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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pogo Caught A Cold, But Is Feeling Better Today

August 3, 2014

Good morning.  Tis a bit cloudy outside at the moment, but this is New England and it could change at any time.  We had a bit of rain yesterday, and I think we're supposed to be getting more today. 

Speaking of rain, unless there is lightning the ball game is still played.  Yesterday afternoon, Pogo and I went to Kevin's baseball game which was being played in the rain.  I parked my car as close as I could to the playing field, and Pogo and I watched the game from inside the car.

We (Dee was in the car with us) kept the car window facing the field open so that I could take photos.  The rain kept coming in through the window, and we had to keep mopping it up.  Thank goodness for the cleaning cloths that I keep in the car.

Here are a few photos (of Kevin) that I took with my fabulous Tamron lens.  And that's not snow in the photo, it's rain, lots of rain.  Every now and then, the guys had to wipe the rain off their faces in order to see the ball better.  One thing the rain did not do was to dampen anyone's spirit.  These are great kids!

I also took some fun photos of rain drops that were falling off the weather protector shield on my car window. 

Each drop has an upside down reflection of the playing field.  Also, each drop is outlined (I did not do this).  I'm thinking that the outline is just more reflections.  Hmmm?   It took a while to figure out how to catch the drips just as they broke away from the frame.

I got lots more fun photos, but I have to crop a few of them first before I can post them here.  When we got home, Joe had just finished filling the bird feeder and I got some adorable shots of our new feathered babies.  Again, I'll post some photos as soon as I have a chance to crop them.

This morning, Pogo and I are going to his hospital.  It's time for his annual check up, and he's supposed to be getting booster shots.  However, he's trying to get over a nasty little cold, so I'll have to ask the doctor if he should still get the shots or if the shots can wait a few more days.

Two days ago, Pogo couldn't even bark.  When he tried to bark, a sound came out that sounded like a doggie scream.  It scared the dickens out of us.  By yesterday, his bark was coming back.  Today it actually sounds like a Pogo bark.  Last night, he ate some of his food, and today he's looking a bit more like his own self.  (I have to admit though, that Joe cooked steak for supper last night and shared it with Pogo  Maybe that's why he was eating?)

Last night, I got all cozy in my lounge chair and put a couple more rows on the navy blue afghan before sleep crept in and overtook me.  Even Pogo slept, all curled up in the afghan on my lap.  Must be something about fresh air that makes us sleep.

Well, that's it for this morning.  We have to be getting ready to leave for Pogo's appointment soon.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea Priebe said...

Wow your pics are fabulous ... the dropws with reflections are great ... you should post them on weekend reflection. Your Grandson is quite the athlete and I can remember sitting in the rain at my sons baseball games ... when you are young who cares, but at our age, not a good thing.

So I hope the doctor took a good look at Pogo. I don't like the sound of him losing his voice. Don't think I have ever had a dog that lost their voice. Now, to be honest, there are times when I wish Izzi would ... she barks at strangers (to her) even when we tell her they're okay. It's an Aussie thing ... we were warned about it when we bought her, but had no idea. She is getting better though as she is maturing a little.

We have had a few drops of rain over the past two days, but not nearly enough. I am having to water like crazy because everything is drooping. The grass is turning brown (going dormant), but I don't water it ... takes too much water to do any good.

I am off to my friends to pick up Berta(little one eyed screech owl). She is going to stay with me while my friend does some painting at her house. It will be fun to have her here and I will be getting more pictures of her for sure. Now I need to go hop in the shower and get my show on the road. Hope Pogo is better ... Be well, my friend ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

I sure hope Pogo is feeling better soon, it's scary when the furkids are sick.
Gotta love the spirit of those kids playing in the rain, but then again I'll bet you can remember some of your best times playing out in the rain as a kid, as can I.

Nani said...

Oh Edna, the photos are fantastic!I'm used to my camera which require a LOT of rain to see the rain at all. Those drips with the reflections and limousines are, well just incredible!You not only ave great camera toys, but you use them well! And don't be all "experimenting, learning, lucky" stuff with me. I was experimenting and learning a new video effects generator in 1995 and got a state-wide award for it. If you have talent and knowledge you take that with your when you learn something new and it's not an accident of any sort when learning produces immediate results!

Unless there's lightning is just like the major league rules on rain. I've gotten sniffles for the day after because I listen to those rues as a fan too! LOL Before David I knew a guy wasn't for me if he wouldn't wait out a rain delay or watch baseball in the rain!

I hope Pogo is up to 100% soon! A "wrong" sound from a furbaby of any species is a scary thing for a human mom or dad!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Poor Pogo! But glad to hear he is getting better already and yes, Joe's steak could have helped LOL.
Great shots of Kevion in the rain and wow, the drops of rain you got in a shot are fabulous.
Well, I will try to post a bit on the blog, so that people know I am kind of back again.
Have a wonderful day.