Pogo and I have an empty schedule today so we are going to enjoy a lazy day.  There's a load of laundry waiting to be done, and a few dishes in the sink that need washing.  After that, I think maybe I'll use the day to watch a movie or two (Daughter Deanne sent me over a stack of fun movies to watch) and work on the lavender afghan for a while.

I've been watching the Weather Channel as they show videos of the storms that are hitting the Hawaiin Islands.  This is one of the places I've always wanted to see in person.  It would be such fun to travel about there with a camera, capturing the beautiful flora and awesome landscapes.  Ah well, a gal can dream.

Yesterday, Pogo and I delivered the little jar of piddles to the hospital, and later we got a call that all his reports came back good.  He's a healthy little guy.  This time, I took my camera, and got a much better photo of him looking out the back window (in the car). 

I also took some photos of Joe's new fish "Red".  It's a little camera shy, but I managed to get a couple of decent shots.  I will have to practice this "fish photography" for a while so that I can get a better shot of the tails and fins.

Pogo is ignoring his breakfast of doggie food..  What else is new?  So now I'll have to think of something tasty to tempt him with for lunch and supper.   Believe me, it's easier to crochet an afghan than to come up with food ideas that will actually tempt Pogo to eat.  I don't know why he is so picky.  My goodness, he ate dog food before he came to live with me!   I'm thinking that he has figured out what an easy "touch" I am.  Hmmmm.

Well, that's all the news for this morning.  The fresh air coming in from the door is starting to get very warm now.  It's time to close the door and put the fan on.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

I love the picture of Pogo. It's even funnier knowing that he isn't tall enough to look out. Glad his piddles were okay, hah. My mom's little yorkie is picky as well. I think I have mentioned her doggie. Well said doggie bit her again. My mom had picked her up and placed her on the bed She bumped Molly's (the dog's) behinder and Molly nailed her. It immediately swelled up and turned red. I told her she had to go to the doctor and she did. They put her on strong antibiotics. Then the drugstore messed up the prescription. They gave her 4 pills and the script said 2 a day for 10 days. My mom may have done something to the other pills, but I doubt that many. She is 87. That dog keeps biting her. She sits on my mom's lap all day long.
Then yesterday my Yorkie, that will eat lint off the floor and anything and everything else, had her eye pulled very hard by a 1 1/2 year old and didn't even growl.
Have a good week-end my friend.

Andrea Priebe said...

Hey, a fella can be picky and after all he knows he has options so why not go for it. His picture is one of your best ... even a little reflection of his nose in the window. And how much more fins and tail can you get on Red ... he is gorgeous. We had a couple of fighting fish when my granddaughter was younger and wanting every kind of pet one could have. Our's were blue and also very beautiful, but I never had much luck getting pictures of them ... they darted away as soon as they saw me coming.

So, you had yourself a lazy day ... isn't retirement wonderful? Though I have to say that even though I am retired, I rarely get a lazy day unless I am laid out with some kind of bug. You are pretty lucky that way.

Our weather has cooled off again ... it seems warm in the back, but when I go out on the lake side there is a stiff breeze and it is keeping everything pretty cool. Our breeze is nothing like Hawaii is experiencing though ... good grief, two hurricanes in a row ... thankfully they are not hitting in the same place, but that is a first in my book.

I am struggling to get some clothes to take to Switzerland. I went to Penny's today and all they had were sleezy, see through, cap sleeve tops ... that a 15 year old would love, but not Me! I guess I am going to just have to rummage through my closets and see if I can dig up some things that I like well enough to take with me. I am thinking that the stores have forgotten us old folks ... hmmmm.
Well, better get going, Edna ... need to figure out something to fix for dinner. Have a nice evening ... see you Sunday :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

Great Pogo 's test results are good. That's happy news/
Joe's fish is beautiful. Yeah, it is a fightinh fish, I think it is called a Beta Splendis, if I recall well from the time my father had an auarium.
It will be hard to put another one as company, they don;t like concurents(male ones) but another species of fish will not be a big problem.
wonderful you can say you will have a lazy day, isn;t that nice?
Looks to be very windy today, but temps are still good. Must try to find a moment that the wind blows less to go to Heidi's today.
Hey, enjoy your day in lazyness, watching some fun movies.

The Queen Jester said...

Good to hear Pogo is on the mend and enjoying the breeze in his ears again. I like your idea of watching movies while you crochet, that would make the time go quickly.
The red fish is lovely - makes me think of the Dr Seuss story, One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

Angelica Star said...

I love Pogo. He is so cute peeping out of the car window. My little darling name is Babs. She is a miniature (not teacup) Chihuahua, probably the size of pogo because she weighed 5lbs when she went to the doctor in April. She is 9 months old and having her first heat streak. My poor baby doesn't know what's going on with her little body. I didn't know she would become a little lady so soon before I got her spade. When this stage is over I am taking her to the doctor to get it done. She is a healthy little lady also. Her next doctor visit is April of next year but I will make an exception to get her spade hopefully in the next couple of weeks. I love your garden, fish and we have similar interest. (lol) I have my veggies in containers. I can't do a lot of garden work and this make it simple for me to plant a few veggies.